Why We Love/Hate the Streetcar

Eastside Loop Will Open to Fanfare and Grumbling


"For a number of reasons both quantifiable and mysterious, people who don't usually use public transit will ride the streetcar." Super true. I think there's some safety in knowing that it will only ever go exactly where it is designed to go. No thought, no fuss. If you've ever gotten lost on the bus system while drunk (thank you), you can appreciate where reliability is an attractive quality.
The problem is that if you get on the streetcar drunk, and ride to OMSI, you may end up as part of the next Body Worlds exhibit. But you didn't hear it from me.
One note on the OMSI to the Pearl time complaint: It's not about getting from OMSI to the Pearl. Those people have cars. As it stands, the closest TriMet stop is on the Hawthorne Bridge. If you've ever humped a stroller up those stairs at Water Ave because you didn't want to go the long way and, aw fuck, that's more stairs than it looks like on googlemaps... Anyway, a Streetcar ride from OMSI that connects to a bus line without having to drag a tired toddler up those fucking stairs will be a godsend.
Breeder complaints aside, it seems like the maim purpose of this streetcar is basically to take you across the river. Which would apparently take more than half an hour. And if this thing connects to soo few bus lines, well... hmmm.

Maybe i'm wrong, but it seems like the new streetcar is meant to [primarily] serve folks who live in the immediate area it runs through. But most of these people already have bikes, if not cars.
Breeder-haters gonna breeder-hate. All I'm saying is that every carfree breeder who wants to take their kids to OMSI is about to have a new, convenient option for getting the hell out of there at the end of the day. Sometimes just getting your ass on something that moves can be more important than moving quickly. Bikes rule, but that slow, sideways elevator they call the Streetcar rules, too.
Anyone notice anything about where the Streetcar goes vs. the Max?

Max goes to Rockwood, Hillsboro, NoPo, Clackamas.

Streetcar goes to the Pearl, SW Waterfront, South (but not north) MLK, and a planned extension to Lake Oswego.

Does anyone see a pattern here? Anyone? Anyone at all?
If you have a kid and don't have a car, you're a bad parent, and an irritating transit passenger.
Trainwreck, you just might be onto something!
Yeah, the pattern is that the MAX goes a lot faster than the Streetcar. You really want to be able to take the Streetcar from Clackamas to downtown? LOL.
No, you're way off. AND missing the point entirely.
I thought the streetcar was for tourists...
How dare you use the term "breeder"? I don't use anti-gay slurs, so shut your pie hole if you can't avoid slurs like "breeder."
Until Congress legislates a law or provision granting BREEDERS protected status on par with Gays, Blacks, etc. you can bet i will CONTINUE to use the term freely and as i see fit! You can suck it, breeder.
When the new light rail bridge is done, the streetcar will go from OMSI back across the river and connect with the line going back to NW PDX. And you will also be able to connect with the new Max line going to & from Milwaukie.
I used to help build them...I would never ride one! If you saw the shortcuts taken and the Jerry-Rigging being done to them, just to make them functinal, you would ride them either. American made...most of the major components are from oversees. They are American assembled. Even that's debatable, when you cross-section the labor force they use.
Jesus. Just knowing a half-educated-sounding individual like Look Out PDX had a hand in the construction of the new street car should be cause for alarm alone. Please tell me you didn't have a very important job.
Wow, this thread is full of idiots trolls. Amazing how eager you children are to go off topic and whine about yourselves. It's a streetcar. It takes you from one place to another. It does it for cheap. If you want to go faster, you whiny children have plenty of other choices.

@jake - The server isn't censoring your messages. It's just a server error, or more likely, idiot human error.
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@Trainwreck - Did you think that maybe the streetcar doesn't go to those place BECAUSE THE MAX ALREADY DOES! Idiot.
@Look Out PDX - Please, for the love of god, stay under the rock you call home and let the rest of us normal, grateful people ride the streetcar. Redneck.