Better Dead Than Red

Tired of Red-State Rubes Calling All the Political Shots? Dan Savage Promotes a New Urban Vision Where Cities Make the Decisions, and Country Bumpkins Get Left Behind


It's interesting that Dan Savage is talking about government closer to the community level when he's said so many hateful things about others within his own "community". This is the same guy who described HIV positive men as the man who thinks that HIV positive men are "ticking viral time bombs" unworthy of relationships with gay men.…
He's gone on like this over other issues, see what he's had to say about overweight people:…, but:…

often contradicting himself completely. He's said in his columns for years that he prefers to just bring up enticing and campy topics that will get a rise, but is such a good lap dog when he goes on mainstream media, isn't he?
Too bad he goes from sounding rational and charming on Colbert, but in his column is leading gay people into the same pattern as the more sensationalist political pundits in the U.S. who keep themselves going on disagreeing and making a scene such as Hannity and Colmes, Hardball, Crossfire an even the solo guys like O'Reilly. It's more about getting ratings and selling subscriptions/advertising than actual political progress. The result is the ostracism of our community members who are in the most need of support.
So now that our country is recovering from Jerry Springer-esque politics, having finally elected a level headed president, the gay community is entering that arena. It's just such a shame that they've had to ostracize the very people who unwittingly sacrificed their lives and/or health to get gay rights where it is now.
In discussing this a few months ago with an AIDS activist, I was told that the compassion from gay men has always been historically outstanding, but I think gay people can now be very assured, they really are like everyone else.
Thanks for the information..It was very helpful!
Please update your graphic map. It shows the state of Iowa as a red state. Iowa is not a red state, it is BLUE!
Ah, 2004, never mind.