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Going... Going... Go, Already


But what about the nice office, the backyard bbq's. WHAT ABOUT THE FLOOR BALLOONS!! NO! This CAN'T HAPPEN! Floor balloons 4evah!
I think we should erect a statue outside of city hall for Wurster. I can picture it now...Jasun sitting in a chair, in his famous hoodie, making an angry face and pointing at city hall. Actually check that. Can we put that statue up outside of the Triple Nickel instead? I think it would serve a better purpose there.
Don't worry guys, if Adams remains mayor for the next 3 years and three months, there will be a recall campaign going on every single minute of it, if nothing else, for the purposes of supplying satisfaction...

to those of us who want our votes back,
to those of us who didn't vote for him,
to those multiple victims/political carcasses
to those of us who never want to see Randy Leonard's ass reelected to this council
to those of us who never want to see or hear from Adams again following the next mayoral election
to those of us who like to keep things lively
and, finally, to Jasun Wurster, for being a sacrificial lamb to the Portland's red-in-tooth- and-claw political ZOO.
Oh, and epic failure is not happening at all. It is a miracle, that for 10,000 dollars, and with a leader as rigidly idealistic as Jasun, that 700+ volunteers have coalesced to collect at this point well over 20K signatures.

a la mierda y a tomar por culo, Sam Adams.

And, oh, BTW, not at all impossible that another 12K will show up by Monday.

So please, Matt, save the hyperbole.
@ gonetorio:

"to those of us who want our votes back,
to those of us who didn't vote for him"

How can the same group of people (the "us" in question) be included in both. If you didn't vote for him, how can you get your vote back with a recall?
Didn't he speak pretty much the exact same lines (as paragraph 3 and 4) last week?
So Jasun lied when he said that he would have plenty of signatures to impeach the mayor, wait weren't we impeaching the mayor for lying? I guess we will have to impeach Jasun too now...

What about those of us who never want to see or hear from Wurster again? When do we get THAT? Do we count too?

Recall was a stupid idea and failed, as everyone knew it would. Move on to some other whiny issue.
Knowing Jasun Wurster personally, I thank the citizens of Portland for not letting a compulsive liar win a campaign against lying.

I am proud of this city for seeing through his feeble attempt to get name recognition so that he himself could run for office as soon as possible. He did not care at all for the cause, only for his own personal step-up into politics.

Wow it looks like I made some enemies... at least on the Internet.

Our city needs honesty, transparency and accountability in our local government. This recall campaign has taught me so much about this city. The biggest thing is that the lack of civic participation is based in the uncivil and negative actions we have seen in the pages of this (and other) blogs.

Really PDXwahine, how do you think you are going to make is so that you will never "see or hear from Wurster again"? Here is a better idea, talk to me directly, instead of your childish threats. Apart from your language being borderline legal... look in the mirror and you will see one of the biggest treats to our democratic process.

As for Anonasanoncanbe, personally knowing me... have I ever helped you or your community out? Chances that I have and you are conveniently failing to mention this. Tell ya what, show a little respect for me and yourself by giving me a call to express your thoughts.

Then there is Garret... dude, grow up already.

Portland is a great city. However, our city is struggling economically and is paralyzed because of Sam Adams' lack of public trust and political capital. There is much work that needs to be done and I look forward to being a part of making our city better.

Jasun Wurster

Jasun Wurster said: "Apart from your language being borderline legal... look in the mirror and you will see one of the biggest treats to our democratic process."

What do you mean "borderline legal"?

And PDXwahine is not just a "treat" to "our democratic process," but one of the "biggest treats"? That's one of the nicest things you've written that I've ever read.
Hi LostInPDX,

My bad, I typo'ed that and meant "threat".

As for "borderline legal"... really, how is PDXwahine plan on making it so that he and his crew will no longer see or hear from me? Are I see it, short of all of those vocal keyboard quarterbacks getting together to administer what they see as political justice... I am not going anywhere.

Intimidation is so Sam Adams.

I am a person of ethical action and am calling all of your bluffs. I am goign to keep on doing what I feel is best for our city and all the Garrets, Econolines, Will Radiks and Abusives can't really do a thing about it... that is unless you step away from the keyboard and start to participate civilly in our local government.

That is all I am saying,

Jasun Wurster

You still don't know how to spell my name?


I like how you call everyone keyboard QBs when you yourself are usually the first post behind every article on the Oregonian, Tribune, WWeek, or Mercury.

Oh and Jasun...you clearly don't know dick about anything you're talking about. It's fine if you think I haven't been politically engaged. I imagine there would plenty more people who would disagree with you wholeheartedly. The simple fact is I didn't need to be politically engaged. All I had to do was sit back and laugh because this was bound to fail. The people of Portland didn't want a recall. I got that. You should have too before you went out there and embarrassed yourself. People are going to google your name and find you associated with a bunch of homophobes for a long, long time even though I know you yourself are not a homophobe.

Oh...and Sam isn't intimidating. That's just a line your little campaign made up. It's a tried and true Republican tactic. Way to adopt those tactics dude.
Come on Garrett... you can do better than that. Do you really think that you laughing at me from behind your keyboard means anything... now if you actually had the courage to call me, you may have made a difference by engaging in civil debate. Alas, your MO is very much like Adams. That is intimidation and apathy.

This city is divided because of Sam Adams... and it will stay that way because of you.

Fear not, there is still time for you to sign the recall petition. You can call 503-995-3858 or visit us at 421 N. Broadway.

What are you really going to do Garrett? Get on the internet all night tonight and blog me into submission via embarrassment? I just Googled my name and I am gonna sleep really well. I guess you better get to work champ.

In a weird way I truly pity your blind devotion to the status quo, lack of courage to educate yourself about Sam Adams and inability to effectively communicate without resorting to threats.

It is kinda really sad,

Jasun Wurster

@ Jason:

Someone laughing at you from behind a keyboard is "intimidation"???




...oops...I better watch it. Before I start in on that slippery slope of "borderline legal" comments...
Also...the city isn't divided because of Sam Adams any more than any other city is divided because of any other elected official. The only thing this city is currently divided over is the varying degrees of worthlessness of this so~called "recall."
You are almost there Blownspeakers,

Now all you have to do is see if you have the courage to do this in person. Anonymously typing something you think is ironically meaningful at midnight is much different than actually doing it in person.

It is time to take your political training wheels off... 503-799-7919.

The core of this recall is Sam Adams, thereby your own logic, this city is divided because of Sam Adams.

Thank you for proving my point,

Jasun Wurster
"now if you actually had the courage to call me"

What would that accomplish? You'd tell me Sam lied and he should resign. I'd tell you the reporter in question had no business asking the questions he did about his personal life. You're not going to change my mind about that.

"That is intimidation and apathy."

See...there you go again. Republican talking points that hold no weight. You repeat Sam is intimidating. I ask to who? You say to people and employees. I personally know plenty of city employees and none of them have ever felt intimidated by Sam. In fact most of them think he's a really nice guy. You just say he's intimidating and the people who didn't vote for him in the first place say he's intimidating. Guess what? Republicans say the same thing about Obama. The only thing intimidating about Sam is that he is in a position of power and you don't like that. He isn't intimidating in the sense that you mean. He isn't going to fire anyone. Name some names Jasun. Who does he intimidate? Who? Lars Larson? You?

"blind devotion to the status quo"

No I elected someone who I have faith in to get the job done. He has been working towards that goal.

"communicate without resorting to threats."

This is where I really started to laugh. When have I ever threatened you? Ever? Did I challenge you to fight this out on the street or something and I'm not remembering it? I've heckled you...laughed at the recall effort...but threatened? Nope...see that's more spin from you. No threats were ever made...

Anyway...have fun fading off into obscurity.
Funny...it was my understanding that "lies" were at the center of the recall and not Sam Adams.
But it's nice to see you finally admitting that this is a personal vendetta against a gay man in a place of power thinly disguised as democratic recourse.

Thank you again for proving another point for me. This campaign has always been about Sam Adams lying to win an election, orchestrating an elaborate cover-up and abusing his power.

It has always been Sam Adams' supporters like yourself who readily slander me.... which does cross that legal line.

If you kindly rephrase your assertion supported by facts... I will let your questionable legal act slide. Granted, if you want to tell this to my face in person, I am game for that as well.

You can do it... I believe in you,

Jasun Wurster

Are you going to go after Blownspeakers with the same crack legal team that you used for your last two complaints to the AG? Will you be paying for your slander case out of your own pocket or the recall coffers?

Speaking of the recall coffers, I was a little disappointed to read in the Portland Tribune that you have been shoveling money into your business partner's side business. Hardly seems like what we would expect from such a "person of ethical action" as yourself. Did you seek out competitive bids from other contractors to do that work, or just go with your buddy?

Another thing I was confused about was your $1,000 limit for contributions. Orestar is reporting at least two people who have gone over their personal limit, specifically gonetorio and your landlord, what is up with that? Did you decide not to follow that policy after all? Doesn't that count as a lie on your part?

The biggest criticism of the recall by my thinking would still have to be you failure to follow through on your promise to Just Out. You said “This cannot be subverted by people who have a political or, more so, a social agenda, it’s not going to be or I’ll pull the plug on it at any minute.” Then you sent petitions to at least one church per the Oregonian, followed a don't ask don't tell policy on peoples' motivations per the Mercury, and took money from primarily Republicans and Ron Paul types per Orestar. How do you define 'subverted'?

I guess we will not get to see how many signatures you really have. If you are saying 20,000, and had previously said you needed 50,000 to get 32,000 good ones, I guess that means maybe you have maybe 12,800 valid signatures. What I would really like to know however is how many people turned you down. It makes me proud of Portland that so many people would tell you no. You never really grappled with the fact that since Sam didn't break the law there was no real reason to recall him. He should have never had to answer questions about his legal sexual conduct, and most people can apparently forgive him for going overboard in his denials to an inappropriate question.

I really do not have any interest in chatting with you on the phone, and really why would I? Are you willing to change your opinion at this point? I think your efforts to personalize this whole thing has been one of your greatest mistakes. Every time I read your phone number on here I laugh. The recall is failing because the idea behind it is flawed, not because people commenting on Blogtown won't call you.

Which "questionable legal act" would that be? Questioning your motives behind a recall? Or pointing out that the only lie Adams is guilty of -- the lie your recall is based on -- is who he did or did not have sex with, i.e. another man. Thus, you are going after a gay man in a position of power simply because he is a gay man. If that's not the case, and you're truly going after the liars within city, state, and national government, then please provide me with a list of every other politician, all those who have lied *somewhere* along their campaign trail in order to get elected, who you have tried to recall in the past or plan on recalling in the future.

Proof of my assertion has been stated in the above, but just in case you may have missed it -- you are personally targeting a man based on a lie/"cover up" centered around rather or not he had legal, consensual sex with another man. If that is not true, then please retort.

As for stepping outside of an internet forum and contacting you personally -- given your prior history of arresting those who disagree with your recall, claiming "intimidation", or even threatening legal action over "questionable legal acts" -- I have no desire to contact you outside of this forum. You've already shown that you and yours are far too quick to call foul whenever someone disagrees with your ridiculous recall.

Extra credit -- please point out where anyone has slandered you any worse than you have slandered Sam Adams.

That was an excellent little comment you wrote there!
One of the hardest things in this campaign has been the lack of civility from those who oppose the recall.

Garrett and Blownspeakers exemplify this. They refuse to communicate in person and when they get near to crossing a line become irate when they are called on their stuff.

If ever either of you would like to talk in a neutral space, please know that I will make myself available to you.

Jasun Wurster
Please, Jasun, tell me where I have been irate or less than civil.
Why wouldn't I prefer to communicate in this style? You're obviously all about answering in a public forum. Well, dodging would be a better word. Besides...I'd much rather people be able to view your obvious dodging of questions rather than you simply dodging the same questions in a personal phone call.

And Irate? Seriously? This is just another example of you saying something that just isn't true. Never once have I become irate and neither has blownspeakers. I believe mocking would be a better term for any engagement I've had with you. You'll probably say I'm intimidating you now right? Cause I'm a backer of Sam Adams...and he's such an intimidator and all right? Everyone that supports Sam Adams is nothing more than intimidators? Thomas Lauderdale is such an intimidating figure isn't he? That Marc Acito is a real strongman...and Dan Savage...geez...that guy will really bust open your head. Could you tell I was dripping with sarcasm? All of them are very nice guys.

So, to repeat...answer these Jasun.

"Another thing I was confused about was your $1,000 limit for contributions. Orestar is reporting at least two people who have gone over their personal limit, specifically gonetorio and your landlord, what is up with that? Did you decide not to follow that policy after all? Doesn't that count as a lie on your part?"

"your promise to Just Out. You said “This cannot be subverted by people who have a political or, more so, a social agenda, it’s not going to be or I’ll pull the plug on it at any minute.” Then you sent petitions to at least one church per the Oregonian, followed a don't ask don't tell policy on peoples' motivations per the Mercury, and took money from primarily Republicans and Ron Paul types per Orestar. How do you define 'subverted'?"

Please just answer the questions Jasun.
Oh Garrett,

Could you site your sources?

Also, if ever you wanna talk in person you know how to get to me.

Jasun Wurster
Jasun I got those sources for you.

Here is the Portland Tribune story about you giving a contract to your business partner - http://www.portlandtribune.com/news/story_2nd.php?story_id=125131757428082500

Here is what your website says about donations. "Donations will be accepted only from residents of Oregon and southwest Washington. A maximum of $1,000 will be accepted, and all donations are subject to approval of the political action committee." A review of Orestar shows at least two people have gone over the $1,000 limit, gonetorio and your landlord -

Here is the link with your promise to Just Out -

Here is the Oregonian story where you send a petition to a church - http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2009/07/campaign_to_recall_mayor_sam_a.html

Here is the 'don't ask don't tell' reference from the Mercury - http://blogtown.portlandmercury.com/BlogtownPDX/archives/2009/07/10/recall-tips-and-the-potluck

Copy and paste the names of your big donors from Orestar into google to see what other causes they donate to, your big donor from Vancouver previously gave to Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, and the list is full of conservative types. I know you have followed the comments on the Oregonian, most of the recall support there is from people who would self identify as conservatives. Lars and Victoria are your biggest fans in the press. While you have received some minor support from liberal types, it is still safe to say the recall was subverted by people with a political or social agenda and you did not pull the plug.
Silence from Wurster. Can't answer anything publically...again. When are you turning in your signatures today Jasun?
The comments are pretty spicy stuff.

Gotta admire WURSTER for blogging on SAM ADAMS home turf. You got my respect pal.

SAM IS A DISGRACE, but I refused to sign the recall.

The right wing is a far greater threat than SAM ADAMS is.

Any enemy of my enemy is my friend.

SAM'S gotta go, since he is such egomaniac we can't get rid of him till next election.

But Portland is weird, so ya never know, he might be around a long, long time.

If he stays, so what?

We need much bigger changes around here than one man to be booted out.