Someone Has to Do It

No One's Been Reliably Tracking Police Shootings. Here's a Start.


Why not hire a paralegal to do a thorough search of lawsuits brought against police? This ought to cull out a lot of ambiguity.
Use of force suits are extraordinary difficult to win so few are filed in the 94 district and territorial courts. Of PPB deaths, zero out of the past ten have been filed - that I know of.

If you can find one in August not already on our list I'll give you a dollar.
I am so fucking sick of J Renaud's opinions. He speaks for himself only. If he hadn't slept with half of the journalist in town no one would take him seriously, quote or print his self serving op/eds on a regular basis. According to him he's the only mental health authority in town. I've never seen a resume. Wake up Portland.
At least 762 people have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2014.
At least 1512 have been killed since May 1, 2013, the day the following page was created.
At least 1091 were killed May 1, 2013 - May 1, 2014.
Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.
If people are too cowardly to sue the police or stop paying police salaries by withholding tax payments, then move out of high tax locals that have large police forces. Portland does not need the one thousand officers that is has on the payroll. Half that number would still be too many. The cost is exorbitant and could be better spent on fixing the hazardous bridges, even if they are controlled by the County. Portland would still benefit and ought to chip in. Fuck the Pigs.
We really would like to see more features, even cover features written in the Mercury like this: thoughtful, well written, significant. The Merc can keep its ironic stories too, but not every one has to be that. The Stranger in Seattle made the transition.
Seems like a great, well-researched article. How about a link to the Wikipedia page?
The Editors "note" only shows how IN THE TANK everyone is for J Renaud and The Mental Health Association of Portland. Waiting for a strong expose on this character that has fooled so many, for so long. Jason has all Portland media eating out of his hands. What does he have on [you] that all are lazy enough to quote no other on basically every story? Talk to survivors and ethical, respectable subject matter experts. Not frauds who crave all of the attention for nefarious reasons.
@ Best in show: Meh. Jason Renaud certainly has an agenda, but he isn't a tool like Dan Handelman. A guy demanding accountability isn't necessarily your adversary.
@ Best in show: so, when you don't like the message, attack the messenger, eh?
@Reymont: I realize now it could be more clear, maybe by using a different color. The name of the wiki article is one big link. The underlining is because it's a link, even if looks like we underlined it perhaps because that's our house style for wiki citations.
Is Bestinshow a PDX cop or ex cop? Or maybe a "journalist" , who was "Bestedinshow", by J. Renaud? Get over it man.