Drunk on Power?

The OLCC's College Crackdowns Might Hamper Its Pot Ambitions


The biggest problem I have with these kind of targeted enforcement actions against people walking at night is that it discourages safe decisions. If people feel like they are being targeted while walking it may encourage them to drive instead.
Fantastic. I feel like, somewhere in Portland this very moment, an aspiring rapist has a lightning bolt of inspiration. "Stop! OLCC."
"Gresser says she agrees with the OLCC's ability to write her a ticket as a minor who'd broken the law". I find it sad that she has been taught to bow down to "law enforcement" like this. These OLCC "officers" should not be able to issue a ticket outside of a licensed establishment. They were obviously prowling for revenue.
Also, what does this have to do with Lewis & Clark? Tacoma st. is a decent distance from campus and there is no way they could have known that she was a student. This is a huge over-reach.
I run a licensed establishment and one of our servers got caught serving a beer to a 20 year old OLCC agent in a sting operation a few months ago. I went down to the OLCC office to discuss the issue with the agents one afternoon. At no point did the discussion focus in any way on public safety, not contributing to the delinquency of minors, etc. He just stated over and over again how I need to train my staff so we don't get caught again in another sting operation. These guys have been running a serious racket on every bar and restaurant in the state; I'm really unhappy to see that it's not spreading to enforcement actions on individual citizens.
Who could I contact if I have a story concerning overly aggressive, unprofessional contact by OLCC? My residence is about a mile or so from main campus and has multiple LC students living here and I am a recent alum.
Riley: You can reach me at dirk@portlandmercury.com, if that's what you mean. If you're talking formally, a complaint form is available at www.oregon.gov/OLCC/Pages/contact_us.aspx
I fail to see what legal authority these pukes had to write her a ticket especially when they dont have the legal authority to harrrass people at night who are walking down the street not bothering anyone.They are not licensed cops with a badge.They singled her out cause she was an easy target to pick on cause they are too lazy to pick on who they should be picking on.
I assume what they are doing qualifies as a citizen arrest? I would have refused to show ID. This is beyond ridiculous! When I was college, actual police officers issued MIP's.
Is there any branch or bureau of local city, county, or state government around here that isn't either completely corrupt or completely inept? It's starting to get pretty old.
To the person who said there is no way that they could of known she was a student, and that the connection to Lewis & Clark is a huge reach, I assure you that is not true. The OLCC without a doubt particularly profiles the campus and students. Sellwood is only a short drive over the bridge from Lewis & Clark is known for being a student populated area. Their tactics usually include finding student house parties and either following party goers home or waiting a short distance from the location and stopping people. I doubt that they went after her randomly. I bet that they followed her home from whatever house she was drinking at. I'm speculating here but like most colleges there are always a few houses that are known for throwing parties. Based on the stories I've heard the OLCC figures out which houses these are and particularly likes to harass them by keeping an eye on them on the weekends. In short. I would not be surprised at all if those agents were completely aware that she was a Lewis & Clark student and followed her home from a house that they knew was a student leased residence with the explicit intention of giving her an MIP.