"I love St. Johns," says Octavius, the owner of One Love Records. "It's full of hardworking people who wanna have fun." Octavius might as well be speaking of himself. He's a record shop owner, producer, cable access TV star and promoter, and he does it all for the love of the game--which all comes back to music. While One Love specializes in hiphop, R&B, and '70s soul on vinyl, the day I walk in he's blasting AC/DC. "I got everything from Ice-T to Mozart," he says. Octavius also has a studio in back where he records local acts, and also cuts "personal CDs" for people who want to transfer their vinyl to compact disc--"Two albums for 10 bucks," he says. When he's not holding down the store, training baby DJs, or recording, he's producing hiphop shows, or hosting his own cable access program. Along with co-host Kodiak, Octavius stars in The Phat Show, featuring underground and national hiphop videos. And while you might think this St. Johns entrepreneur wouldn't have enough time to dream, Octavius has even more ideas up his sleeve. "I want to start my own hiphop museum/restaurant/club," he says. "I love music, and I want to be surrounded by it." WSH

One Love Records, 8714 N Lombard. The Phat Show schedule: Fridays, Ch. 23, Midnight. Saturdays, Ch. 22, Midnight. Mondays, Ch. 11 Midnight.