Meet the City's New Cheap Rent Czar

Incoming Housing Bureau Director Kurt Creager Says Portland's on the Verge of Something Big


I have a hard time believing in affordable in Portland housing when A) real estate speculation allows for property valuation based not on utility, say like if it were valued to market like a commodity, but on speculation, B) there aren't livable wages to pay to live in affordable housing, except for out-of-state refugees from places where rents have bloated to almost Weimar Republic extravagance, and C) affordable housing's journey from drafting board to ribbon-snipping is so egregiously expensive it's effectively placed unfairly on the backs of others (e.g. that $140 million-dollar shooting gallery, the Bud Clark Commons), when their money should be going to things like our crumbling infrastructure and bolstering our flagging academics.
Status quo is not an acceptable transparent and monitor progress...under-promise and over-deliver...serving a full spectrum of's a value-added kind of effort. Could this guy sound any more like a corporate hack?
(Sorry, my last comment was rushed! Here's what I meant:)

Affordable housing isn't going to happen here, or be of any use if it does until:

A) property is valued on the basis of utility and speculation is discouraged, say for example by requiring purchasers to retain ownership of the property for a period of seven years before turning it over; B) the process of getting affordable housing off the drafting board and on the ground made cost-effective (see “High Cost of ‘Affordable’ Housing”, Portland Tribune, 06 February 2014); and C) the local job market becomes amenable not only to Bay Area tech-sector refugees but to the legions of Portlanders who work as janitors or in warehouses.

Until then, we're just going to slide inexorably into Thunderdome, with nary a Mad Max to save us.
Supply and Demand.
Surely there will be a point where people just can't afford the rents, and till then, I wouldn't expect any sort of change.
The 'Market' will correct itself on its' own, in time.
I just can't see how you can legislate this sort of thing effectively, in any real way.
Mad Max? Move to the outback of the Kimberley.