A Fare Fight

Permits in Hand, Taxi Co-op Now Faces Port Official


Sam Adams tried to steal the bridges from Multnomah County, too. Portland State University posts green swastikas on every street corner where one of their buildings is located and the PSU Safety Patrolers tells bums that they can't even pass along the public sidewalks where they see those flags. Port of Portland doesn't bow to Sam Adams, but cab drivers can always pay the parking and hustle customers in the airport lobby, along with the Harry Kirschners.
Towncars can't give you a ride unless you call them on the phone. If they can make a living with that restriction, then why not the cabbies? I carry the business card of my favorite driver, and make an appointment, a time call, for when I need a lift. I don't even bother owning a automobile. They are such a money pit and the maintenance is such a waste of time.
Just not enough taxis. Hardly any standing at the downtown hotels. Very few cabs at the airport, I bet the average wait for a cabbie is less than 12 hours between rides.

Those cabbies have it made, they all live in a gated community in Lake Oswego, sending their kids to private schools we never heard of. Life of luxury, I tell you, living in a taxi 14 hours a day, 7 days a week... sweet!

Best way to break this monopoly of high paying jobs is get more cabs on the road.