Clash of the Cabbies

Plan to Add Permits Divides Portland's Taxi Drivers, Sparks Claims of Racism


There is no racism here. Red is doing exactly what his constituents told him to do at the February driver standing committee, a meeting that no union cab representative attended. This entire process has been staged from the beginning by the mayors office with no chance of a fair process and that is exactly what you will see at the November city council meeting.
I know Red Diamond personally and am certain he is not a racist. It is important to note that Red was elected by all 900 cab drivers in the City, not just the 50 that are affiliated with Union Cab. His job was to represent the interests of the majority of the cab drivers in Portland, and I think he did it well.
I love the illustration of the two cabs by Alex Chiu!
It's not hard to see why he's being viewed as racist when he's quoted multiple times talking about how they "might be all Ethiopian," how they're not "white," not American-born, not European-born. Who gives a shit whether they were born in Asia or Africa and not Europe (apparently Russia doesn't count as Europe) as long as they're licensed and can do the job? And fearmongering about foreigners "taking our jobs." Non-racists would not bring all that up, as if there's a problem with a cab driver not being from N. America, Europe, or "white" when there is no clear relevance to such statements.
Any decent private detective should know better:
Perhaps they should focus on what is best for the citizens of Portland, which is to have MORE GODDAMN CABS ON THE STREET! It is laughable how hard it is to flag a cab on the street, no matter what neighborhood you're in. Real cities don't require ordering a cab to be the only way to get one. And considering the wait involved when you do call in, it is obvious that more cabs on the street will get plenty of use, and the cabbies won't be losing money.
We just won't have to wait as long to get a ride.
This Private for-Hire Transporation Board is the worst kind of government. It should be abolished with the fury of a public execution. It is nothing more than government mandated corporate collusion. There is never, absolutely never, any good reason for government to give a cabal of existing stake-holders the power to erect impenetrable barriers to entry.
Maybe racist, but if you look around at most small business, it is the employees who refer new co workers. People naturally want their friends and relatives to get first crack at any new openings (no pun intended unless you count sexist amongst racist). If you've got a cab company made up of Ethiopians, you can be sure that if they get their hands on more permits, they are going to be finding more Ethiopians to take those jobs, if they have to call their cousin in LA. Avis in Seattle has lots of Ethiopians by a strange coincidence. Discrimination against whites, never counts as discrimination. The only people to abide by anti discrimination laws are whites. Is that racist for me to state that fact?
Here's what it really comes down to. Once you cave into white guilt and hire a minority, that company will be closed to whites for any new hire. The minorities will take over, because they will threaten to sue the company for discrimination if you don't hire their female minority cousin. Furthermore, they make false accusations against white co workers who have seniority and eventually prevail with a preponderance of false complaints. The company always sides with the minority against the white, because the white will never prevail in court.
Buy a vintage Cadillac for a couple of grand and park on the street.
Whites are too hyper sensitized to make racial slurs or even stand up for their rights, but racism is rampant amongst differing ethnic groups. Not everybody of course, but there is a big open display of hostility between competing minority groups. The foreigners always come out on top, at the expense of the white. The one minority group to lose most often, is the American black.
The Native American Indian is conveniently out of the picture, stuck on the Rez.
Let's give cab permits to Native American's only.
If you want to say that Red isn't a racist, go ahead, but he's on record saying racist things. In a town like Portland, that's enough to discredit you and your cause.
The problem here, is that no one on the city council or the Private for Hire Transportation Board truly understands how Taxi cab drivers sustain themselves through their work, except for the two representatives who represent drivers and cab companies. There isn't enough business during the week to sustain the drivers from the 5 legitimate cab companies that aren't Radio Cab. That's how it is now, with the current number of permits. Adding 132 new cabs or a new cab company isn't going to create demand for Taxis. It will solve the 2 am on Friday and Saturday problem when there is a glut of people who all wait until the bars push them onto the streets before deciding to go home. There won't be enough business otherwise.
Cabs are way better than the bus especially unlicensed cabs, besides the US was founded on freedon rather then having to get permission from the government, corporations the founding fathers have to be rolling in their graves.