An Office Among Officers

Our New Police Reform Watchdog Just Moved in with the Cops


What on earth is going on here?

"'They couldn't get my computer hooked up,' he tells the Mercury. 'I kept pushing the city. Finally I said, 'I've gotta do work.'"

But also:

"De Muniz says he's been in his new office, at the corner of E Burnside and 47th, for around a month, but that he's rarely there. 'I'm out talking to people.'"

#1: What kind of city is this that can't figure out how to hook up a computer?
#2: If he's never in the office, why is the computer such a big deal?

What he's saying makes no sense. So why would we trust that?
One of the problems advocates run into when sitting on committees or commissions is they begin to like the very people they are scrutinizing. You must not spend too much time with the people you are suppose to watch and this move makes no sense on many different levels, The judge must find a place that is not associated with the police, period. Move out or be branded just another group of shills spending lots of money and coming up with nothing of worth; that would be bad!
To the author: Who within the City gave him permission to relocate his office to the E. Burnside location? The Mayor's office claims it's his call to name an office space, but surely they were involved in the relocation.

Yes, the Mayor's office facilitated the move after De Muniz insisted he needed a new space right away. They're now saying he can name his own spot, but De Muniz suggested to me the city needs to figure something out. Something that I didn't fit into the story: The city's contract with De Muniz and co. specifically dictates the COCL team must be independent of Portland police.