Throwing Away the Truth

The Fight Over the County Crisis Center Is More Complicated Than We Know


As far as the police are concerned, if they encounter someone who they find to be breaking the law, the last thing they intend to do is codle them. Go down to the city jail and visit the prisoners in the psch wing. In there, they are punished extra for being nuts.
Okay, so the Portland Police, take prisoners to the Multnomah County Jail so that the Portland Police don't get accused of violating prisoners, after they are put behind bars. Ironic that Multnomah County Corrections doesn't bother to utilize the Multnomah County Crisis Center, any more than the Portland Police do. Prisoners with mental issues are put in a separate wing from the general population, where they are clothed in nothing but a stiff blanket that has shoulder straps and Velcro fasteners on the sides and fed nothing but baloney and processed cheese sandwiches. Furthermore, toilet paper is a scarce commodity in there. The guards make jokes outside the prisoners cells, about how they will soon become quite constipated from the fiber free diet.
This is extraordinary and strange. Renaud spent years advocating for this crisis centre. Now he's advocating, it seems, for its closure and replacement with something else. Why not work with what the county already has, and try to make something work, instead of advocating for something altogether different?