Hall Monitor

A "Pitched Battle" After All


Given Novick believes the cost of clearing six inches of snow during one of Portland's rare snowstorms would be 300 million dollars - about ten times the annual snow removal budgets of Minneapolis and Chicago combined, I think there's at least a fair chance the need for this tax is similarly overstated. This guy's a tool. Recall him.
In other words, if Novick can't manage to create a boondoggle, capable of generating kick backs, then his career isn't worth keeping.
I still like both Hales and Novick, but I think this tax is more than a bit heavy. We just had to swallow a huge School Tax (that they now want to use the monies decidedly different than what they sold us on...) a Library Tax, and Arts Tax.... and these are just a few of the recent examples.
I still wonder what happened to the expanded Elephant area tax that I voted for years ago.
I'm no fan of wind-bag Lars Larson, but I actually liked his idea - let developers pay for their own stuff awhile and use those monies for the roads.