Starting at the Bottom

The City Says It Wants a Higher Minimum Wage While Employing Hundreds of Low-Wage Workers


What ever happened to the volunteer fire department?
I'm beginning to wonder if a better angle to tackle the problem of diminished livability wouldn't be what affects its cost, rather how it can be afforded. Property valuation seems to be a huge factor in Portland having gone from a town where dishwashers could afford to live to a city where only full-time white-collar workers can afford to pay rent and still eat food fit for human beings. Maybe the natives were right.
Crashing home prices can make you poorer – or they can make you rich

Take home foreclosures. They are already at record highs. But don't be fooled. What we’ve seen so far is only the beginning. The worst is yet to come.

If you want to know how far prices will fall, look at real estate values in 2006 and early 2007. Then subtract 90% of their value. That is where I believe you will soon be able to pick up properties.

In other words, a million-dollar home in 2006 will easily be bought for $100,000. Maximum. The more expensive the properties, the bigger the bargains. You could see some top-of-the line properties lose 95% of their value before the fat lady sings.

That means you could make a fortune, trading the right instruments, as real estate continues to plunge in value.…
Damnable, you don't seriously believe that crap, do you?
I personally am a charter subscriber to the original, 'Wall Street Underground,' and by following Nick Guarino's recommendations, turned about $900.00 into more than $7,000.00 in two days, trading Put Options on the S&P 500 index, during the Asian market meltdown of 1997.………
S&P 500 volatility from July - December 1997:…
So, you do believe it.
All I can say is that my home I have lived in 15 yrs has rebounded nicely in value, and is currently worth more than twice what it was bought for.
Now is the time to sell your house and take the profit. Of course, you've still got to live somewhere; so rent, don't buy until after the crash. A primary home is not an investment due to replacement cost. Additional real estate holdings might be.
No way.
I don't buy this one bit.
The numbers are larger than you might expect. As of early December, 1,841 workers—more than one-sixth of all city employees—were paid less than $15, according to data the Mercury obtained in a public records request. Nearly 60 percent of that group earned less than $11 an hour. And those workers—nearly all of them seasonal—overwhelmingly work for the parks bureau.
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