News Jul 9, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Protecting the Parks Bureau


Most of the money goes to a very nice building to be built for the workers not to the parks. I will vote NO.
The Charter Amendment was smoke and mirrors from the beginning, I will vote no on anything these fools offer. They want to ram a tax down our throats and have us vote on how to spend the money but they will not let us vote on the tax because they call it a fee. We are not confused char-lie we are pissed and your days as mayor are numbered. Each and every time I am outside your office building people come up to me and rant how they cannot stand you and your new buddy novick, (AKA Brutus.) Recall may not happen, but you better be looking for another job come 2016----bye bye!
There is hope for Portland city government, I can't believe it...
we the people appear to be have woken up for the fluoride debate and quickly gone back to sleep. no outcry against our cops & their petulantly superior response to investigation by the feds / resistance to any & all accountability; no outcry against our continued collusion with the secret police via the JTTF agreement despite the fact that no one on council has security clearance (yet another mayor having been denied security clearance for this "info-sharing" program) leaving only our investigation-failing police chief in the know (same guy who talked us into rejoining the program and now refusing to report on it to our elected officials); no outcry that Saltzman won the last election based on last-minute claims of non-existent endorsements; no outcry against the Water Dept's egregious misuse of funds; and only 30% of voters bothered to vote in the last local election. Thinking we the people may be getting exactly the carpet-baggers we deserve. thanks for reporting.

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