Gas Fumes Were Ignored for Years at a Portland School for Troubled Kids

Now the Reynolds School District Is Acknowledging Issues


Buy a carbon monoxide detector from Home Depot and stick it to the wall and see what happens.
Please investigate this further. What is the relationship of PBS Engineering And Environmental and Day CPM to Board Members and anyone in the RSD administration? Steve Bump, whom was chosen by The Mercury to read the reports, was only reading the reports he had in front of him by the firms the district hires. Andrea Watson says, "Because you can smell it doesn't mean there are toxins in the air". Well then let's pipe that same amount of exaust into her home and see if she changes her tune.
The school used to be an amazing place until Jessica took over. She has single handedly destroyed a vital part of what many of our children need. This is just the crust of the biscuit of complaints regarding the school.
The day to day staff at the school is amazing, patient, and truly care about their children. With the stops help my child has progressed tremendously until Jessica decided to come and do some very corrupt of things to turn his progress on its head. Jessica is a disgrace to the special education program and to school administration as a whole. Resigning was the best thing she could have done to save herself and of course she will not want to answer questions. She's extremely two faced and will smile on your face and do some corrective things behind your back. She's definitely a snake in the grass. I am not surprised that this came out and it's all on her shoulders.
I always ignore my gas fumes, then blame it on the dog when discovered.