News Apr 8, 2015 at 4:20 pm

A Decades-Old Law Says City Hall Should Do the Right Thing. No One Remembers It.


I once had a fence kicked down because they thought a suspect had entered my backyard, although he didn't. They never paid for damages.

I was also living in an apt complaex where a fellow tenant called 911 for a med emergency. The paramedics had to pop the downstairs doorlock to access the upstairs tenant rooms. Door knob still works, someone opened it from inside before they fully destroyed it, just cosmetic damage. So I'm more mad at the tenant in this case. It was a 19 yo freaking out b/c he ate to much special brownies I believe and was too dumb to go outside when all the sirens were out there.
If the city hasn't paid out "fair and moral" claims in forever, then how did she get recompensed for her windows?
I looked and looked for the paperwork online, where to send a claim, what information is needed to complete the claim...It's not there, surprise, surprise. The application can probably be found in public employee break rooms all over this city, and nowhere else.
If the cops damage your property to apprehend a suspect, they don't have to pay for it. But they might thank you for your public service.

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