News Jun 17, 2010 at 4:00 am

Gay Bash Backlash


"But those involved in the incident say the Portland police ignored their complaints and failed to follow up."

EXACTLY! All the more reason why GLBTQ folks must take hold of this THEMSELVES!!! The cops are notoriously homophobic, there's a reason why most gays are reluctant to report hate crimes.
Im homophobic...I cant even "think" Queer and i get the what. its not a hate crime because some one hates you, and calls you a fucking queer! just like its not a hate crime when you call me a fucking asshole (which is actually what you do, literally) so quit trying to hide behind "hate crime " as if you deserve some special protection. You deserve the treatment you bring upon yourselves, NON-FAGS are not comfortable with all the freak show antics that queers do in PUBLIC...your disturbing my PEACE and freaking out my Dog!

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