Hall Monitor

First, They Came for Tallboys...


Well, i showed up. And i was glad to see members of Portlands' homeless/houseless community show up as well. So just as i predicted, there are now plans to expand this targeted ban to include amongst other areas, close-in SE. Depending on how "close-in" that would be, that would place this [proposed] prohibition just mere blocks from where i live (34th). Fuck it, doesn't matter. As i've said before, folks will go all the way to Gresham if that's what it goddamned takes! Go ahead, make the ban CITY-WIDE, see if anyone gives a fuck. I guarantee you the "drunk problem" won't go away.
Honestly I could personally care less about not being able to get tall boys or boxed wine from the local market. I do think it is unfair to impose such restrictions on certain neighborhoods or districts and not others. If it was countywide it would make sense but we all know there would be a giant uproar if that happened. Banning certain alcohols or container sizes doesnt really seem to address the real problem though, which in my mind is an issue with addiction. Those who are addicted will continue to drink and or use drugs regardless of what is being sold at local markets. The real challenge is to find a way to help people clean up there lives, only then can you clean up the streets. Until then you're just going to replace that empty can of King Cobra with four or five little cans of whatever the next cheapest thing available is. That annoying drunk guy will just piss on the street or whatever object is closest even more.
Well how bah humbug of them.
I got twelve cases of Four-Loco stashed.Lets make a deal.