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Let's Keep Out of the JTTF


The Mayor and City Council are addicted to the Federal funding, and the abusive police cum all over the free military surplus weapons. The biggest problem with all this is the military training that the police get, which conditions them to grossly over react, entirely inappropriately, by escalating to violence, what ought to be peaceful encounters with civilians. Actually, the police really just need to stop fucking with people, completely.
Keep the FED's out of Portland. This is one thing they can actually do right, VOTE NO!
Open letter to Portland’s activists:

The last thing I said to Patty as I left the house, the vote for rejoining the JTTF would be 3-2 and the people of Portland would get screwed. I was right but mixed up Commissioner Novick and mayor char-lie the hales; I was not surprised but I was angry.
I was pissed first at the arrogance of the council to go against the people who came to tell our elected officials that we wanted to be completely out, and what they voted for was to completely rejoin the worst of the gangs of terrorists, the FBI. I am not going to list all the arguments to stay out of the JTTF, (Join Terrorist Task Force) you heard them all and I would be “Preaching to the choir.” What I do want to say and I will lose friends over this is that we, the activists blew it and sure as hell we blew the disconnection of the Mt. Tabor reservoirs. The activists in this city are a bunch of *“woozies.”
If you were there, and about 50 members of the anti-JTTF were, and you just sat in your seats and did nothing to tell the 5 cocktail liberals that what they were about to do, without any testimony was wrong, you are a woozie. When mayor char-lie the hales went out of order of voting, and said he would vote for rejoining, it was game over. The fishman and danny boy were on record supporting the FBI and that my fair weather friends makes 3 votes, a majority. We should have stood and stopped the vote after char-lie the hales voted, but you just sat there and did nothing. Three of us did make a statement by standing or turning our backs to the sh--s but you did not join in any action, you just sat there. Where were all the folks who were against this madness, where was the AMA, The NAACP, the Urban League, League of Women Voters, etc. etc. they were all AWOL. I was half heartbroken and half very pissed. You who were a no show and you who are afraid to get arrested for civil disobedience let this happen. I am ashamed to call myself an activist from Portland. We need to start to let these creeps know we are pissed. We need to organize to get char-lie the hales out of office and we need to do it soon or watch as the Business Alliance and the Oregonian puts him in office again. The unions must get off their high horse and work to get rid of the trash. This city is on the brink of becoming a city by the corporations and for the gentrification of the neighborhoods. We must stop them; they are the enemy and if you don’t know that by now just get the fu-k out of the way. I will be there next Wednesday and blasting the 3 who voted for this sh-t, will you come and do something or just watch as your city becomes another follower in this madness. We were unique but now just another shill for the federal government who does not give a damn about you. See ya in the streets, I will not give up. I should be more careful what I say, but since I am alone in front of city hall and alone getting thrown out, and alone getting excluded what do I have to lose? Don’t tell me you have to work unless you can say, “I called.”
“*woozies” A person who knows the government is wrong but is too afraid to say it out loud and to the reps face.
PS did you know that, saltzman was not even there for the public input and had the audacity to lecture us about how fearful he is today. He should be recalled and I hate recalls. Any of these punks who do not give us the courtesy of being present during public input should not get to vote on that issue.
I have no interest fighting about this; I need some time to figure out what my next step will be!!!

"The problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war are all tied together. These are the triple evils that are interrelated."

Martin Luther King Jr.

The evils of today are we would crucify Jesus Christ again, we would drive those terrible nails into his hands. We would blow the brains out of Martin Luther King again; we would kill and cheer the murder of Bobby Kennedy again because we have learned nothing from our history.
Joseph Walsh, 2015

Where oh where were you my friend?

PPS Usually I will give people a pass who were busy doing something else, not this time, if you were not there, OR if you did not testify, OR if you did not call the 5 shits, THIS IS ON YOU.
“It is not hard to do the right thing; it is hard to know what the right thing is. Once you know what the right thing is, it is hard not to do it.” (from the movie “The Confession” 1