The Soft Sell

The City Can't Require Affordable Housing. Here's What It Can Do


Why not limit the size of new infill homes? 1500 sq. feet.

Who cares what the profits of one group of developers and their cookie-cutter spec homes?

Limit house size & demolitions- create work for home builders who build on contract for a specific buyer & local firms who do a fine, responsible job of remodelling.
Ah, yet another 'feel-good' article written by Shelby.
Who could ever disagree with affordable housing anyway?
I'm no Economics Major, but I would think if there were too many over-priced housing units in Portland, the price would fall.
And to Fritz, yeah, 15% may be a reach, but how much does your PERS bank on for you. that we all pay for?
Shelby: You should note that this proposal would only apply to the "Central City" (ie, downtown and very close-in Eastside).