Doings of Busy Pople.

What the Reporters Discovered–A Week in the Great Metropolis.

Van Tassel, the balloonist, who was in Portland about a year ago, dropped from his balloon with his parachute at Honolulu, November 16, alighting in the ocean. He was eaten by sharks.

Townsend, the Ashland barber, who chewed a Frenchman's nose, is under $400 bonds. The Frenchman is recuperating at the hospital.

A Los Angeles paper reported that Bettina Padelford, who appeared in this city with the worst opera company on earth--and had a good time while she was here--horsewhipped her agent, Rochester, while in Portland.

Lyman Butts and a blind woman, Mrs. Clark, of Brownsville, quarreled about a line fence. Butts struck her in the face, bringing the claret. He was arrested, as he deserved to be, and heavily fined.

Ben Freeling, of Baker City, was arrested on complaint of a prostitute with whom he had been living, because he threatened to kill her. Ben was once a model young man. The girl was once pure, too--when in her cradle.

In a murder trial on Thursday, the Chinese witnesses were sworn in true celestial style. A chicken was killed in the open court, and the heathens swore by its blood. If by this means Chinese witnesses can be induced to tell the truth, there is some hope for the future of the race. The ordinary Chinaman has no more respect for his oath than a Pawnee Indian has respect for the latest Paris fashions. If blood will make them tell the truth, the slaughter of a cow or a horse in "open court" would be a good idea.

Jacob Leese, a Portland tailor, has been declared insane. No cause is assigned, save a natural melancholy disposition.

J.R. Wallace, a "gentleman of color," was sent to the county jail this week, charged with stealing a watch chain and locket from Chung Lee, a Chinaman.

Phil A. Pierce, who shot and killed Pat O'Brien at Astoria last Saturday, had his examination on Wednesday, and was promptly discharged. The audience applauded the verdict.

Go and see the Paradox Medicine Co., which is now located at the corner of Third and Washington streets, in the old Presbyterian church building. Besides performing wonderful cures, this company is also giving a first-class entertainment nightly, free. Songs, ballads, character sketches, comic impersonations, and legerdemain, concluding with their famous "dog circus." Go and see them.

Denny Lawrence had been out of the state prison at Salem just four days when he got howling drunk and proposed to annihilate the town. He was gathered in by the police force on Thursday, and sentenced to pay a fine of $20. He is working it out in the chain gang. He is a tough looking character.

Mrs. Gourly, of Albany, put strychnine in dough and left the stuff where the rats could help themselves. Her little son, Sammy, played rat and came very near dying.

A Newport man captured a sea serpent last week, and has put it alive in a glass jar. It falls far short of the descriptions usually given of this mysterious animal. It is only five feet long and weighs two pounds.

In passing up Ninth Street near B. the other evening, a Mercury reporter and several other gentlemen glanced up at a chamber window. The window curtain was up and the blinds were open. In the room within stood a woman in perfect nudity. It may have been that she unintentionally neglected to close the blinds, but at all events, she presented a picture such as is never found in religious publications.