Burn Notice

Backlash Against a Portland Crematory Could Spark Statewide Change


Why don't they just *fix the fucking smoke* and then most sane people will simply stop bitching?

For fuck's sake. You don't need the mercury BS (uh, try coal plants) to know it's toxic. It's *fucking smoke.* Black smoke is pretty much by definition toxic - all combustion soot contains carcinogens.

If the crematorium operators won't install an afterburner or other scrubber to fix the smoke, pass a law to make them conform to certain limits on particulate emissions, mercury emissions, etc as is done for a coal plant. Problem solved.
Either that or just get Portland to change zoning law. Good lord.
Ahh, the grim reality of death strikes fear into overly-concerned neighbors.
They claim it is toxic, yet have no proof whatsoever.
Yeah I was going to mention the afterburner and proper cremation practice and operation. If there are big plumes of black smoke pouring forth every day from the stack on this crematory something is either wrong with the unit or the operator doesn't know what the hell they are doing.
Wow. Toxic or not, as a kid, this might be a bit unnerving to see from the swings. A Youtube video showing the smoke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roMDtuDIVP…
Thank you for following our fight for clean air with Alissa Keny-Guyer in the Montavilla neighborhood. On behalf of Right to Clean Air, I'd like to clarify a few items.

HB 3056 is very specific in its language in limiting crematorium vicinity near schools:

In making a determination under
this paragraph, the board shall consider the proximity of the proposed crematorium to:

(A) Any public school for which attendance is compulsory under ORS 339.010;
(B) Any private or parochial school teaching children as described in ORS 339.030 (1); or
(C) Any other place where children are likely to congregate.

Considering the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board is responsible for certifying crematories located in residential neighborhoods in close proximity to schools, their organization should be capable of answering questions of public health at minimum. There should be no excuses made by lobbyists.

Gable Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services operates 100 feet directly across the street from a neighborhood school. Beyond mercury - emissions from crematory smokestacks are known to potentially contain numerous toxic substances which are unmonitored and unregulated by the DEQ: particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds. The EPA has an entire section of its website dedicated to the affects of particulate matter on children (http://epa.gov/pm). These particles can affect the heart and lungs of children and cause serious health effects.

If you'd like to learn more about this issue, visit Right to Clean Air's website: http://cleanairpdx.com
Say Chuck, why doesn't the testing of air around the crematory show what you accuse it of?
I don't understand why you can't just admit you were wrong.