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A Tale of Two Occupations


Support From Occupy Portland!
Right2Survive's protest/occupation is more then a protest about lack of represnation of goverment because its more basic than that.
Its about the right to survive.
Come out with a few people to OP, to a Radical Caucus, and/or to a GA and you tell us what you can use from us; labor, media, or just love.
PDC, Commissioner Fish, and the new Housing Director should be grateful that a property owner is willing to donate such prime real estate to help give people on the street a place to stay. Maybe they can get involved to help negotiate with Commissioner Saltzman and BDS.
GOD DAMN, this is some bullshit.
Lots of nonsense. The prices for some of these apartments are already awesome.
The food and services between 10th street and Burnside bridge is fantastic. That area is actually sucks, due to the long line that spans almost 50 yards each evening near 5p.m.
Its a mess. Orlando is not any better. its going to be cold. Here it will not be as cold.Seattle is almost as populated as Portland, but for some reason the jobs Portland extends versus the newspaper salesman spot Seattle offers are better. Those who get to clean and pick up all day have more activity. Seattle actually spans a greater distance in population, but the lump and grouped together in Portland visibally grosses me out.