Clean Energy, Dirty Truth

Oregon's Fever for Natural Gas Raises Concerns over Regulations


Did the Plymouth, WA LNG tank actually explode as stated in the article?? I thought that the fire/explosion was from a nearby pipeline.
Along with keystone and fracking, LNG is unneeded and propped up by crisis politics. Let's stop going backwards. Great article
Oh yes, let's whip up a little fear. And then throw in a couple quotes from hippies at the Sierra Club and Columbia River Keepers for good measure.

The only 'truth' is that all forms of energy are dirty in their own way, with the possible exception of solar power which is far too weak to sustain our population.
Roger, in WA a tank was punctured (and slowly leaked out its contents in a big cloud) by shrapnel from a nearby pipeline that exploded. The article says in WA "a plant exploded"(odd phrasing but it does not say tank) and that a tank owned by the same co. exploded in *Wyoming.*…
This other article refers to a "pressure vessel" exploding in Plymouth, WA. A third thing then, neither a storage tank nor a pipeline.…

I would like to point out that there is no such thing as the "Tillamook National Forest," as you've quoted Paul Sansone naming. It's the Tillamook State Forest, and this distinction is quite important if you are concerned with conservation or any forest practices and the state of Oregon. Thanks!