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all but one precinct will be closed to the public at 6:00 pm because non-sworn desk staff were laid off
Get rid of the whole corrupt pig force!
Yeah, but the donor isn't kicking in money for cops on bikes. I'm not going to argue the psychological impact of a copy on a horse because I don't have any data, by I would hypothesize it is more soothing to an irate citizen than a cop on a bike.

AND..it's their money. If they want to buy horses for cops it's their business. When you work enough hours to by horseys, you can decide to buy bikes instead.
"On the casualty list are 12 background investigators for new hires. Those are the people who do the essential research to make sure the officers Portland hires are sane individuals with clean histories. Pretty important, right?"

Well obviously these background investigators have been doing an AWFUL job, so they had to go anyways.

And it's quite telling when so many 'civilian' cuts are being made to the PPB, yet the pigs who've murdered a number of Portland citizens over the past few years all still remain on the job!