A Graveyard for Good Laws

In Salem, Bill-Killing Lobbyists Find Friends in High Places



These Republican scumbags are going to do EVERYTHING in their power to stiffle and totally wreck any piece of truely progressive legislation that's proposed. Years from now when you see that hardly anything in the state has improved, THEN these neo-con rat-bastards will yell, "SEE! GOVT. IS USELESS!" This is their plan.
Buyer's Remorse? Mad as hell at your lawmaker(s)? Oregon Has recall Options.
http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Laws_governing_recall_in_Oregon MANUAL
I agree that everything coming down to one vote is a terrible idea but can you honestly say democrats in the same position wouldn't do the same thing. In general across the board politicians have been letting me down for over a decade now If america really wants to create a change boycott voting completely. If you honestly don't have a candidate you like don't vote just because he is on your team
Oh, i have hardly better aspects for the Dems, either. Useless mostly, the whole lot of 'em. Infact, i voted mostly Independent, Pacific Green Party, and Working Families Party down the line in the last state election.

I'm just saying that the Republicans are absolutely beyond the pale. Fuck them!
Damosa, the irony of your idealism is that unless one of those parties can actually be a contender you essentially throw away your influence.
I guess you are aware of that after the Nadar fiasco threw Bush into office instead of Gore...Gore had to pander to the far left because of him. Just one example. And you can believe I gave my Nadar friends a bunch of crap for it.
While in Germany I came to realize that minor parties have more influence over their system as they form coalitions and such.
A more socialistic system is, as played out, more democratic than ours.
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@ frankieb

First off, his last name is Nader, not Nadar.

Second off, Nader didn't "throw" Bush into office. If you re-examined your history, you'd know that Gore had actually WON that 2000 election. But it was the Supreme court who ultimately "threw" Bush into office.