Armed for Battle

Developers Take Aim over Right 2 Dream Too


Wrong Comrade Amanda, there is always a public input period on development projects that affect an entire neighborhood. The people in the Pearl have just as much right to their lifestyle as the indigent. Public input is there to fairly balance the needs of both parties and prevent politicians from ramming their world view down other people's throats.

How would you like it if some jerk, let's call him Councilman Jerry Feelwall, got elected, and as water commissioner, he saw fit to ban abortions, same sex relations, and sales of contraceptives? No doubt you'd be all in favor of "public input" then.

Like almost everything else you've done since joining the city council, this is completely being done by fiat, with zero public input. While I understand that some things need to be done quickly, it would be nice to see you involved in something that had trial runs before going full tilt, public input, stable public funding, and independent oversight.

The worst part is that you're not just undemocratic, you're incompetent. In the end, you're going to do more to harm the homeless than twenty Chief Krogers could have ever hoped to accomplish.
The Oregon State Legislature has legislated it's legislative authority to Portland State University, whereby all school Policy has the full force and effect of Law. The City of Portland has no such authority. The only person in Portland with the power to supersede zoning restrictions is der F├╝hrer of Portland State University.…
Gee, Nick Fish is going to be absent from a tough vote? That's hard to believe.