You Can Be Arrested for Spitting

And Face Multiple Charges for It, Too. One Woman Just Did.


She sounds like truly lovely lady. Frankly I find spitting in public minorly disgusting. It depends on the size and composition of the lougie. I understand sometimes you just gotta spit, like when you inhale fly while riding your bike. If I were an officer I would view the spitting as a threat because incarcerated criminals commonly use spitting as a weapon, albeit, a non-physical type of assault. Who knows what's in their saliva? They could have something contagious. Bottom line, she should have swallowed.
Chronic spitters should have those hannibal lecter face masks locked onto them as punishment till they learn their lesson.
It would seem that blowing snot out of your nose should also count then, right?
In which case the cops would have had a field day at the marathon run, or watching bikers climb bridges, etc etc.

She was using spiiting as a means of free speech. She may be disgusting, but this is a bullshit charge.
"targeted illegal camping, littering, drinking, and public urination as pastimes that can now get you thrown in jail". Oh, only now can those behaviors get you arrested? Pretty sure those have been illegal for some time.