Covering with Fewer Cops

Mike Reese Turns to Science for Help with Police Staffing Woes


"A HARSH DOSE of fiscal reckoning appears nigh for the Portland Police Bureau—which is now facing, according to a new budget review, the prospect of widespread layoffs for the first time in almost 30 years."

There's certainly a number of specific, particularly deadly cops, the PPB can start with shit-canning.
To save money, how about just quit harassing innocent citizens for walking after midnight and start finding stolen cars? No more crackdown on victimless crimes, like jaywalking and sleeping on dog shit in the park?

Either that, or else come up with some new laws to enforce, such as speeding tickets for pedestrians, or perhaps toll sidewalks and/or pedestrian permits.

Those fired cops will become the biggest criminals on the street. Nobody will hire them for anything useful, so they will have to continue mugging people, fencing stolen cars, and selling dope. Citizens will need to buy more guns to defend themselves from gangs of ex cops.
I wonder if Chris Humphreys is having trouble finding scared men to kick to death or 12-year-old girls to shoot with bean bag rounds at out there in tiny Wheeler County?
I see cops constantly and I've been pulled over for driving without a seat belt TWICE. I think we have more than enough cops.