Applying the Brakes

Ankeny Street Café Plan May Have to Wait


Aren't PDX's homeless getting a nice new 'hotel' very close to this location? Can't they rest there? To even think of questioning this proposal is asinine. No wonder businesses shy away from Portland.Let just a little common sense prevail for once.
As the "homeless" or more accurately "beggars" are approximately one percent or less of the city population they can just go fuck off. A democracy is rule of the majority. having failure dictate the actions of the capable is the worst possible solution. last time I checked the majority does not want to be hassled by lying, stealing, begging fuckers. Unless they have been duly elected first.
There's something about PDX, deeply ingrained, to always apply the breaks. Whether this, the CRC, etc. It seems to me this has worked for and against us at different times. The Mt Hood freeway comes to mind.
It is funny to think now that Seattle used to sorta be like PDX's kid brother you could pick on.
'What, no Opera House in Seattle? Hmm....'
But I guess Seattle never worried too much about hitting the breaks.
Portland needs to stop kowtowing to the homless population. This is getting ridiculous.

I can accept that it is more difficult for some people to provide for themselves or control addiction or mental illness, but the fact of the matter is, homelessness is the result of a series of choices. To choose to become homeless is to choose to remove yourself from society. Our homeless do not pay taxes, nor do they have official residence in the City of Portland. Why should they have a political voice in the City of Portland?

Also, since when is sitting on public right-of-ways a right that should be protected at all? Last I checked, it was called loitering.
@ Fuck_the_Homless

"... or mental illness ..." ... "... result of a series of choices."
"... political voice in the City of Portland?"

Your degree of sympathy and empathy is impressive. Your degree of understanding of the problems of mental illness and of homelessness is awesome. Your grasp of & respect for the concepts and the spirit of the Constitution is likewise awesomely impressive!

Tell me, did you choose to present your case as one devoid of sympathy, empathy, understanding, & respect? Tell me, how are your comments (presented as they are) furthering rational discussion or fostering mutual respect or contributing to solution-seeking actions? Did you choose to come across so hate-filled or were you compelled to do so? These are only "Questions I ask expecting no rational reply.".
why the hell are we planning the spending of tax dollars around people whoDON'T PAY FUCKING TAXES.

Let's just check the hate talk at the door now. Re-read my original comment and you will see that I did actually make a valid point that can be discussed. Here is a summary of my argument:

Statement 1: All homeless people have made a series of choices that led to their homelessness. For some, this may be the result of mental illness (and I'm sympathetic), but the fact that they did not seek care for that is a choice.

Statement 2: If Statement 1 is true, it follows that homeless people have chosen to remove themselves from the rules, responsibilities, protections and privileges of society.

Clarification: My comment in no way are intended to foster mutal respect between myself, readers of the Mercury and the outsized homeless population in Portland. I am actively encouraging critical thinkers to consider why there is so much advocacy for a group that has chosen to remove itself from the protections society affords.

I do not hate homeless people. I do no really respect them either, because anyone who is so little invested in their own well-being doesn't deserve the time my respect takes.