The Joyce Hotel Is Closing

And Around 90 Low-Income, High-Risk Tenants Will Be Sent Packing


I was just down by Powell’s tonight when an individual flagged me for a faulty headlight. I checked it and it was OK but I engaged the individual in a conversation as we were going the same way on foot. Maybe a risk, but it ended up worth it.

Individual related they were a vet. Front line. I’m not a vet, but I relayed my vets met Afghanistan stories and suggested the individual hook up with a vet storytelling presentation I knew of. Individual replied they were aware of that event, but felt they could not participate because of their post-service confidentiality agreement.

I was completely expecting a request for money. That never happened. We parted by shaking hands after 3 blocks. Someone else can investigate this individual, I did not. But everything in our conversation made sense.

That individual lives in the Joyce Hotel. They were waiting for some vet benefits to come through.

I hope this individual makes it.

Suggest get a documentary crew into the Joyce right now and double-triple the SRO spots, not bullshitting on policy and "what should we do?"
If Portland can do without tax revenue for years when subsidizing "development areas" for retail housing, then they damn sure can spring to buy this place and re-open the Fish Grotto as a services and meals locus. Or, conversely, take the under-employed and use them to rehab the entire building and bring it up to standard and apply for federal aid. All I see is hand wringing and woe-is-me bullshit spouting from every talking head while hoping another homeless camp will ease the pressure on a simmering situation. At what point does the status quo sicken the populace so completely that something concrete gets done? Who is willing to allow their grandchildren to sleep in a car tonight? We buy F-35's for billions when not needed, but can't house the unfortunate? I cannot keep dropping dollars on the street to ease my conscience, as I am jeopardizing my own security. This is unacceptable.
Good Journalism Shelby. I work downtown in transitional housing. None of my co-workers knew about the Joyce closing. Potentially this places 90 MORE homeless on the street. I'm not sure what the answer is, but if we don't know about it, we cant do anything about it. NICE JOURNALISM MERCURY. These are the things we NEED to know about.
Oh, fuck.
There're closing down Father Tom (William S Burrough's) home?
A flophouse in one of the most expensive blocks in the city is probably not the best use of the building.
@ MR: Ewwww the very fact that you are using this blog to advertise cheap, prederatory loans to desperate people is lower than low. (Respond by email to request a loan? Is this even legal?) I can't believe the editors have allowed your posts to stay up. This is a forum, not free ad space!
"I'll finish my life in this crumby hotel,
It's lousy with bugs, and my God, what a smell-
But my plumbing still works and I'm clear as a bell,
Don't tell me I'm All Used Up"

-U. Utah Phillips
40 dollars a night, that is 1200 dollars a month, doesn't sound that low income to me. Perhaps if these folks weren't so busy shooting heroin they could get their sh!t together long enough to rent a place for fair less money.
@Econoline - If you had better reading comprehension skills you would have recognized that $40 is only for a private room; shared hostel beds are half that. You should try paying more attention. Removing your head from your ass could help.