Reach Out and Pay Someone

Oregon's Prisons Rake in Millions from Inmates' Families. That Might Change.


"While Gelser acknowledges these are worthy expenditures, she thinks the DOC can find better ways to fund them."

Like out of the state's general fund? As a legislator, Gelser should be very aware that most of DOC's funding is taxpayer supported. While it is a legitimate debate as to whether costs for correctional programs should be shifted onto the backs of inmates (or their families), I don't think that it is at all clear what the state's taxpayers think about that idea. The various ballot measures dealing with mandatory sentencing for a variety of offenses is possibly the best indicator of those feelings.
in Oregon,their comment that says telmate does not charge you to put money on phone account is a flat out LIE,they do charge us to put money on the phone accounts.they make a ridiculous amount both from the prisoner and the familie and friends that want to be able to talk to them.....and it is very important for all involved to have the contact with the inmates.
you cant pay the dime, don't do the crime
Inmates ought to have access to their own, private, cell phones, which the guards could keep in a conveniently located locker for them.
The screws do have the ability to tap cell phones, so if they object to private cell phones for prisoners on grounds that they can't spy on them, that's a lie.
This whole debate is ridiculous.
Inmates should not have any electronic amenities.
How about compare the actual cost of housing, medical and food - to What it costs to have extra luxuries.

Pencil and paper is how ppl communicated with their loved ones before smart phones came along.

There also doesn't seem to be anything distinguishing between those offenders serving life sentences and those serving time for petty crime.

Someone in lockup serving out the rest of their life for raping children, should not have internet access.

The whole idea of private communication devices is ridiculous as well. So, yeah sure, let's give these violent gang members their own phone lines...surely that can't go wrong right...o_O they can continue with business as usual from inside the pen.

If a prisoner has a cell phone on him when he's arrested, it's just sitting in storage already, anyway. If a prisoner's family want's to bring a cell phone for the prisoner, then that's cheaper for them then to be scammed by the screws.
You think gang members aren't allowed to make paid calls from the can?