News Aug 7, 2013 at 4:00 am

The Morrison Bridge Is Coming Undone, Says Lawsuit


I think that this parenthetical comment:

"(Never mind that the county hasn't actually filed suit yet.)"

is one of the sillier things I've seen the Merc write. It's gratuitous and unnecessary, and preceded by three instances where the County declines comment. Do you think your hunt for a quote is more important than protecting the County's obvious future involvement in the lawsuit?
Unsafe bridges are pretty important.
The old school craftsmen who built that bridge knew what they were doing. That skill is probably totally, lost, today, just as modern man can't duplicate the Great Pyramid at Giza.
If projects were still designed in smoke-filled rooms, this would never happen. The collapse of America started when the smoke-filled room was abolished.
Litigation is most expedient way to deal with malfeasance.

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