"We Must Do Better Than That"

Portland's Camping Ban Is Legal, But No One Really Likes It


The Police don't really want to arrest poor campers, because then local government would have to fucking house them. Go ahead and ticket the poor all you want. What's going to happen when they fail to appear in Court, and neglect to pay the fines? What are you going to do, arrest them? It's just harassment. If only there were a word to describe the swine like character or lack there of, of the Police.
Let's just torment and torture the poor. Not that it will accomplish anything, but who can fucking stop us? After all, we are rewarded with Federal Funding, military training, and army surplus weapons to cum all over.
Let's also harbor no illusions, the reason why the camping ban is all of a sudden on such strong footing, is because this is a nation wide trend. Coincidentally, there is another nation wide trend, of cities being co-opted by the Joint Terrorism Strike Force. Initially FEMA, followed by Homeland Security, has been conducting field experiments in various cities around the country since just prior to Y2K. They even went door to door confiscating legal guns from homeowners in New Orleans, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The test now is to see if the Middle Class will tolerate Government brutes abusing the rights of a discriminated segment of society. Next, who can predict which segment will be targeted?
The Police are just following orders, right Dirk? Just like the NAZIS peal of innocence at trial for war crimes at Nuremberg. The game is to turn the Middle Class against the poor, same as Hitler turned public opinion against the Jews. Then, when the Fascists run out of minority groups to eliminate, they are better poised to attack the Middle Class.
The way to defeat the Fascists, is for people to demand that their churches open the doors to the poor, inviting them to sleep on the pews for eight hours per day.
Hate to contradict you, Dirk, but bottom line: despite how they lie, the Police do too like it; alot.
Oh, the Police got a complaint. Somebody didn't like having to see the poor without a place to stay. Okay, so that means it's okay to go violate the poors' Constitutional Rights. What about complaints about the Police? How come the Police don't do anything about those?