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Metro's Temps Want Sick Leave, Too


The Oregon Zoo and METRO uses the term "Temp" one anyone they can in order to skirt basic obligations both to the employee and to the public.

There are folks at the Zoo who have been working there for over a decade and still called "temporary" employees. The zoo is open 364 days a year with some seasons with more staff needed than others but they always have to have a basic number of people to offer basic services and these people are not "temps" in any true sense of the term.

The health of those serving you is tied directly to your health and that of your family.
Thanks to Nathan Gilles and the Mercury for this great article.These are not "temporary" employees. Metro is using Walmart tactics to keep down workers' wages and benefits. I want public employees to be treated fairly. This is a workers' rights issue and a public health issue. The thousands of people who go to the zoo want to know that the food service workers have safe working conditions including paid sick leave.
As a former Zoo "temp" (who was at the zoo for YEARS), I hope this is just one of many articles to come on how abusive the Oregon Zoo and METRO is to their employees.