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We Asked, the Feds Spoke: Portland Cops Use Excessive Force Against the Mentally Ill


Can you guys kick this info down to the people of Clackamas County. We lost a boy in Gladstone, a few weeks ago--4 gunshots, the 20 something was holding a knife. I read that three years ago a man who had slit his wrist in Milwaukie was shot by police. The coroner ruled the cause of death "suicide by death of SELF inflicted wounds". These cops run free. I just moved here a year and a half ago. Is there a ZOMBIE problem in the area I'm not aware of?!! I have a life history of "
major depression" and "suicidal ideation" and so "friends" and "family" have called 911 on me periodically. I was yelled at by a Milwaukie police officer walking down the street carrying a beet salad and that incident sent me to the moon and sparked me into by first "manic episode"--i was eventually handcuffed and hogtied in my driveway, thats never happened to me before, not even for fun. I am now recovering from PTSD--I'm deathly afraid of police, not the band. I thought the motto was to protect and serve not sever head from body with revolvers, and act as judge jury and executioner ie old skool dirty cop stuff we dont go for these days boys and resembles something terrible from the past that we have been trying to evolve from. You guys in PDX have 4 internal affairs bureau members--we have 1. S O S --to all labeled "mental health" patients--my advice, get a mental health directive right now! even if you take a microgram of Eli Lilly (you can download on line) XO--a commendable project that is gurgling and sprung from Portland is "Portland Hearing Voices" by Will Hall--and from NY www.the and everyone should read Mad in AMerica the history of the treatment of the mentally ill in the United States by Robert WHitaker there are other options good luck it's a miracle that I am alive to write this--people just have EXTREME states, we need a nerf room and a blanket and someone to just listen while we finger paint with pudding, got it???!!! --suicidal means wanting to kill self, not Deputy Dog.? Right??? Hello, is anybody hearing this?

Remember message at Owl Farm β€œNever Call 911. Never. This means YOU!” Hunter S Thompson
Not a damned thing surprising here, that much is for sure!
"For example, investigators talked with one officer who said his job is to "put people in jail, not provide social services." The report notes: "This officer would not be the appropriate officer to conduct a welfare check on a person with mental illness.""

Not only should a clearly dangerous officer like this be conducting welfare checks on people with mental illnesses - this PIG really has no business being in law enforcement in the first place! He basically admitted, rather shamelessly, that he's a thug and his "job" is to fuck up people! No 'conflict resolution' skills, no engaging with citizens in a proper nor humane way, no sorting out issues and [maybe] getting to the bottom of what the fuck's up, no problem-solving... just - lock people up.

You see, THIS is why people should never EVER call 911 unless it truly is a LIFE OR DEATH situation. And the very reason that most people are scared or get super nervous when ever cops show up - is b/c they're afraid they will get arrested if not worse. And filthy goddamn terrorist PIGS like this are the very reason citizens feel this way! And ofcourse, in a cop's pea-brain, someone will only get nervous if they're guilty of a crime. Then again, of you're calm cool and collected, then THAT'S also proof that you're fucking guilty! I can see that this pig might get called into a simple noise complaint - some house party that maybe got just alittle too rowdy. But a cop like this, well he's just ready and itching to fuck someone up on site. He pretty much admits it!

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