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Fritz Gnashes Her Teeth


Commissioner Fritz made a courageous decision to vote for fluoridating the Bull Run water system. Below is the message that she sent me.

Thank you for your message.

I appreciated all of the input I received and considered all points of view before deciding my vote. My comments are posted here:…

I have received thousands of comments from people angry with my vote. I especially appreciate you taking the time to send your message of support.

Amanda Fritz
Commissioner, City of Portland

Commissioner Fritz can at least run on her record for re-election against Mary Nolan. Since both of them support fluoridation, this becomes a "non-issue" between the two of them.
Like Jefferson D. Smith and even Mark Wiener's man, Charlie Hales, Fritz gives lip service to putting the fluoridation issue to public vote, but none of the three are willing to sign the petition to get the referendum on the ballot. None of them really represent the people of Portland.
As someone who voted Fritz into office, I am deeply disappointed in her for her vote in City Council, and her ill conceived political selling out to the Wiener Men in Council. Sadly, she put the last nail in her political coffin. Wiener's client Mary Nolan will fill Fritz's seat and he'll win that one. But his other client, Upstream Public Health (pro fluoride lobby) will lose against real democracy and the will of the people of Portland.
To Upstream Public Health and everyonedeserveshealthyteeth, the people of Portland say: "Keep your Wiener out of our water!" Public Water! Public Vote!
Fritz was NOT courageous. She should have abstained from voting on the grounds that she supports fluoridation but not the subversion of democracy. That's a first-term mis-step by a novice. But that doesn't mean we need another Weiner protege sitting on our City Council!
Amanda needs to rescind her vote; and everyone who loves fluoride needs to realize they value democracy more and win this battle the honest way. Public Water, Public Vote!
We elect officials to make these votes. The public cannot vote on every issue that affects them. You get enough signitures, then it will go to a vote by the public at large. Then watch as you lose yer ass.

Fritz is a nurse, and when it comes to common sense health matters of the public, how the hell did you expect her to vote?

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