The Coalition Against Hate Radio, a local organization of community anti-hate groups and churches, don't like what Michael Savage has to say. A talk-radio show host broadcast locally on KXL, Savage has content and format similar to that of Rush Limbaugh, pointedly ranting against every ethnic group under the sun and bashing everything liberal.

Lobbying KXL and the radio show's advertisers, the Coalition hopes to silence Savage's show in Portland. They claim that Savage's program, syndicated out of the conservative San Francisco-based station KFSO, regularly promotes racism and hatred toward minority groups. In a press release issued Wednesday, June 12, the Coalition accused KXL of broadcasting the following derision of people of Middle Eastern heritage, on May 24, 2002: "They've created nothing in one thousand years," Savage allegedly said. "They cut throats and blow things up, and that's it. Sure, the women just wanna have mustaches and wear veils. They want to dine on sand-sandwiches and boulder wine."

James Derby, spokesperson and station manager for KXL, did not confirm or deny the quotes; instead he said that the Coalition has issued inaccurate quotes in the past. Derby endorses the Coalition's right to protest, but says it has had little to no effect on the station. "I don't think much of it," Derby admits. "Everybody has a right to do what they want, if they want to protest that's fine." But, Derby explained that the station's choice to air Savage's program is based on the ratings they receive. "If the ratings remain good, that tells us that the majority of listeners like the program," he explained. Derby said that in addition to being one of their most popular shows, Savage is also the most popular show for KFSO in San Francisco.

Thus far, the Coalition's protest has consisted of organizing local groups who feel strongly about the show, and asking advertisers who use KXL to discontinue advertising; a method the Coalition says is working. "We're finding that most advertisers do not want their names associated with the hate-filled bigotry of Michael Savage and are taking a more active role in deciding when their ads air," said Coalition representative Cecil Prescod in the statement issued Wednesday.