Swan Drive

Truck Company Employees Want to Bike Safely to Swan Island—Will the City Leave Them in the Lurch?


Bikers can just jump off the cliff up by U of P and ride it all the way down!

Seriously, it wouldn't be hard to make a path off Willamette Blvd. Riding down Going is just plain stupid and dangerous. That road is made for heavy commerce, not dainty biking.
This is not just about some commuters to Swan Islan, this is about shaping our city, and extending one of Portland's most successful recreational amenities: a shared path along the river! It is true that this will have to wind through some industrial areas, and this will need to be designed to create a safe and comfortable place, but Swan Island has beautiful beaches, and a fascinating history and it should a be destination for all of Portland. Greeley is an unpleasant and uninteresting truck route, and would not provide the same quality of connection to swan island, and the exciting prosect of a continued river tral up to Cathedral Park and beyond.
There's a nice wide sidewalk that goes down into Swan island on the North side of Going that starts at Interstate Ave., and other sidewalks from there. (or transfer to the street)The sidewalks are pretty much pedestrian free..
The Daimler facility is 200 yards from the end of this huge sidewalk. This is a t least an alternative while everyone waits for Union Pacific to come around on or near the year 2035