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Coming Soon: Right 2 Dream Too—East?


Yeah, the farther they have to go, the more rest they are going to need, and so the greater the touted value received.
Hell No. If that truly winds up in my backyard, an 80% reduction in my property taxes should be in order. Time to move. Blech. I would really like to think this is a one week headstart on an April Fool's Joke...
Watch crime go up in Woodstock if this happens.
You think bike theft and car break-ins are bad now, wait until the new neighbors move in on the corner of 52nd and Woodstock - that would just be the start of it!
Yeah R2D2 "works" as long as you ignore the fact that nobody wants it in their neighborhood. The Pearl threw almost a million dollars at them-- great for them. Chinatown can't wait to be rid of 'em. And it sounds like they'll be holding Woodstock hostage next. When's your neighborhood's turn?

What to do when the city decides to take the problem it doesn't have the balls to solve, and dumps it in your backyard?
The SE area between Woodstock and Holgate has begun to shed it's reputation of being "felony flats" over the past few years. It's a shame that all the positivity, improvements and increased sense of safety are being threatened by the chance of R2D2 coming to the neighborhood. I feel comfortable in saying that I speak for the vast majority of individuals who actually live in the area that we are in no way interested in supporting the individuals who's own choices have left them in the situation they're in now. I see the trash on Burnside, I see the trash in Sspringwater trail, I see needles in parks and there is nobody who can argue that this R2D2 would bring nothing but the same into the Woodstock area.

There is a school literally blocks away and although I don't have any kids, I wouldn't be nearly as comfortable having my kids walk to school or ride freely through the neighborhood knowing there is a camp of transients only blocks away.

I also find it hilarious that Woodstock/52nd might as well be Antartica. These people are lucky enough to have a city that's as tolerable with it's homeless/drug using population as it is. Yet, they still aren't happy and won't be until we has taxpayers give them the same living conditions that we all work so hard for. Apparently beggars can be choosers. As a resident of the Woodstock community who's typically not so active in local politics, I will be doing everything I can to make sure this place won't setup shop in the neighborhood.
Hasn't there been in a decrease in transient-related crime adjacent to the current R2DToo? Real question -- I'm honestly curious. I was under the impression it had been a benefit for a neighborhood where safe places to sleep were at a minimum, clearing peaceful campers off the street and making it easier for police (and pedestrians) to identify and address troublemakers.

In general, it seems like maybe this camp should be out closer to Lents -- or closer, in general, to where people are sleeping anyway -- but if this can improve a situation that already exists, then I don't see the complaint.
Yeah, 'cause Lents hasn't been shit on enough. Keep it coming! As long as it's not sullying the reputation of the Voodoo Doughnut District or relocated upwind from the stroller-joggers of Ladd's and Laurelhurst, then it's not hurting anyone. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

R2D2 doesn't solve homelessness, it seeks to legitimize it-- and that's the wrong direction. Moving the camp to a residential neighborhood without the law enforcement, health and social services needed to deal with the mentally ill and drug addicted is going to be a disaster. What a huge "fuck you" to the people who've invested literally decades trying to make their neighborhood a nicer place to live-- all so you insecure people of privilege can look down from above and say "Hooray! We sure did shove that thing under the rug!"

Meanwhile, based on the shining examples of R2D2 and Dignity Village before it (Forget about that one? Oh, wait-- that conversation happened long before you ever dreamed of moving to Portland and started tying to call the shots)-- a new camp will surely be forming downtown, ready to dig in its heels and play hardball.

We're flirting with a nightmare.
All people need is a warm, dry, peaceful place to sleep, take a shower, stow their gear, and get the Hell out. They don't need a shanty town. City owned parking structures are mostly vacant at night, and have adjacent restrooms. Portland State University built a brand, new, $100,000,000.00 recreation center, which had an $80.000,000.00 cost over run, and now the old Peter Stott Center which is vacant at night, is still perfectly fine, with showers, and lockers. It's close to all the social service agencies, and even has a school of Social Work. Counselors could advise the poor on how to obtain student financial aid and attend college or obtain a GED, or even learn to read. The cost to do this would be negligible. The PSU Safety Patrollers have nothing to do all night, but to hunt down poor, homeless students sleeping in open stairwells, anyway. Let them earn their pay for a change, by watching over everybody, to be sure they all sleep safe and sound.
Alright I was homeless three years and about to be again. Look at you people and think real hard about what you are actually saying. First of all I used to go to R2D2 A LOT.....they DO NOT under any circumstances allow drugs there at all. They even do pocket checks when you go in. NOT all of these people chose to be this way...yet I will agree that some might have made the choice purposely.....but in the constitution of the United States of America it clearly states that ALL MEN were created equal. I believe that I would have to agree with ms. trena sutton. I am for homeless rights all the way. We are people too and while you ignorant thinking money hungry tax payers care only about your selfish selves and NOT about other people...think about it....it could be YOU one day!!!!!!!!!! I am not going to sit here and reread the negativity that people place on homeless...its not right we are human just like everyone else....if the junkies want to be junkies and screw up their life...thats their issues. NOT EVERY single homeless individual is like that. People need to quit being so stereo typical that just because they have their own views and oppinions, they dont need to create judgemental slander for those that have to deal with a crooked system with a crooked society that we live in day in and day out homeless or not. I am one to breath for these people because I was there and I was in that state, about to be again because why....half the landowners to apartments have to be ran by the friggin taliban....if you know what I mean....not to sound racist or judgemental but come on....WHERE is the Affordable Care Act that was coming into play months ago? Have they moved further with that. I am working myself with Cascadia Behavioral Healths IHOP team which is a homeless outreach program for mental health individuals to seek housing opportunities for homeless individuals with mental health issues. My fiance and I both suffer from mental health disabilites, we are working with the actual Director of the program Alisa Fowler as our caseworker. Shes great!!!! Except like most other agencies they develop too little staffing and funding for such programs. Especially that of the mental health aspect as too many homeless individuals with mental health problems are wondering the streets more and more. This creates more of an issue, as people with those issues might have anger problems or problems with socialization or even caring for themselves.....Portland needs to excuse the expresssion, get their heads outta their asses and step up to the plate for these individuals especially as that could cause more violence and Police contact and law interfearences themselves that could take the law away from more serious problems. PLEASE PEOPLE stop discriminating the homelesss just because you think we all chose to be this way. Stop take a moment the next time you are downtown in this great city we all call home and see that WE ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!! Just stop and take the time to listen once in awhile. :) As for all of us homeless we need to STAND STEADFAST in our rights and beliefs that we have just like everyone else in this country!!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!! Remember as always "Keep Portland Wierd and...wierder!!!!" LOL :D
President Ronald Reagan rightfully noted that there was rampant abuse of patients in state mental wards, but his draconian solution to cut funding for them, resulted in the first wave of mass homelessness which occurred immediately thereafter.

Today, the government cooks the books and the controlled media spins the facts, hiding the reality that the World is currently in a deep recession. While about half the poor sleeping outside are mentally disabled, many of which self medicate, the other half are victims of a down economy.

There is a nation wide, concerted agenda to sweep the homeless under the rug, by criminalizing their survival, so that the majority of the population does not wise up yet, that they soon will be next.
Private security guards routinely violate people's civil rights and the police sanction it. Police shoot citizens for the most minor infractions in reaction to the citizens' response of contempt for cop. This creates a lingering resentment, which has already resulted in the execution of passive police officers sitting in their squad car. Homeland Security through the Joint Terrorism Task Force escalates preconditions for a pending civil war, by militarizing local police, which subverts local municipalities and undermines state governors authority. Just as Hitler turned public sentiment against the Jews, then the Socialists, trade unionists, and Catholics were eliminated one by one. The PatRIOT act ostensibly replacing freedom with security, results in neither, but plays into the hands of Russia, which awaits the opportunity of a weak enough US to be attacked.
How sad it is to see so many uneducated people. I can't dislike them however, I used to be one of those that did not know the reality until a kind and gentle homeless man changed my mind. I choose to love and not hate. If my mind can be changed anyone's can. The predatory homeless and the housed who get kicks out of "bum beating" are not what would live in this area. Only those who truly want to make their lives better and become good citizens. Most people are a paycheck from homelessness. I will pray for the homeless as well as those who choose to continue to be uneducated.
I pitch any poor slob who will listen, that anyone who has subsisted on about six grand per year or less of reportable income, for the past two consecutive years, and is a US citizen or permanent resident, is likely eligible for around twenty grand per year in student financial aid, which provides funds intended for food, rent, clothing, and transportation, as well as tuition, books, and fees. Nobody ever does it, however.