This Old 'House

Questions Emerge in the County's Scramble for a New Courthouse


I'm a progressive liberal. No shame. But Multnomah County Commissioners' inaction is shameful. The County government has known for years they needed to select a site and estimate budget. And they even have a site at the Hawthorne bridge divide. No moving to the East side by their comfy HQ and disturbing the organic growth there.

For those who criticize the City of Portland form of government, at least we know each commissioner is responsible for their bureaus executing.

Multnomah County Commissioners: responsible for what?

The County Commissioners can simply divert their site search consultant fees to construction estimating fees. Easier: use regional courthouse construction fees analyzed by existing County staff.

Here's one for you Mercury News - get a statement on record for all the Multnomah County Commissioners or candidates on solving this on time and on budget.

Commissioners, do not assume the courthouse and justice system is a sacred cow. A little polling will demonstrate that it is far from.
Makes you sort of wonder if those slimy, Serpents are trying to escape the Rightful Wrath of God? My bet is that they won't be able to make the move before it's too late; and good riddance.