Hall Monitor

Keeping His Cards Too Close


Honestly, what we're doing with the homeless right now isn't working, and it would just be too damn expensive to send them off to colonize Mars. So, why not give it a shot? If homeless camps can be sanitary, effectively police themselves, and not besmirch the fragile aesthetics of the Epcot Center north of Chinatown ... well, it would set a precedent and provide a working model for the future.

Funny how intolerant and exclusive this supposedly tolerant and inclusive city really is.
The so-called, "Homeless" picked that spot where they are. They will continue to come and go as they please. Politicians are so self absorbed in their own self imagined omnipotence, that they have deluded themselves into believing that they are empowered to regulate non conformists. This is just another boondoggle. The money spent will benefit corporate special interests, such as construction companies, private social service agencies, and real estate management firms, but the scapegoats won't get a fucking thing out of this horseshit, except further harassment.
It's really not as if the people who sleep under the crumbling, Burnside Bridge, are in any way affiliated with any corporate entity. None of them have signed any power of attorney or voted for anyone to represent their interests. They aren't like the tribe of Multnomah Indians who originally, had all this land to themselves, only to be rounded up and shipped off to the swamps and thickets, clear down by the Coast.

The City Council and neighborhood groups can make all the crooked deals they want, and the people who have been sleeping under the bridge, will continue to do so. I don't think that the precious Pearl has anything to worry about. If anybody intended to sleep under the dilapidated, Broadway Bridge, they would already be so doing.
Isn't City Hall vacant at night? It's close to where the protestors like to stay. Why not open it up and let them sleep there?
Interesting read in the paper today, 'Dignity' village has over 60 residents, over half of whom have lived there over 2 years, some 3 and 4 years.
This supposedly transitional place has been anything but, for the most part.
Turning into a nice rent-free community.
And this bum Mubarak wants to make another?
Professional Homelessness can never be solved.
When is the last time you filled out a resume for anyplace Mubarak?
Portland business owners had a most effective solution until it got outlawed; drip lines.