Death Spiral

The National Death Panel Hysteria Has Oregon Roots


Next you'll blame Oregon for creepy bow ties.
Death panels, why the fuck does noone mention the "death panels" on soo many insurance company's boards, which make it a STANDARD PRACTICE of DENYING care to their policy holders?!?!?! This is happening RIGHT NOW, with private insurance & HMO's!!!
Ah the right wing of the country.
Whatever would we do without them eh?
Gotta give em credit, they sure know how to incite hysteria in the American public, not particularly known for above average intelligence.
What is the difference between assisted suicide and insurance agencies? One helps you die, the other lets you die.

Life is priceless, but in America, only money is sacred. Your health insurance would save a buck before saving your life.

If sense were common, politics would be obsolete.