A Thirsty Company and a Hungry Town

Pure Water Is Pure Gold for Cascade Locks, but Nestlé's Rep Is Muddy


It would seem an easy thing to add a water monitoring provision into Nestle's agreement with ODFW that allows the state to reduce or stop Nestle's water use under certain conditions.
Nestle is still working hard overseas to aggressively push its formula products, bypassing what countries have done to improve breastfeeding rates. this is unconscionable, as poor families use their meager resources to purchase a product they are told by billboards and bought health professionals is superior while not having access to clean water. So, boycotting Nestle is still a good idea.
The water here will be for sale sooner or later, face it. California is looking at pipelines, etc etc.
And we could do with making some money off of it too, as long as it doesn't hurt our wildlife.
While I am, in principle, against bottled water of any sort, I see no problem with Nestle.
There are missing facts to this article. Nestle won't be given any water rights. They will have to buy water from the City like any other business. ODFW wants a more stable and secure source of water for their hatchery (well water). Spring water is attractive for Nestle's marketing. The City currently loses more water through their old water lines than Nestle will use. The water lines are going to be replaced so the community will experience no net effect on water use/loss. If people want to fight this project they should battle against bottled water - without a market there is no need for a water bottling plant. ODFW could care less about Nestle but would still pursue the water exchange because it's better and safer for the fish. Nestle is targeting Cascade Locks because they currently use a very small percentage of their water.
Uncaptured water from Oxbow Springs flows to where; the Columbia River? By all means, let's keep jobs out of Orygun.
This is a company that has been pulling water with a 30 year expired licenses in San Bernadino. Ya they are totally on the up and up. Hey but who gives a fuck some town with 19% unemployment can't get a job. So let's get you a job at the expense of the envornment. Seems fair.
DO NOT TRUST NESTLE! They want to own the rights to ALL WATER on the planet, it is a stated goal of theirs. The owners do not believe that water is a basic human right and that they can better control it.
If they want to sell it then the community should find a way to pump and distribute the water themselves, the profits would be exponentially larger in the long run and it would remain in public hands
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Let ODFW know how you feel too. Time is running out and we need to tell them to put the kibosh and we need to do it in the next 48 hours. Phonecalls are good too.

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Flood the ODFW with comments too (www.dfw.state.or.us/agency/directory/conta…)
Cascade Locks is Oregon's 2nd rainiest town?! Who the hell is Zimmerman trying to fool? Just about every town west of I-5 in Oregon is two, maybe even three times as rainy as Cascade Locks...