Blocking Out the Sun

The State's Second-Largest Energy Provider Is at War with Solar Power


Buffett is fighting solar in UT and NV too. Sign the petition calling on Buffett to call off his attacks on rooftop solar:
Sounds like I should call them to ask WTF they're doing with the extra money they charge me participate in their Blue Sky program to support renewable energy.
It sounds like they're ultimately fighting against the homeowner installations and are already trying to roll down the net metering cap. There should be no cap or PP is the worst humans on Earth.
If solar & wind are so good, why do we have to be forced to pay more for them.
BTW, can anyone provide actual evidence that man's CO2 is causing dangerous global warming? (warming is NOT evidence of the cause; nature puts out 95% of the annual CO2, man only 5%; CO2 follows, not leads temperature changes))
D Clark -- man, you are being an ostrich with its' sand if you are going to deny what 95% of Climatologists agree: while the issue is far from black and white, man has long begun to influence our climate. To what degree is the real issue, as well as how to stop it - if possible.
That having been said, I'm curious what the BPA has to say on this issue.