It's not easy being a new student dumped in a random city. Luckily, you applied and were accepted into a school in PORTLAND, OREGON; a virtual candyland of youthfulness and artistic enterprise. Plus there are plenty of independently owned businesses and services designed to satisfy the many evolutions of a growing brain's politics and personality. Here's an extremely truncated list of things you will absolutely need to find your way around this strange, wonderful town and distract yourself from your studies.


Grand Central Bowl Sometimes they have all-ages shows too, with rock bands playing right on the lanes! 808 SE Morrison, 232-5166

Ground Kontrol Play and/or buy vintage video games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. O.G.! 610 SW 12th, 796-9364

Oaks Amusement Park Vintage roller coasters, roller-skating, and rides you shouldn't board after eating. Where SE Spokane meets the river, under the Sellwood Bridge, 236-5722

Wunderland at The Avalon A nickel arcade with nice mix of old, new, domestic, and foreign games--including Dance Dance Revolution! 3451 SE Belmont, 238-1617


Aladdin A sit-down venue that features more "sophisticated" acts but serves greasy munchies at the snack bar. 3017 SE Milwaukie, 936-4662

Crystal Ballroom Huge, classic Portland club. Its three floors boast other, smaller rooms that you'll eventually get old enough to hang out in! 1332 W Burnside, 225-5555 x8810

Disjecta/Million Homey, arty spaces stacked on top of each other. Also features dance, visual arts, theatre, film, and bake sales! 116 NE Russell, 335-6979

Meow Meow Whole lotta rock, punk, hiphop, and indie! 527 SE Pine, 230-2111

Nocturnal Also has a bar downstairs for the big kids and offers b-boy, salsa, and swing dancing classes! 1800 E Burnside, 239-5900


Cinema 21 A lot of arty, sophisticated films in a gorgeous old building. 616 NW 21st, 223-4515

Clinton St. Theater Oldest independent theater in town. Has awesome personality and offbeat, underground selections. 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899

The Guild Theatre Ground zero for the best international and documentary films, this joint boasts an assortment of excellent festivals. 1219 SW Park, 221-1156

Hollywood Theatre Classic architecture and non-profit that occasionally has music, theatrical, and dance events and performances as well. 4122 NE Sandy, 281-4215

Laurelhurst Theater Another one of PDX's beloved cheap film & beer stalwarts. 2735 E Burnside, 232-5511

Mission Theater A 21+ pub theater, with rock bottom admission, beer, wine, and pizza. 1624 NW Glisan, 225-5555 x8830


American Family Video Independently owned, this store has one of the best selections in town. And worry not, they don't cut out nudity. SE 20th & Burnside, 231-0714

Clinton St. Video Bright little joint with a great selection of foreign films arranged by country. 2501 SE Clinton, 236-9030

Movie Madness An amazing place with a huge collection crammed into a tiny building. Don't be afraid to ask for help; it's a labyrinth! 4320 SE Belmont, 234-4363

Video Chest The best video store in No Po fo sho. 2130 N Lombard, 289-8408

Video-Rama Nice people who take their films very seriously. 2640 NE Alberta, 288-4067


City Market NW Lots of foreign condiments and the best looking produce in town. 735 NW 21st, 221-3007

Food Fight! Spankin' new all-vegan grocery storeÉ Welcome to Oregon! 4179 SE Division, 233-3910

People's Food Store Co-op Hippie treats! 3029 SE 21st, 232-9051

Sheridan Fruit Company Two words: Bulk. Bins. 408 SE 3rd, 236-2113


Paradox Palace Café Be forewarned: you'll have half the town competing with you for a table on the weekend. 3439 SE Belmont, 232-7508

Vita Café Seems like it's been there since the dawn of time. 3024 NE Alberta, 335-8233


Acropolis Steakhouse/strip joint! 8325 SE McLoughlin, 231-9611

Poor Richard's Two for one steaks that are great. 3907 NE Broadway, 288-5285

Ringside Steakhouse Meat 'n' potatoes. 2165 W Burnside, 223-1513


La Casita Taqueria Giant portions of cheap, Mexican grub. Emphasis on grub. 607 SE Morrison, 234-8894, Open all night Thurs-Sun

Montage Extremely attractive wait staff, famously satisfying Mac 'n' cheese, and they wrap your leftovers into tinfoil sculptures. 301 SE Morrison, 234-1324

Odyssey Great potatoes, Greek influence, good food. 519 SE Morrison, 233-3869

The Oxy Amusing menu, friendly service, and breakfast anytime! 1121 SW Stark, 223-9160


Laurelhurst Women's Clinic 5050 NE Hoyt, Suite 255, 231-0407

Planned Parenthood 3231 SE 50th, 775-0861 & NE 15th & Fremont, Wild Oat's upstairs, 288-8826

Westover Heights Clinic 2330 NW Flanders, Suite 207, 226-6678


It's A Beautiful Pizza Vegan friendly and sometimes there's bands at the storefront. 3342 SE Belmont, 233-5444

Pizza Luna Not your mama's boring pepperoni. 1708 NE Broadway, 335-3059

Pizza Oasis They'll substitute soy cheese for no extra charge!! 2241 W Burnside, 228-5260


Chez What? Café Stinking hip, with a lot of cheese involved. 2203 NE Alberta, 281-1717

Juniors Café Great eggs, great potatoes, and veggie/vegan is totally doable. 1742 SE 12th, 235-5474

My Father's Place Equally popular with old men and punk rockers. Very cheap, very greasy. 523 SE Grand, 235-5494

Utopia Café Lots of solid, satisfying options here. 3308 SE Belmont, 235-7606


Alpha Plasma Centers Ask them about the "Plasma Wheel Of Fortune." 11 NW 5th, 224-1227

"Booze, Pot & Sex Studies" Yippee! 206-781-5660 or


Darcelle XV Both drag shows and hetero-oriented male strippers. 208 NW 3rd, 222-5338

Mary's Club Portland's classic. Plus, it's family-owned and operated! 129 SW Broadway, 227-3023


Lutz Tavern Great barrels of Pabst! 4639 SE Woodstock

Portland Brewing Co. Local brews. 2730 NW 31st, 226-7623

Widmer 929 N Russell, 281-BIER


Everybody's Garden Center 519 SE Main, 231-1582

M&R Horticultural Supply, Inc. 5800 NE Columbia, 493-2477


Buffalo Exchange Ltd. Contribute to the citywide debate over which location is better for selling/buying. 1420 SE 37th, 234-1302 & 1036 W Burnside, 222-3418

Goodwill The mother ship. 1943 SE 6th, 238-6165, 2215 W Burnside, 224-3084, 8300 SE Mcloughlin (outlet), 230-2076

Magpie Well-selected new & used clothing and accessories, with colorfully worded, hand-written descriptions on the tags. 520 SW 9th, 220-0920

Red Light Clothing Exchange Huge, fantastic, and they'll buy stuff with holes in it, as long as it looks cool. 3590 SE Hawthorne, 963-8888


Laughing Horse Books Great for political, social, and historical subjects. 3652 SE Division, 236-2893

Powell's Books "The largest independently owned bookstore west of the Mississippi." 1005 W Burnside & 3723 SE Hawthorne (mainly), 228-4651 to contact entire empire

Reading Frenzy Also check out the adjacent Independent Publishing Resource Center's classes and workshops! 921 SW Oak, 274-1449


2nd Avenue Records Comprehensive selection, and a good place to sell the CDs you're over. 400 SW 2nd, 222-3783

360 Vinyl Good selection of hiphop. 214 NW Couch, 224-3688

Everyday Music They're really nice about letting you listen to CDs without buying anything! 1313 W Burnside, 274-0961 & 1931 NE Sandy, 239-7610

Jackpot Records Not to be confused with Jackpot Recording Studio! 3736 SE Hawthorne, 239-7561 & 203 SW 9th, 222-0990

Music Millennium Friendly staff, big selection, lots of in-store performances. 3158 E Burnside, 231-8926; 23rd & NW Johnson, 248-0163


Amtrak How European! 800 NW 6th, 800-872-7245

Broadway Cab Inc. 227-1234 (You're on your own with this toughie.)

Council Travel Travel agency for students! 1430 SW Park, 228-1900

Radio Cab Co. 227-1212 (If you can't memorize this, you're in trouble.)

Tri-Met 238-RIDE, (Yes, that would be the bus.)