The Landlords Strike Back

Common Response to City Bias Audit: Not Me!


Well ofcourse they would deny such things, even if they were caught red-handed being racist. Ofcourse this is what they'd say.
Yo DumbassA, of course is two words, and when did you turn black? You need to get out of your mom's basement more and get some sunshine.
Well ofcourse only a jerk-off racist such as yourself would be in favor of racist rental practices.
"Landlords have a legal and moral obligation to offer the same opportunities and use the same policies for everyone," the Metro Multifamily Housing Association, a landlord group, said in a statement.

Unless you are a felon then you are screwed in Portland.... All the Property Management Groups deny felons and say to if you ask! So I guess when felons then reoffend perhaps they should be excused since we have disenfranchised them from having any kind of life.