Rough Road to Prosperity

Facing Cuts, Transportation Bureau Covets Citywide Street Fee


I'd be happy to pay a fee, but if the City thinks they can keep giving active transportation bread crumbs they have another thing coming. The Neighborhood Greenways of broken pavement better move way up the list, and capital intensive bike projects better be on the docket.
I'd not be happy with yet another tax hike this year, certainly.
I voted 'Streetcar Charlie', but I question how wise the investments in them has been, at least in terms of paying ridership. Don't see too many folk on the new one too...
Also, tacking this bill onto our Water and Sewage bill strikes me as wrong.
And in the future, I'd like to see any new taxes going to the PBOT also paired with realistic cuts to their benefits package, at a minimum.
Don't they get Health Care bennies for life after something like only 5 years of service?
The reason the gas tax doesn't work is because the spineless politicians don't have the guts to raise it enough to actually pay for the true cost of roads. If we had a European type gas tax like $3-$4 per gallon, I think that would fix all the roads today. Studded tires aren't helping the situation either.
All those who complain about bicyclists and hybrid drivers not paying enough should support this fee or shut up.