Paris, France? Forget that shit! PORTLAND, OREGON is the true "City of Love," and it's proven once again by the hordes of Mercury readers who sent in valentines to their shmoopy-woopies. That's right! Nobody loves love like Portland, and nobody facilitates your love like the Portland Mercury, who for the fourth year in a row has happily provided free editorial space for you to tell your sweetie-pie how much you care. So sit back, relax and get ready to be injected with the sweet, sticky ejaculate of LOVE!

♥ To Shmeven, From Shmerry: And we'll spend each day like it's the last day of the rest of our lives... Everyday we'll fall in love just a little more

♥ Coo, I knew from the first day we met... sitting across from each other, waiting... I knew one day I'd love you. Love, Rabbit-Bill

♥ Tugboat Bubby, Shorty Sugah, Starfish, Unicorn, Slug - Whatever you are - lets make a valentine's escape, have a wine fantasy, and punch each other. You're my favorite. Worm

♥ Rosa C. Your beautiful deep brown eyes are intoxicating. You're beautiful, talented, intelligent, and hot. I'd ride bitch on the back of your bike anytime. Pick me please. Rider

♥ How do i love Vagabond Opera? From the Bohemian Absurdist Klezmer Cabaret heights of its soul to the molto vivacity of its performances! Oh, be still beating heart!! Juan Tizol

♥ Voodoo Girl- My little crush gets bigger everytime we hang out. After 4+ years of lies, you're just what I needed. I hope I make your days better too. öSeal Hugger

♥ To my Poly-Puddin Your behind is smooth like a baby's. I love you and all your pretty spots. Poppet Squirrel

♥ to my pink sweetie m- you are the best lover husband a girl could have i am yours forever i love you- n

♥ Donna, I love you, and I have always loved you now I hope you'll love me even more. Will you marry me

♥ Brooke- You are the most beautiful sunset, the last bite of the burrito, the best thing in my life. I love you. Paul

♥ Ms. G: Jay G couldn't know his luck. Try that song with me and see what happens. I may respond in German. Lucky you

♥ To all the Hottie Hottersons on this the holiest of holidays, remember--it's not gonna lick itself! -- Magnificent

♥ Jennie - I can't believe I lived without you for so long. Every morning you look more beautiful. Every night you feel more perfect. Thank you for having me. Luvst Always

♥ Maullie I love you, you're my bald schoolgirl and my hairy Puerto Rican whore. We know it, now everyone knows it (sort of). Your BESTEST buddy and BIGGEST fan

♥ Dearest Kiki, I am but a mere hairless androgynous boy, unwise in the ways of women. Will you take this flower and bring him into full bloom? Be my Valentine, Orlando

♥ Dear Bella & Roxy the hottest two ladies I know, I can't decide on one Valentine. Perhaps we'll meet dressed for bongo playing and let fate take its course. Love, Matt M

♥ As the song says, la la la la I love Lola. Won't you come master my garden of love? And why wouldn't you--lets clear a table--Love Val K

♥ Oh Mannie, there's nothing man about you. Come share the chocolate of my heart as we pirate the high seas. John S. & Art A. be damned -- be my Valentine -- Argh

♥ to my monkey roses are red, violets are blue. your kiss is sweet, and i love you! yours forever, your little sweet potato

♥ Brett, I love you more than you know. This has been the best year of my life, and I know it will only get better! Em

♥ A poem for Jason my love, Roses are red, violets are blue. I shit on your couch, can I have five bucks? Love. Casey

♥ KIRSTEN- Mmmmmm kissing on a blanket in Woodstock park this summer, what a memory! Here's to finding more secret spots for smooching. XO C

♥ Clay, I love you so much! I never want to wake up without you next to me. I

♥ Pete(r)-Let's make up our futures. From first analyzed book, we knew the love was true. Care for a puff? Link arms? Just tell me you don't own cats. -Erialcdnayllom

♥ Sweet Claire Loo Your big teeth make me giggle. Your sense of humor is the cat's meow. How lucky for Boo.Your second biggest fan

♥ dardar my sweetiekins i love you more than everything and can't wait to kiss you and hold you and be dirty with you. who's the cutest? You are!!! Love, kattak

♥ This is hopeless I know you don't read the Mercury, but this is worth a shot. H(azel), I like you a fucking lot. Thats all i gots to say. (And I mean alot)

♥ Jenny my heart is yours love josh

♥ Honnerton, and Small cat, My love for you is as deep as the skies are blue as you are an awesome Oppossum. Happy V-day. bad honnerton

♥ P-You make my heart race and my panties wet! -M

♥ Monster Man, I love thee greatly. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Monster Girl

♥ To Joel: the minute i heard my first love story, i started looking for you not knowing how blind that was... lovers don't finally meet somewhere... they're in each other all along.-rumi xo From: Jerry

♥ To: Schving Masta You are the vanilla in my latte. Mmmmm... I'll have another. From: Your Pretty Geisha Girl

♥ She came to me from across the sea. My lovely wife from Chile. We met by chance on her visit to town. I love you Marianella. From, Your Charlie Brown

♥ i love you elliott smith

♥ pass me a sparkler anyhow-love you ashley sophia clark

♥ if words end up counting, so will all of those hours at the division stumptown. happy valentine's day andy face

♥ mushi. i love you. i love making clothes with you. i miss you right now. where are you. i am very cold. you are my furnace. loveday summer solstice 2008

♥ i love you portland and to all of the hipsters and friendsters out there, xo

♥ Milan I want to marry you someday, too. You make my heart flutter and my genitals tingle. If you put "us" first, I will do the same always and forever

♥ WEINIS You are the sexiest rock n roll star ever. Hope to craft with you til we are old and gray. Thanks for being part of my aceae. love KA

♥ Let's make like bread and get toasted! Can't deny your the coutorfish pie of my eye! Your mere presence could melt the world like butta -Love, Crazee Coutor

♥ Skelly!! I've got something to say... Your extra juicy today! Your imprisonment doesn't matter that much to me, as long as your out on V-day! We are 138! heart C.C

♥ sappho specialty item thanks for bringing all the fun times & sexaliciousness, the ass shakin' & little yorvin into my life. you truly are my dream date. loves. your valentine

♥ Mariah, I care about you more than anything. You are extremely important to me and I'm thinking of you always, even as you read this. Love Chocolate Thunda

♥ Nero, Nero, Nero Nero Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams

♥ wayne, thank you for everything you have done for me. you are very thoughtful and giving. i love you so much. i'm glad i got you. mauri

♥ Lying in your tent, your cat at my back, and blues eyes crying in the rain. The invariable ringing of your telephone sent me into deep sleep, and I can't wake up. -Peanut

♥ My Dearest Gabe it's been an entire year and you're still my artichoke. Thank you, I miss you. Kourtney (your sister

♥ Jordan, I love you more than: Penelope Cruz, pitas, John Stamos jokes, postcards, Nemo, the Shins, pepperoni sticks, sparkling cider, and new fancy underwear. I love you, Kourtney

♥ The Brazillian: Mohawks are hot. Thanks for reminding me what this feels like; I'll be your pillow any time. Hope you'll be mine. Love, the Ballerina

♥ Southpark71703.J: Emancipated Irradiating scintillating intellect & ravishing beauty. M: Basking in your angelic afterglow & hanging on 4 dear life, as This Mortal Coil inverts, assuming a blissfully disorienting downside-up vantage.Your soul is finally home, cozied up 2 our hearth

♥ i love you emma howell


♥ To The Big H, Happy Valentine's Day Baby! Love, The Little H

♥ Cinna Sunday Amerika Tyson Boo, Mi amor por ti es mas profundo que un cubo de pollo frito. Feliz Dia de San Valentin, CC, Pilar Frijoles de Mono y Legba

♥ Noodle: Thank you for being my non stop love machine. Your body is a race course and I enjoy hugging every curve Love. Boo Boo

♥ Cory-Wolfie, we know somebody who loves you very very much and when you're not around, she hugs us too hard. Come over more often! Mrrow, Caspar & Columbia

♥ KIR... Dip me in goo and roll me in flour, dust me with sinnamon and shove me down your throat. Your sweating, heaving, slaving slave, Isaac

♥ Mollie-It's official! M W aren't going out... yet! hearts n' stuff, Woods

♥ jamaham. let's get rich and run away. then you can jam your ham. i love you, stupid face. -vickins

♥ Lisa, my beautiful curly-haired blue-eyed fruit-loving artist--the past five years have been the sweetest of my life so far, and the future's sweeter still. Love, D

♥ i love you like a lime, i want to suck you all the time*xoxo,wittle baby monkey

♥ Juan Carlos, te quiero MUCHO! Gracias por tu amor y todo tu apoyo. I am the luckiest woman in TWO countries. Hurray! I win! Besos, Lisita

♥ Amy Will you go steady with me you sweet hot sexy momma, because when i think about you i touch myself. love Rama

♥ Hey baby, I love you very much. You are my world. I know we will have a great life together. Love your sweetie Tanna

♥ Rusty-Baby when I found you i just knew that I couldn't live without you. I can't say why I love you, can't say but I do. Love your girl Danita

♥ Baby, we met at a porn store, but you're no whore. 7 months later, it just gets better. I love you. Mark


♥ Matty-licious, You're my favorite! I love you!! I don't care what the G-G-Boo thinks

♥ Happy Valentine's Day Jessika and Kayah-I love you girls! Hope 2004 is better for us all. Happy V Day to my Mama, Dad, Brothers and my brothers of other Mothers who work with me at Pussycat Tattoo. Love y'll-Gene

♥ Rob, We fell in love over Dylan. We slept in the Badlands. We laugh at Smallville. I am set for life. Your Babydoll, Maryanne

♥ 3535 S.E. Morrison To the hot foursome living at this address. You guys rock! Thanks for being so damn cool. Keep it up! Happy Valentines Day 2004

♥ Ricardo To my sexy surfer boy. Happy Valentines Day. I love you. K

♥ Nicole, you are my everything! Every breathe that I take is because of your sweet face. I love you forever, you give me joy! Our souls are One. Love Corey

♥ ryan b. you stole my heart again. this time i don't want it back. you turned this lesbian into your lifetime lover. marry me. lets celebrate, i'll pick the girl

♥ Clint, I love you very much and I hope we can spend this very special day together for the rest of our lives. Love You, Crystal

♥ Kassey, I know I don't show it very often but I do love you! I'm glad we are going to be together this Valentines Day! Love, Robert

♥ My Dearest Michael I need you, I want you, I must have you! Breathlessly yours, Patricia

♥ UNCLE NASTY, Happy Valentine's Day Baby. I love you lots cause you make my Kitty purr. Will You Marry ME? Love, Your Naughty Sex Kitten

♥ DV8: Kristen, Nikki Belle, Erik, Marty, Lang, and my good friend Mike, I LOVE you guys. It has been good times for sure, some of you more than others! - Leslie

♥ KOOTIE, you are the sexiest Pin-Up girl

♥ Double D-licious Patches my Perky Leetle Leezard, On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. I Love You! - Baby

♥ Lime Richard, What kind of a nut is a heart? A chestnut! My chestnut has been yours since the day you left Lobot on my door. Happy VD! Love,VM

♥ lisa zandi- thank you for being so incredibly special. you will always be my girl from the north country. love rob

♥ Flapjack Texas - I love you more than a circle! Will you be my valentine AND my do-nut Voodoo husband, but let's do it for real next time... Boo

♥ lucky lou: you are my favorite and special heart every day. we get to go together from now until the holidays are forgotten. stay my sweetie. love curtis

♥ Redheaded BOY with eyes of blue, You love me and I love you, So stay with me until the end of time, until then please be my valentine. XOX GS

♥ TYLER/SUGAR I hope life finds you well! You are never far from my heart! May the New Year be beyond your wildest dreams! ONE TIME ANGEL

♥ Melissa, Your ass is sweeter than a DR. Pepper and smoother than a smoke after sex. Your rain drop eyes with your sunshine smile always makes me horny. Love Leifers

♥ HaUS OF CLAP i never poisoned you... i didn't burn you as you slept; chalk it up to love (read-fear of prison) hasta la vista, buttlords

♥ BAH-NI BURY-MAN housewife in hell, you do it well. you are too swell to put up with the smell. i guess there's always dryell

♥ thaya, what you thay? if i wath gay, you'd be my lay, hooray


♥ miss kathleen peterson how do i love you. let me count the ways. 1234567891011

♥ You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, Donna. That's where I'll be waiting. John

♥ Matthew, I Will Always Be Yours I know we will spend today in love... and every day forever more! I love you so much, Michele

♥ kermit, it's not the lemon water that keeps me radiant, it's my "hot, foriegn boyfriend." guess there'll be no more before pictures 'cause you're like a top model make-over (minus the crying.) love, miss piggy

♥ Zach, To the man with beautiful brown eyes. You love me and video games. I'd like more "quality time", can you put down the controller and come to bed? Rachel

♥ Jordan W. Happy v-day to my very best friend. The world is a better place with you in it! she's out there somewhere waiting for you. Rach

♥ Josh&Anna, Just wanted to say happy valentine's day. Rach&Zach

♥ Corey, At night I like to listen to the sound of your breath and sigh with relief that you are mine. You darling, sexy man, I love you, Always Nicole

♥ You are the greatest DOVE KITTEN OOKY POOKY PIE TURKEY MITTEN MUFFIN BUTT HONEY PUMKIN WONDERLOVER CHICA CON CARNE in the whole world and I love you like crazy. Let scramble some eggs

♥ Hey Mrs. DickLiqueur Your cookie is an aquired taste i cannot live without. I heart you like alot. Yum - Yum, sugartits! XOXO, Senor Alcohol

♥ King Randor, thank you for putting up with the nearly unbelievable amount of my bullshit. Now you thank me for being so worth it. Love, Amanda

♥ Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend. Happy Valentines Day Melissa

♥ BELLA- I Hope We Are Together Forever I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! -M

♥ Vanessa, You're so fine, dressed in black, How I love that ass to smack! I love your eyes and sexy lips, Massive tits and curvy hips. Happy Valentines! -Love B

♥ Supertina You are turning into your mother. Keep a coolin', baby

♥ ARCHITEUTHIS MY HEART habibti-soy la chica mas afortunada. te quiero, su bibliotecario

♥ To a Romantic Your rose petaled, candlelit bath soothed my soul, and your caresses filled my heart with desire. You take my breath away. I love you Trevor. Yours, Shino

♥ This is our first Valentines. I want you to know that you make me cream my jeans when you walk in the room. My button throbs for you and I can't wait to rip your clothes off and throw them in a pile at the bottom of our bed. You are hot shit! So let's get ""squirrely tonight"". We're going everywhere. Yours, aj

♥ TO SWEET TALIA and her beautiful womyn friends. Thank you for sharing an amazing month of love and growth with me. Your kindness fills my heart as I embark on new journeys

♥ Been seeing you around-grandaddy show, tiny's, laurelhurst, my apartment. still can't stop checking out, you're the hottest thing ever. Would die to talk to you every day... always

♥ Dianka, It is always on Valentine's Day when I realize HOW MUCH I miss you. Love Kenny

♥ Scotty: You are the sexiest and most perfect boy... I will love you forever. Let's get married. I am yours. Be mine. Love, Lizzie

♥ RACHEL SUPERSTAR!! Even though it's over, I still love you! Happy valentine's Day, Bonkers. Love, Crimeny

♥ TB: The hot man that knows how to turn me on. Love you to pieces; lets keep having the sex. VD

♥ Hey sexy math class girl, read this then do me, thanks

♥ To Vickie, Christian and Nancy in the Library--you are paraprofessionally FABULOUS! Signed, your secret confabulist admirer

♥ Mary-It's too bad things didn't work out for us. Have a nice life

♥ Love Cookie, so glad I met you, thanks for heating my oven during the night and being so sweet sweet sweet in the morning

♥ Willie Bogue: You are the wings beneath my wings (Mutha-Fuck!) in the karaoke bar, in the sack and in my life. I ll always be your Shawty! XOXO Mikki

♥ Michele, Tonight's the night! It's gonna be all right. 'Cuz I love ya girl, ain't nobody gonna stop us now... Love, Your enamored Scotchy

♥ Jen & Kevin, Words can't express my thanks for everything you have done for me. I love you guys. I'm sooo lucky having a brother & sister like you. -Violet

♥ Mom & Michael, I love you two!! Thank you so much for everything!! All my love, Evamarie Kitten

♥ Adam, I've never celebrated corporate America's Valentine's Day before... couldn't resist. I get to tell you (& anyone else who reads) how much I really do care for you. Vi

♥ Boobalabah: I love you more than ever. Thank you for being ever so naughty, and for the Boo and the Boy

♥ Beautiful-Sexy-Wonderful Supermommy-Delicious-Fun-All Mine... that's you... totally in love with you forever, that's me. happy v-day Jen, xoxox Shawn

♥ LANI another year and you still rock my world. keep up the good work. HSTDNS

♥ Puddin', I Choo-choo-choose you... fuckerpants. Love, Fizz

♥ LOREN..."Since the moment I spotted you Like walking round with little wings on my shoes My stomach's filled with the butterflies... and it's alright Bouncing round from cloud to cloud I got the feeling like I'm never going to come down If I said I didn't like it then you know I lied


♥ Dear GSB, like hello, my boy behaving badly, my apple pie, my fiance... you're the line on my mirror.... have a great valentines, I lub you, KJK

♥ FATASS cheerleader Krissy you're the sexiest one of the troupe. I want you, naked. --your secret admirer

♥ Just because we're lonely doesn't mean we're wrong. A beautiful thaw must be coming... let's keep our chins up until then

♥ Welcome to Portland JANE, the city is more lovely already

♥ B- Wow, sure glad I married you. And not just because you're really good-looking. Because you're kind, a great friend, an amazing chef, a historian, AND you're hot. Mee-YOW!-A

♥ My Devilishly Clever Sweetie, Here's to beer on the pool table and 24 hour coke binges. I love you more than Pabst. That's a lot. From Your Schnookie Wooks

♥ Boi, I love you so much that it makes me want to stop kicking babies. But I don't I love you enough to actually follow through with it. Sal

♥ little kitten ears i love you with all of my heart. even though you will never give me an i saw you, at least you make up for it with that creepy spider dance of yours

♥ DOWNTOWN MALL CANDY-MAN You know how to talk about stereo handbags, the Hawthorne area, and I.D. pics... It would be great to talk over coffee. Love, the blue-eyed brown-haired girl

♥ B, you're my best pal, love ya to pieces! Happy Valentine's Day. S

♥ Mike at Ione 4 words: yum-yum!, followed by a "smack and a very short grab!" hope this makes ya smile! of not oh well i love ya anyhow." the B

♥ To the Buttstein B misses you

♥ B, you're my best pal, love ya to pieces! Happy Valentine's Day. S

♥ Alyson at Park Clay Starbucks: this is the millionth time, I dig you!!! I sincerely hope you know who I am by now. You make my heart flutter

♥ Sara- Thanks for adopting me! I promise to stop smelling like pee! -Alfie

♥ To Shorty: Me, Cornchip, Hamtube and Eppie miss you terribly. Please come home soon and Ti amo molto.

♥ JOV. Um yea let's stop the fishing and get to the wrestling! you make this girl crazy crazy for ya! you do have a way with my "video game heart!"-B

♥ Mike at Ione Plaza, you make many girls' heart flutter, and a few other things flutter as well. You are absolutely adorable. Love, your many secret admirers at Ione. XOXO

♥ Jeff R: I have had a crush on u since the first day I met you. If you read this and figure out what punk's heart you make flutter, let me know... S

♥ OK... Here it goes! your name's Alyson! you make the best latte's ever! I love the foam, and i wanna wanna make ya foam! co's ya make me cream! B.Audrey

♥ My little BS Shenanigans - I know that our time together will not be long, but I'm cherishing every minute of it. Love, SB

♥ that one guy oh you drive me crazy, you drive me madly insane, which is a good thing, i want to ghost fish with you more you melt my heart!! B.A

♥ Skye-I'm still madly in love with you.. Your beautiful voice brings much calm in my restless heart. I still long for my chantuese to sing me her soul . luis

♥ To My Bean and His Fredo, I thank you both for the lovin'. With every day that passes, I am a happier person, and that's because of you. Always, PPCOB

♥ To My Pookie I love you more than ice cream sammiches. Love Always, Pookie

♥ Stella, You are the streetcar of my desire, The sushi that I crave. Eat Dirt with me Forever? I will accompany you anywhere, Dance with me, Frank

♥ To Muffin Lips I love you more and more everyday! You fill me with love and joy. Be my valentine! I love you! XOXOXO Sugar Britches

♥ ANNA-Could you ever be the Valentine of a poor, unemployed, soap watching, hard drinking former lifeguard? Hope is alive! CU 2/26 at the UPS Building, Seattle 4 ModestMouse

♥ For all of the times had & for all of the times to come, YOU ARE MY NONPAREIL CREME DE COCO!!! -Your lil Stinky Butt

♥ Shawn- even though our lives are a complete hetic mess, i still find myself thinking about how lucky i am every day to be with you. Jenie

♥ Butter-Ball, My love for you continues grow each day we are together. Your love makes me better than I ever thought I could be. I love you

♥ Boo Bear; You are my world. I've adored you for 14 years and will forever. Happy Valentine's Day to the man who still brings the hotness. Love- Your P-nut

♥ MATT - My knight on a shining scooter, you've swept this princess away. I've fallen down the rabbit hole; I'm yours, yours, yours. Sarah

♥ big babes ~ 4 valentines for us, with each i love you more ~ the sweetest music and the bluest pancakes you do make - and for this i do adore! 'lil babes

♥ To George, I love you desperately. Mildred

♥ so stylee and sweet. i used to just peek at you through the haze.but now, lucky me!, i get to see your morning faces. ps-happy b-day

♥ Sara - My love for you is like a ship filled with horny sailors. I'm coming home to port. -Aaron

♥ Ryan, Thank you for all the laughs, good times and thoughtfull things you do for me. I wouldn't trade a moment of the last 5 years. Thank you for being you. I love you very much. -Steph

♥ 963... Katie Who would have thought it would be so easy to say I promise to never put a cap in your ass. You make me new everyday. Me

♥ roses are red violets are blue, i'm in kentucky, why aren't you

♥ Sara... mi amor I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you. All these years searching for you, but failing through others. Made a choice to leave a town and come upon another. Found you doing the same thing and we became lovers. When it's cold inside you keep me warm. You brighten up those stormy days. Calm my nerves by a simple laugh and TALK to me when I am sad. How lucky I am to wake up next to you. The most beautiful girl in my eyes. Te amo mucho Julia

♥ To Beth, the hottest Safeway worker ever. Thanks for making Saturday morning worth getting up

♥ Diego Dearest, Mi Corazon: How you have brightened & enriched my world with sushi, papayas, wondrousness, and musicalities! I love our journeys together. Te quiero MUCHO! Yours deeply, k

♥ Sweetest Amy "1900 Kay, I love you and all your farty bunny ways. Beluga wouldn't have made it through the winter without your "PINCHA-PINCHA"... and I probably would have starved to death

♥ To K.M.R. - Are you in the mood for some dude, are you in the mood to be subdued? Love J.M

♥ Sam- From portland to the virgin islands, all I want is to be with you. I love you

♥ to my big smoochie--your eyes are trout. i long to nibble your ears and do as bunnies do. i love you with all my heart. xoxo lil' smooch

♥ Andrea, thanks for keeping me and the cats sane and happy. We love you and don't know what we would do without you. Hugs and fuzzy kisses from A,F,&T

♥ Shannon - Thanks for being my partner in crime, life would be boring without you, besides I could never handle the SBSFC on my own. Love ya T and the entire SBSFC

♥ Stacie Mai, just wanted to let you know you rule my world, but I think you knew that already. I Love You, John

♥ Poppy~ Three years You still make me crazy angry, crazy excited, crazy frustrated, and crazy in love with you. You are my guy. With crazy passionate love, bug

♥ Megalicious, queen of my heart, I love you I love you I love you... even if you won't tell your family how we met. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart

♥ Kate, i love you more than marshmallows and marching bands, valentine! you are the bestest friend there ever was

♥ Handsome man from maine, i like crawling naked into bed with you-- i'd choose that warm paradise over any caribbean island. Love, your special human being

♥ Hey Ryan, You're sexy, you're sweet, you're my awesome boyfriend. I will always love you. Will you be my Valentine this year and for the next 50 or 60 more? Rich

♥ Do you remember Sluee's? I think you do. Oh to be young and in love

♥ Yo, my sweet lady, Let's get faded and hit Silverado together. You know you my gul. Spanks & Monstah Lee Forever

♥ Daddy JCH; We love you. You are the best, always feeding us and playing with us and cleaning up our messes. We'll try to get along better so we can all hang out together in the same room. Love you, Moxie and Bella

♥ GR-- Death to VideoDrome. LLTNF. --RG

♥ Lutz Tavern, you are just as sexy as you were last year. Happy V. Day to my one and only love. Don't cut me off, baby. Love, Robin

♥ Dear Morgan: I miss our weekly dinners, silly tennis, and especially you. I hope your days are filled with mischief and romance. Love, David

♥ Sweet Karen: You've got sparkle! With love from Seattle, David

♥ Maus! You flashed me while I took out the trash the other nite. That's so hot. Will you go out with me


♥ Coco my enchanting Nubian Princess. How I Love You!! Please stay sweet just like those cherries on your ass. Forget that Loser Junkie. He doesn't love you. He has no idea what he is missing. Keep on dancing Disco Queen. Your sex toy

♥ Fred the Barber I have been watching your sexy pear-shaped power punk ass since I moved here two years ago. Love "Punk Shoes

♥ AMBER, You are the most amazing woman I've ever met. Only one year and 3,000+ miles to go Baby! I love You, ANDREW

♥ Jennifer, My love and admiration for you increases daily. I love the life we are building together. You are beautiful inside and out. Lovingly, Your husband and humper too

♥ Melissa, you make me miserable with your confusion. I love you more than I'll ever love again. Fuck off. Eternally, Eric

♥ M.A, A haiku for you: Curly locks embrace. You're my ivy, I'm your house. Two fated souls entwined. I can't wait to marry you; you make me truly happy. J.C

♥ Mi Gabino, everytime I see your face I get all wet between my legs, I think of things unpure, unchaste -Your crackerjack, L

♥ there's a monkey in your pocket, mr jeeves. there's a boy before you on his knee.there's a ring on you finger, if you please. muffin, won't you marry me

♥ Sensual Orchid Dove Wendy Rowena, Thy tender touch ignited my camp stove in the blustery canyon of mundane living. I, your Mercury hot man sing, Oh You're My Best Friend

♥ Lizbeth, on that last day after gallons of cappucino foam, bodies sweating dancing, and 12 hours of love, I will be the star shell in the sky leading you home

♥ we're all messed up and we know just why, we're feelin' kinda freaky and that's no lie, so lets be eachothers sweet potatoe pie! One Love~Dana and Tyleena Eternally

♥ Luchia- Beautiful woman you have changed my life. Thank you for the love I feel in my heart and the joy you have brought me. I love you! Francoise

♥ FOR MY BABY GIRL, I immortalize our love. Even though I love you more than words can express, may this valentine be an eternal reminder of my love for you

♥ Sid Vicious- you're my electric six lover, dynamite under the covers... secretly, you're tender and sweet, be my valentine and I'll feel complete. Love, Bobby

♥ my tawny demigod fingers entangled in touseled hair; cock hard entrenched in my inner world; kiss me, spank me, make me scream! i'll tease you, please you - your mortal dream

♥ darlin' - starry skied tent, moonrock, bagby, cougar, warm spring bubbles, travertine crooked in Mother Earth's side... enveloped in your arms, time and space continue to dissolve... my love, beltane nymph

♥ You said you wanted to be free? Oh, that's defiently cool with me. I won't be the man to clip your wings. Maybe you're like me, just looking for flings!" From J. to W

♥ I miss you so much, and have always kept you close in my heart. Please find it in yours to forgive me. I forever love you Tina. One love, Robin

♥ Quebin, Come on over and fuck m'shitter -Ronnito

♥ You just said post Drunky McDrunk, "get out" when I tried to explain why I humped a boy (and you are a fuckface) I'm still writing you a valentine

♥ dear T.H. your friendship means everything it helps me get through each day too bad i live so far down here in the bay wish you were here love S.W

♥ Little Mouse, you make me laugh, you make me smile. Let's squoonch boots for awhile. I'm just a little Sprout, silly as can be, Mwuh mwuh all over your body

♥ Dear sweet dark flower, I love you and your ringlets of midnight's embrace. You could not be more beautiful than you are here now weeping softly amidst the snapdragons

♥ Willie Bogue you rule.All the other assholes drool. Love always, Shawty

♥ KA-47, you're the landmine that blew my legs off. I love you more than pot, rock n roll, and magoos. let's be secret ultimate best friends/lovers forever. sincerely, Weinis

♥ MOST CURVACIOUS BUNNY bright star in a city of dreary dullness. Your love is true, I know! Even though you're a pain in the ass, I love you dearly! Shnickie

♥ ROLLERSKATE SKINNY You make me feel funny, you're pretty, and you have neat parts. Thanks for dance dancing your way into my life! Love your sweaty Valentine

♥ Shmoop a Doop U R Sophia Petrillo X 10 + U make da' best damn Vegan Cookies on Erf. xoxoxoxoFuckface

♥ Who knew my type could be a lanky, bespectacled, white, Midwest-born Star Trek (Next generation) geek with tasty thighs and dreamy armpit hair? No more bike messengers-cum-pianists for me! rowrr, g

♥ Aaron--my milkshake is better than yours. Ti amo, Heather

♥ Dear Prezident Bush Snookums, thank you so much for doing my dirty work. Your lust for the earth's blood and foreign blood is a sight to behold. Love, Satan

♥ Saran K, Je t'aime toujours. Chaka

♥ We've been friends a long time. I think you are the most awsome woman I know (besides my mother). With what you've been through, my feelings are a bit awkward; however, I'm thinking I love you. No really, I'm thinking I love you. Pretty please with sugar on top: Will you be my Valentine

♥ Happy V day Stacey and Josh. Bad Kitty Mel

♥ To my one and only Bear. I will be by your side for all of time. I love you, respect you and will always cherish you. Your Baby-girl XXOO

♥ Bear, see you in Seattle for hot and sweaty weekend of monkey love. Baby-girl

♥ DR: my tub is your tub - my bed, your bed. Just stop asking alright! Love with hope and conviction, PA

♥ Melissa, aka Snookums You are my girl, you're my whole world as rosses are red, violets are blue. My world is nothing without you. Love you Forever DJ

♥ Having you in my life makes it so much better, it certainly gets my underwear wetter. Living with you is the best, for Valentines day lets get undressed.-Bzzt

♥ To My Long-Legged Lover... We are survivors -- We're gonna make it! Bach! Lots of love always... Your Devoted Starfish

♥ Christiana, Joe, y Baby Maya Anne. Kisses, Kisses, Kisses on Love, Hearts, and Boyfriends day. Love Cherise and Ricardo

♥ pooka, happy v day. meu neginho, melhor amigo, e esposo. siempre voy ser tu pookalooka

♥ K-Love, remember in n.ridge when we "did it" 9 times then you went to class while i crashed on that awful futon? G-Renee

♥ kenya, When i look in your eyes i feel your soul. i love you with every ounce of life in this little Billy Goat body! DANCE WITH ME

♥ My big pizza pie, our smile makes me love the world. Let's make a big tomato sauce together forever. -Joshua Papageorgio

♥ Honey-Pie, Honey-Pie, Sing Me a Song, For It Won't Be Long, Till We Mix, Our Sexy Bits!!! Always Thinkin' of You, Lovie-pie

♥ green eyes (yeah stace, you) it's true. you're the one that i wanted to find. i love being with you and always laughing. thank you. i love you, angela



♥ Bubby--You're my special dream boyfriend and I can't wait to take you out to Applebee's and buy you the finest buffalo wings money can purchase! Oh, yeah, baby! Love, Baby Carrot

♥ To My Political Dreamboat, Dennis J. Kucinich: I don't care what anyone says about you, you're my Democratic crush and I'm voting my conscience. DK 4EVA!!! Love, J-Bro

♥ Baby Bear: You suckle me so sweetly. The way you eat me up! The way I eat you up! Sigh... Love, Mamma Bear

♥ Beautiful Amanda, Despite everything I do wrong, consider this:We'll have a lifetime to refine my "figure-it-out-iveness" Love, Ryan

♥ YOJI- You chase me around the house, invade my privacy, manhandle the cats, brake the furniture doing pratfalls and eat up all the cookies. I am so in love with you. -SY

♥ CHIEF CRAZY TALK I was thinking it's a sign... it's been a year and my wings still flap for choo. But, butterflys are free to fly... -Lil' 2 feathers

♥ richie, te quiero como ninguno. mi "view" e te. preciso nada mas na mi casa. fula

♥ Mike, Paulette, Ella Vincent, Happy Love and Hearts Day. Your friends, Cherise and Richi

♥ richi, your pook loves you too much and 60 DOLLARS. ha ha ha adoro pepe tambien

♥ Kaytea- Thanks so much for being so supportive of me and my endeavors. You the best gal a guy can have! Love You! -Adam

♥ While a cute poem would be romantic, all I could rhyme was sayter with tayter, and snoogle rhymes with... nothing at all. I love you Tay. Happy Valentine's Day-Christina

♥ Cody Joe! "I don't know but I been told he's bake'n cakes inside our souls." You make us so happy we could shit. Happy Valentine's Day Buddy! - lameos on M.L.K

♥ For the boy who never wants anything, here's my declaration: Erik Corbin rules. Te amo, te amo, te amo. Corina

♥ Beans&Rice--C U in Bed--Cheese

♥ To my fuzzy ferret valentine, I love your fuzzy head, fuzzy whiskers and your not-fuzzy-at-all, you-know-whats. Signed, your fuzzy little love puppet

♥ To my sex god- Your all-knowing hands and your all-powerful tongue make me soar through the clouds like a dragon in heat. Signed, your sexy little satyr

♥ Mr. Tree, i see you round i know you some i dig you greatly limbs so stately please be my dately dont delay i'm slave to you today lovelay - h

♥ AV, Hi, Sweetie it's me SG..Has it been two years,almost three? Now we're married and a baby to be.Thanks for your devotion, And thank you "Mercury" Signed Scotty G

♥ PAPPY-We've been madly in love for almost 10 YEARS now! You're the best Motherfucking spanker I've ever known... May I spend the whole weekend on my knees? Love, KITTEN

♥ BLING this year is special, one to remember, a girl's best friend will last forever, i hope that you keep me around that long, and valentine's with you will go on and on, happy birthday

♥ Elena, Kieth & Nova congratulations! happy first valentine's day as a family and enjoy the coming years of playdough and pink paper and heart-shaped message candy. Love, the erstwhile f-uncle

♥ KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR, you are the man i envision myself with. soft, gentle, halarious, observant, damn sexy. we're a great partnership. love you -SHOOGGS

♥ Vanessa, you aren't even six months old but you've exceeded all expectations. thank you for being a reminder of hope and beauty, baby girl. you touch all you meet

♥ sabatour, terrorist, wanton benefactor, bad comic... cupid, you little bastard

♥ FOOKTI GEORGE, when things go bump in the night, they're usually you attempting to cook grilled cheese

♥ Library, my dearest hidden hollow, your corridors call out through the rains. all that we take, you give freely. listening to your voice, i hear the heart of the city

♥ Lehto- your courage and kindness combines with fineness and the slight conversational head twitch to which we all must simultaneously respond: HURRAH! HURRAH! HURRAH! you are our nearest star

♥ tina-you are still in my heart. dump the jobless wonder .contact me. i'm new and improved!- barry

♥ My Dearest Tristan 1982's valentine is my favorite, even if it is 22 years old. Happy Birthday! Love and Kisses, Adonia

♥ faith! you strayed for plenty long, now bring that ocean salt water hair and sky stained stare back to us so we can bask in some of your light. love

♥ Manu Berelli, Manu Terelli will never take your place

♥ trevis- there are only snakes here in this heart-shaped pit, no scumbags for us to use as bait as we attempt to escape it. but at least we tried

♥ Pork chop - I'm loving Portland, but getting back to you is taking forever... XO Biscuit, will valentine kisses still be good in april

♥ ben you are hot. hot hot hot hot. will you go to the movies with me? i'll buy you some candy. i'll let you into my house, then GGGRRRROOOWWWLLL. k

♥ TO MY #1 POLYAMOROUS LESBIAN GIRLFRIEND WITH THE EIGHT OTHER LOVERS-Thank you for sharing your life/love with me. And thanks for letting me have my other girlfriends! -Helena

♥ La la love you... pretty baby! Won't you be my valentine my darling pixie! I can't wait to bust out the champagne and play naked twister in our new house

♥ b, you are so cute that you make me sleepy. you already agreed to be my valentine; so all that i have to say now is "hump!" XO yr grrrrrlfriend

♥ Janet, In many directions does our love wrap around each other, may they remain forever interwoven. love, Adam

♥ Frogs and Shiny things Make me Happy and You. Avid was never better suited-i want to wear again and again

♥ Oh Suzie McDee You sure know how to sock it me. It's been over eight long years since that beautific massage. You 're the mate of my soul. Your Beaterman BOLT

♥ this one goes out to the one i lost. you don't live here. you likely will never hear and feel my heart beat for you, nonetheless, i must profess/confess my undying love to you/for you/. a friend of mine warned me against the romantic illusion of fate earlier this evening. however, i know we are destined to be as one. i shall live on, as you too, shall do the same; and rejoice in our destiny as we will be as one again as time shall tame us, lead us, strengthen and unite us. i love you

♥ Kat, like I said, I will be your valentine for as long as you willl have me. And your tampon always has a place to stay at my house. love c

♥ To Mitch (the lovely spooky one) I've never once seen you smile. I know it's bad because my heart stops every time I see someone who looks like you. - J

♥ blueberry pancakes and strawberry twizzlers, wet kitten heads and Agent Dale Cooper, it's soy delicious just watching the Kings, these are a few of my favorite things... K hearts R

♥ 0h, 2004! You are the year of juggernauts! of pompadores and turned up collars! of rollerdiscos! of taking whatever is placed in our able hands and rocking it like a microphone

♥ BUCK- I will never describe any of our times as miserable. You will always have a special spot in mi corazon. Find me if you ever need anything... Love, Jen

♥ Hey. Hey Virginia I am soaked in box wine, hands busy pocketing supremely fecund soil. Bring me all the sky you've discovered and we shall arrange a trade

♥ Hot Springs Chris lover of cheap beer and holder of small penis, "i just called to say i love you, come back home." miss you. kisses, girly

♥ Beau MY gumdrop mix me into your pail of sugar and I will drown contentedly in your sweetness, for every stomachache is ecstasy with a cherry on top

♥ Chantilly Jade... hank you for infinite patients, wisdom, support, and love... happy v day and happy 21st! I love you always... Sam

♥ Lieutenant, I am lucky to have meet such a wonderful women and am looking forward to the many adventures and good times we will have together. AKA Tony

♥ i wish things worked out better and we were happy and together. now everythings fucked huh. now we're both tired, unhappy, lonely people who can't seem to find anything. i feel sappy, you could write a Built To Spill song about us. oh well I love you, someday maybe you'll see me again. the Grammy's ARE a joke. P. Diddy

♥ Boobaloo! I love you! It's true! I choo choo choose you

♥ Mon paine--I think I love you too much: you make me miserable, you make me happy to be alive. I'm so thankful you're my baby. Ton beurre

♥ Fuzzy-wuzzy: It's true love when you/I can ask, "Did you fart?" and I/you can admit, "Yes." Thanks for the honesty--and everything else. I love you! - Beach Bully

♥ to my talented sexy white man of mine. i love u and i will always cherish our times together. Even if i'm throwing up in the car after too much booze. u will be the first guy to take my wig off i love u paris

♥ Michael Adam Not quite June, immersed in Scandalous Starlight. Conversation flowing freely. So with our laughter, that night. Eight months on three. My Sweet with me. To continue, so naturally

♥ Courtney, You changed me life. Thank you. We Love you bunches, wanted you to have a nice Valentines with a suprise like this to make you smile. Your Lover, Tammy

♥ Devario, Thank you for making me smile,and sharing your intimacy with me, as we deepen our connection. You're a blessing to me, I love who you are. Your Valentine

♥ hi Bleu... here is a valentine for my sweet little evadora. love dad. p.s. im very proud of you

♥ Dear L Make me IKU more! A

♥ hi joni... it's me your daddy! i just want you to know that i could never do it with out you nor would i want to. there's no one like my adoring angel. love curtis

♥ bike love fulfilled spring and soon summer. gorgeous frolic ahead, my sweet

♥ anne, our time together was the best but then i just HAD to get something off my chest. I'm older now and so mature just one more chance i will make you purrrrr john

♥ sweet: hamster analogies are passe. sunday brunches only whet my appetite. fly away with me to paris! we'll drink oly, watch that '70s show, and wish we were in pdx

♥ lewlewlepoo my sweet ogd. life with you rules. i love you! malice

♥ You made my latte---then you made my month. Maybe it can't work out for us now... but I hope someday I'll get to see your molar smile again

♥ Sarah, We are always happy you came into our lives. Love Dad and Mom

♥ Isaac, When I think of good times we've shared it makes my glad. love Margie

♥ Karri my loins are on fire over you

♥ We don't live in the same city but we always connect & have fast times. Madonna, Prince, Kraftwerk & Bjork. You're my outer space man, my Mork from Ork. Love You Captain Kirk

♥ My dearest Lenorre What can I say? Without you, I'm only Stu, but with you, we're more than two. Looking forward to millions of years loving you - forever yours, Stuart

♥ Greg Scout: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and I think you've been eating too much of it, cause you look fat. Long live hatred. Love? Laura

♥ To my dearest dolls, Blayke and Beren. You are the sweetest babies any daddy could ever ask for. Thank you for being so sweet! My love always - Daddy

♥ Oh my dear Crystal how I love thee, let me count the ways. When your deep, dark eyes look in my direction my heart melts. You make sandwiches like no other sandwich artist I have ever met in this town

♥ Em, you sexy lynx, You gave me the best New Year's I've ever had and even though you're a neurotic little kitten, I simply adore everything about you. love jen

♥ Ruthie, Roses are red and violets are blue thank you for letting me dance and spend time with you I have loved seeing your radiant smile shine through. Love Skywalker

♥ k80- the purple jelly fly makes no noise when it flies. or what? or what? i will buy food with them until it's over. watch out. love bombs are smelly

♥ k80 how do you do that? and how do the japanese people talk like that? and what's the matter? i love to eat cheese with you. let's do it again

♥ hey sexy adam from we must die i want to suck yo tity mctit tits till they fall off just like yo asses.yo sweet thang

♥ k80 i can't take these sleep drugs any longer. i need rest but can't afford the rest of my life asleep like this. wake me up before you go go

♥ k80 my lady i have so much coffee in my head and your hand is cold and you're tired! we can't always party with the pillows, but i love you

♥ who's that girl whose name has eight legs an hair is black death.the silly punk rocker who stumbles drunkenly on her bike an crashes into many of dark curbs

♥ Hey Bennington girl we are going to make it. All five of us are going to move into our new cave in the basement. Slumlords will survive! love straps

♥ Mike, just the felling of your kiss means more then the past we had. Having your emotional and caring side back is better then nothing at all. Con carinyo Ancla

♥ Fuckmuffin, our lovenest is the best part of my escaping! We can't let our brains stop our thinking/dreaming. You give me a fresh minty feeling that lasts... I Love You, Pepperfish

♥ Mr. Matney - Thanks for putting a smile on my face and a sense of joy in my heart. You're wonderful beyond words. Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day babe.- Ms. Keane

♥ Damn, Delna! You the best white girl in the whooooole world and you all MINE. Bitch, I LOVE you! I am tappin' that ass TONIGHT! Bet. -your Man

♥ Syrill~~ I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being here for us. You are a wonderful spirit. OM MANI PEDME HUM Namaste, Monica and Jeremy

♥ My own personal Jesus...I am always grateful for your amazing presence--you are the sweetest lover and inspire me to cultivate the qualities I admire in you... I can't wait to see what we become together... I also can't wait for the next shower ;) all my love--your "contemplator of life" and shower fantasy come true.-R

♥ my love bug i love every hug forever with your burly scottish manliness happy valentines day, lets celebrate. Free lap dance my love? eternally your cherib

♥ My puppysquirrelkitten, you make the long, cold winter months so much warmer. With your sweet smile and your angelic ways, your heart could melt the Mt. Hood glaciers from 3,000 miles away. All my love, pigfucker

♥ Autumn girl, A perenial gift have you given me, in these months of wonder in your tree. Now four seasons move lives on, to new horizons in the waking dawn

♥ John T. I said, "I DO" and it has been an amazing first year. I can't wait to see what our future holds. I love you more than my shoes! HOOLIE

♥ Dill pickle chips and coffee heath bar crunch: if that's what it takes to keep my princess happy, then that's what I'll provide. --BB

♥ sweetestone dj rafa i love to watch you spin and dance ,and to dance when you spin. boy, i'm so in love with you. i can't hardly wait to marry you. damn

♥ Jenn'a'Bee Just want you to know I love you. Forever. You were always enough. Come what may you are my angel. I am sorry I can't let go. Love Jen

♥ Mercury Staff: We love you in OASA

♥ MRS SANTA'S SISTER I find your borderline personality disorders intoxicating. I will follow your trail of tiny rubber bands to the ends of the universe. Your leetle friend, Very Bad Santa

♥ Favorite Cute Boy I likes you some. Let's get naked and i shall show you just how much I do like you. Yes, please. More please. Bug

♥ To Tim, Monty and Pete-Luv to luv ya. Heidz

♥ Si, Never give up. Stay strong. Love Always, Angus

♥ June, Thinking of you on this special day.-Stompers

♥ Mellisa, I think Jackie (at the Row) knows. -Chris

♥ pinochio, sour and sweet, I will always think of you on valentine's day tho passion's fire long ago took a back seat. I'll always love you anyway. My wish for u is that u find the ecstasy you've been searching for today

♥ TO LIFE, you are the sexiest, most beautiful, intellegent, generous, and kind hearted person i know. i luv you so much, happy valentines day!!!!! -SHERMSTYLE

♥ maGik stYk(s) you rock and roll, the music, the world, and me! Thanks for accentuating the positive vibration in my situation, and enhancing the romance in my dance! yum

♥ Heather Q, you make my capacitors POP and my Pots turn and burn. Wanna get my soldering iron hot ??? -Love, "THE" Circuit bender

♥ Boongy-doo-da- I'm gonna put whipped cream all over your buns and rock your world. your schmapapupa

♥ Miss is bad, fine as all hell,and we both freaks, let's meet and see what happens, fuck your man, lets see what comes next

♥ Mr. S, my Devil-This black heart beats 4 you. The blood flows again, and Baphomet found his wings. Let's raise hell together, baby! Your freak, Mr. K

♥ This is my valentien line: Tisha, you are my world, my everything, I love you so much

♥ To my beautiful Lizard, roses are red, violets are blue, I wanta snuggle yer stuff, how's about you? P.Roy, Belly8ers and I want you to be our valentine forever! love dg

♥ 2 years ago I told you I loved you from a cold NYC hallway. I still love you. I always will. You are my home Jenny. Love Jen

♥ To the cute boy at EFNY! Hey, I did it with your Mom! Happy V.D

♥ Gini Goo Goo I love you, Thanks for all that you do Love Moo Moo

♥ To my Hunny Bunny - Words cannot describe the love I feel for you. You are my Sun, Moon and Stars. I will Love you Forever. Your Hunny Nutz

♥ To my mr.snappySEXpants I love you and your giant kosher dill! From your little red-headed monkey girl. *suckle

♥ LT on Jefferson I've been thinking about you since 01/23. You left before I could get your number I had lots of fun. Bob has my number. Let's meet soon and see what happens. Shad

♥ Katie D, I still love you

♥ Brenna- You're sweet as chess pie. -Toby

♥ Austin Austin Austin I really do love you more then anything. What can I say? You're my baby princess! I love you man! Love Samantha aka smelly miles

♥ DEVILDOLL, DEVILDOLL; You make me never want to come down

♥ Sandie- Through my darkest days you stand by me. I owe you my life and share all my love- -now and forever. Be my boobycat in ALL ways! Love, Josh

♥ Chewie- How thick is your flowing hair! How violent are your hips! How lovely are your cheeks! After 10 years of marriage you still make my toes wiggle! -Chewie

♥ RYAN J. aka Kittyman you are such a hot dancer.oxoxo

♥ Kitty, In submission or equality - shivering at my touch - wearing my collar or holding my hand. My sub, lover, girlfriend, friend, and much more. I love you. Sir

♥ Elodie, i hope you have a wonderful valentines day with lots of chocolate and no crotch rot. love melody

♥ Raven isabella i wish you all the love in the world this valentines day and always. love mel

♥ A dream, diddle-lilah your man tits are perfection. pink tipped strawberry treats. I love you always fat darling. from your belly dancin dina

♥ Adam, you work at NW Torrefatzione. You are so hot. May I please have my latte served with a side of YOU

♥ Dear Heidi, thank you for letting me sleep in your bed everynight. Your sheets are lovely and your touch is golden. Love Kittens

♥ Bobby, I want to spank you. Baroness

♥ becky, you are the best valentine i've ever had. the sight of you brings a smile to my face and a tingle in my pants! i love you. xoxo cara

♥ Anthony The number four is better than the number nine. I love you anyway. Suzy

♥ H, I want you to know I will allways love you no matter how far apart we seem to be. You will allways be a important piece of my heart. John

♥ Brandt, in case you didnt know I wanted to say I love you in that hetro life partner way! John

♥ Heather, You loved me with no sex involved and then found a fuck. Hope it made you feel different like you wanted to be when we met four years ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

♥ Nessie, I have had some damn good times with you in the past few months. hope we can keep it up all night untill at least next year. J

♥ Talasen- Can you hump my leg again please? Luv ya! -"Magnum PI

♥ Yeah, Martinis and Luna Pop! I lick you, smother me in your love - Sherry in SD

♥ M. My amazing everything you are, in every way you bless me with spirit and awe. I wont promise years, there is no end to my love for you.T

♥ Mr. Right, I know you hate valentines day, and if you hate it that much, you'll never see this, but I gotta tell you, you are somethin wonderful--shawty

♥ hell bent for sean. one year! iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou! you sexy, sexy man

♥ Christopher Swanson- Can you beleive we made it seven months, even though we sleep in seperate bunks? Can't help but make your balls blue, Happy Valentiens Day... I LOVE YOU

♥ Good Morning Sunshine

♥ A Valentine For My Daddy- My kisses yours for the taking, Can I pretty please have a valentine spanking? Love, your golden eyed kitten princess

♥ Tight Tad Rox my world, Thanx for being such a sweetheart... hope your Valentine's Day is awesome... Love Always, Rach`ell-Marie

♥ dearest skippy, you fill me to the brim with everything beautiful. can't wait to take some e and walk along the beach with you for hours. i love you. -saphire

♥ Redlance, my beloved and my friend. May we always be each other's warmth and strength. You are still more beautiful and radiant than I can say. Love, your Nightfall

♥ You guys are the greatest friends a girl could ever have! I love you more then I can tell you. John's Market will always be Rick and Julie's Market to me

♥ Jo, it's me your biological anthropologist, I know you are happy with the anthropologist's you have now, and i am sure they are wonderfull, but I want to be friends and explain why I wouldn't have been a good anthropologist for you. Please contact me

♥ You deliver wine to my store, you are so hot I look forward to it every Thursday. Too bad you have a girlfriend, so I will admire from afar

♥ Jeff I love you

♥ Dennis, I love you because you can make me smile even when I don't want too. You melt my heart completely. I will love you always. Carie

♥ sasquatch, fuck v day. lets get trashed and screw strangers then get high and laugh about it. what my boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him. xoxo

♥ hey coconuts, precious baby doveybro. i'm so glad to have met you. love, sara

♥ Olive, Roses are red, violets are blue, I am a better dominoes player than you! Happy Valentines day sweetheart, Love always, Dana

♥ Damn you Dodie I was just sittin' there reading about extinctions and... um... well... Time to wake up! Bruiser

♥ Flake, You are beautiful, irrational, very clumsy, stubborn and incredible! You are the best distraction anyone could ever hope to know. Thank you so much for all the luvin. Peomfph

♥ Mindyroo, you mean the world to me, and I will love you forever and ever, you pretty thing you. Love, Bradleyroo

♥ TROGODOR!!! i pine for yoooou! i love you and you weapons of ass destruction (you know what i'm talkin bout, willis). i know you hate valentine's day, so i hope we spend the day in the company of gimps and strippers. maybe a gimpy stripper, even! -le tard

♥ Poopy one is not enough for you. i'm absolutely crazy loving you with the super fun! even though you keep eyeing the cat, i'll keep wanting to do dirty things to you and you alone (until we get a boyfriend). get this freakin duck away from me! love always, the cheat

♥ Linda, What is love? The sound of your laugh, curled up in bed. Watching bad movies, my hand on your head. Jesse

♥ I have a great fear of loosing you. Never to call you my little dear. So will this poem help if it be seen? Proably not, with you in Eugene

♥ TWIN PARADOX QUEEN BARISTA, I love everything you do, especially that one thing you do in bed. Keep up the good work. Love ya

♥ Amy, A letter of appreciation: The manner in which you place words together is inspiring. Your body has pleasing shapes. Let us meet at a place on the 14th--AJK

♥ Oh my Transylvanian Love Monster, how I adore the way you pack my fudge. You are my sick fuck'in demi sex God. Love Monkey

♥ Ilanya! when you gonna put out? B

♥ To the movie geeks on 9th: What a perfet harem of boys: the wino, the intellectual, the dominatrix, and the hero. Know try to figure which role you are. Happy Valentine's Day boys, you're all my favorites. Love, brenda

♥ To my bitches in heat: Kristi and Ina, you know I'm talking about you. My Latin heat would burn off your first layer of dermis. Be thankful you only see me once a month. Hey, I don't break your hearts on purpose, Brenda

♥ mfeo boy* - you had me the second i met you and it's only gotten stronger since. i can't imagine my life without you. tlf, your boy

♥ Big Jim @ Silverado's I love you so much, and my heart breaks every time. Your fire-crotch girlfriend and April should see a fucking shrink. Much Love, Hawaiian Porn Star

♥ To my sweet pastry chef: I love you more than a million Royales, more than ice skating alcoholics, more than I ever thought possible. Big love from your little bookworm

♥ Music Millennium Burnside Happy Valentines!! Love XOXO Michelle

♥ are you somewhere out there passed out on the floor? Joey i'm not angry anymore

♥ Amanda (the Lovely and Beautiful)- Last valentine with you, congratulations with Swarthmore, we're very proud. Keep truckin'! Love, Gina and etc

♥ Tiffany, you may have forgotten. The kitty keeps getting bigger and bigger and so does the love. It'll never stop hurting or be o.k. even for a minute but... Blank

♥ T is for Tiffany... and Tomata, There's no one who can take your place. You make me what I am. You built me up, Only to tear me apart. Oh wow! I go for you. Maybe I got lucky when I saw you in the street. Maybe I should have walked right by and that woulda been ok too. Beause you see, I'll always go, I'll always go I'll always go... for you. You hurt me and it'll never be o.k. or stop hurting but I'll always be your Tomata

♥ Let's make this Valentine's day better than last year... NO DAIRY QUEEN! Let's eat ribs until we can't eat anymore. I love you

♥ Amy- You consume my thoughts with your beauty. Nothing would please me more than to be your lady. ~Autry

♥ LEE- Even though I'm sure you've forgotten my birthday, valentine's day and the fact that I just gave birth, I'm proud to be your wife. Phoebe

♥ Eddy -roses are red, violets are blue, sorry I'm stuck at the RWNYC, wish you were here too. JP

♥ Pips I eat sleep, travel, and work with you. Yet, I never grow tired of your warm hugs and your gentle hand. I will love you always. Your Cutsie-Butt

♥ Mouse, Too tired to think of something pretty to say. Just know that I love you beyond reckoning. Thank you for raising our incredible son so bravely and well. I love you. Tigger

♥ To Mama L as translated by Mama K): Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Lala, Po, You're the sweetest Mama I know! Blue hat, green hat, red hat, oops, You're quite fine at changing poops! Kiss-kiss! Love, Baby D

♥ Tall Tootsiebelle; When did you become a supermodel? I wish you red rabbits and chicken eggs

♥ I Love you Bitey, Do you Bite me Lovey? Happy Valentines Day from The Bean Master

♥ My English Dream When I look into your beautiful eyes everything seems to fade out of our world made for two. I adore you, your heart and your mind. - Red, Hot & Yours

♥ I love you J - i'm so happy you're my valentine :) xoxoxox -S

♥ Master Heart Repairer my heart is fibulating - shock me

♥Waiting so long I've been waiting so long... M.S.W- I love you so much! I know you are not going to be mine this year maybe next year. Be my best friend at least! Luv,M.R.M.L

♥ Toni, my heart ticks only for you! Sinclair

♥ A Valentines Day Haiku for my dearest Meat Twinkie: You're a sexy bitch! Shit, baby, you know you're my Cap'n Happy Pants. Much love and sloppy smooches, Poopy Pants

♥ Dear Rachel, You are very special to me. You are the image of a beautiful intellegent woman. Be my Valentine and me be real good happy


♥ FRIENDSTERS... YOU FUCKING ROCK! When I see you, on the street, in a bar or rockin' it on the dancefloor, I SMILE. portlandkicksass- YOU make it happen! XOXO IMAPDXPARTY

♥ Bucket, I love you more than piles, I love you more than circus peanuts, I love you more than anything - be my valentine forever

♥ Dick - I'm not your favorite one, but who will walk you out when it's all done? Happy V.D. Love, Bob

♥ Bobear, I dream I'm with you, you hold me sweetly and rock me gently to sleep in your arms. Wherever you are, whatever you are, I love you

♥ Monkey monkey burning bright, Let me catch your tail tonight, Tie me up tie me down, Feel free to smack me around, Your dirty bear

♥ Dormiamo accanto all'una l'altra e ascoltare alla pioggia. Ma sempre vai. Cosi, devo guidare lontano fuori citta ogni sera dare te bacci. Imparo aspettare

♥ Frank! What's your name doing in this scurrilous rag? My beloved muse, you're bigger than that. Keep your eyes on the web. You're going global! Forever, your Bunny Girl

♥ SOAP ELVES! you two are the apples in my eyes. laughter in my heart. the dance in my flow. thanks for the freedom. YELLOW CRYSTAL SUN

♥ seth flores, you've got pollen on your nose. where've you been- where've you been. i want love in the afternoon. {i'll wait and see if you give it to me

♥ Keenan, I just noticed my fly was down and I wasn't wearing any underwear. No big surprise I guess

♥ sweet seth, i love you with breakfast, but i love you more afterwards. kisses, miss

♥ HB HB HB HB HB HB HB I 3 you

♥ Sexy CoolWhip, I treasure your pricless heart, your love leaves StarDust all over me, soon though, I will have that StarDust inside me. Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart, All yours

♥ You're name means rebirth" and it's so true. I've traded in Hank Williams for Al Green. The world turns on our love, these have been the best 9 months. SWA

♥ Smalls, Remember me when we're 50? You are my best friend and I'm so glad you're in my life. love, your hetero lifemate

♥ Danny Jo- You are the love of my life & I am very lucky to have you. Thank you for putting up with my crap. Happy V-day! Love your Honey Bunny

♥ Aine ~ You are intelligent, strong, loving, caring, sexy, sensual, supportive, encouraging, fun, my best friend, partner, and lover. I appreciate you in my life and I Love You ! Happy Valentines Day! ~ PAPA

♥ J~ Maybe this Valentine s Day you can wear those hot purple pants for me. It's a long drive to Key West - but I'm worth it. I still love you the same. ~S

♥ Susan, still mine after 26 years. I proposed 26 years ago today and haven't had any second thoughts since. I still enjoy every bit of our time together. Love Mike

♥ Isolated Monkey Baby Happy Day Of Bleeding Hearts. I'm Glad You Are My Life Partner. You Make My Life Better. So Thanks. Love, The Princess

♥ Randi Joe, Thanks for six magnumificent weeks. Who knew monogomy could be this much fun

♥ D.W. more than you know

♥ Years in training and you ve broken the mold. Stuck with myself, and now I can begin letting go. Mi Emilia smile, and envelope me in tangerine. Stuck on you now, with room for love in between

♥ GingGang, Your guitars are red, Your lyrics are blue, Your pants are tight, When can we fuck? Love, Hoary Poury

♥ Joel - could you do me a wee favor & hold on to my heart for a little while longer? You're doing a marvellous job of keeping it intact. love, t

♥ Ms. T - Read in between the lines, IN BETWEEN THE LINES. fu. Happy Valentine's Day my asexual goddess. - Ms. Sugar

♥ JB - Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite boy I don't have sex with. Love Sugar T

♥ Kitten Kait, Halloween was my X-Mas last year. What a great gift to now have such sweet, passionate kitten. Tough or tender, you're my lady. Surprises ahead? From your Fox

♥ KJM: Kill James Marsden? Keep Jokes Mild? Kangaroos Just Matter? Klingon Justice Manual? Klipsch JS38 Monitors? Kippered Jerky Meats? Kind Juvinile Malcontent? Koolest J'boyfriend M'ever? Awww hells yeah

♥ Billy from the Grails, call me you fucker

♥ lingered lustlessly over the weeping white wrecking yard. till hot shit hotter then hot cakes kissed gravy splendor down my blouse. I love you baby, always. JUANITA

♥ Crazy - Who said sharing was just for kids... Happy Valentine's Day. - Sugar T

♥ Mi Karenita- Te quiero mucho. I'm so glad we got back together. I am madly in love with you. Let's cherish what we have now. Love always, April

♥ LP - My little Sweet Pea! Lets keep "doing that thing we do" and work this all out! I love you like you'll never know! - MP

♥ BAYBAY BE MY VALENTIME... here's to you with number two cause baybay I think you're so cool I promise its the last I'll do but had to tell you I LOVE YOU! - mey

♥ For the past 9 months I've seen you love me as much as I love you and make me the luckiest man alive. Happy Valentine's Day

♥ Trish--thank you for introducing me to the best thing ever and then taking it away from me. But at least I got "The Darkness" through you. "Touching you... touching me... I believe in a thing called love." Love ya, ELA

♥ Giant Squid? You cannot eat them. But Mr. Feenaughty, you're a truly tasty dish. I love you

♥ Lizzie P -- since we were babies, you've had my heart. You make me me. The rest of our lives together still won't be enough. Love always, M

♥ Sweet Susie Daydreamer Roses are red. Violets are blue. Romance is dead. C mon, let s screw! I hope you enjoy your V.D.! JimJim

♥ SHEEP SHAP SCHNOO I LOOOVE YOU!!! you're my most favorite greek skinned bird lipper in my daily world. Lets make whoopie till the cows come home! SMOOCHES&BITES -heather

♥ Mommy- Thank you for finding a boy that loves to pet me and love me and play with me. Pur... Miah

♥ Oh, Justin Sanders You are cuter than kittens, and twice as smart, at least! xox Spencer

♥ Heather, my twin sister. I wish you were back up here, but I love you anyway. Happy birthday, too! xoxSpencer

♥ Ned! Long time no see, mi amigo. Have a sweet little sweetheart of valentines day, alright? ciao. xoxoSpencer

♥ Mike? Mike Wallace Happy valentine's day, you nut! Don't eat everything people give you today, especially if it's roses. xoxoSpencer

♥ To all my one-night-stands in the last year... Thanks! Many more in 2004. Sucky-Fucky Kisses, Sin

♥ Sneaky Pete, You make me sigh I quiver when you touch my thigh I tremble when you kiss my lips. I'm a bad girl. Punish me Valentine. Love, Grasshopper

♥ Gorilla boy, Your thing is too big but I heart you anyway! Fey Ray

♥ ANGELA KAY There's nothing like dedicating an entire day to remind us that we will die the lonely neighborhood cat lady! Get ready for a cry your eyes out extravaganza! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Love ya - Rachel

♥ Mike o' my heart: I wanna kiss your superfine chops until they're sore. yowza! xoxo Erica

♥ To My Merchandisers Nappy, Steph, Mollie, Scott, Brenda, Michael, Jen, Ryan, Rachel, Wyatt, Kate, Louise, Brint, Kyra, Sharon, Gabe, Melissa, Allen-And my peers Sarah and Chris. Thank You for all your hard work & good times. Rock and Roll Touche

♥ To my sassy pants baby girl Dia. I love you so much. Happy valentine's Day. Love Mama

♥ Uncle Kenny The Uncle everybody loves. Happy Birthday and many more. We love you-- LOVE Your familia

♥ Jude, the errant Pisces, if you love, say you love. If you don't love, say you don't love. Don't love and say you don't love, and don't don't love and say you love

♥ With extra shots of your irresistible eyes, you make my daily doppio almost better than sex - A

♥ susah senang, hanya mutlak. aku cinta kamu, mel. dengan kasih sayang keluarga, *jenstar

♥ Hey hippie girl dancing while Bon-in, you're shaking my confidence daily. You, me, Tom Jones my room tonight, like always? Happy belated B day! Tu Queso

♥ JA'MEA You're a thorn in my side! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

♥ Bitch Ass, your mom goes down like water, or is that my mom? Lots of Love, Briesef

♥ Spanks, You always know how to give it to me, give me that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff

♥ You say "you're too much." I say "I'm exactly enough." I'm also yours if you claim me with your kisses and tell me how you feel. It's that simple

♥ Mr. TEA- Jeremy B- Where the hell are you? Miss your good energy-sending out the love. Where are my special chocolates??? k

♥ Miss Miranda- oooh Girl, you're on FIRE! Who knew a roomie could be so fun??? You rock. Your fan, Klassy Lady. Please tell Cheryl I saw her mudwrestling on cable


♥ Heidibear, the love of my life, I can't wait for you to move from the land of cheese to the land of trees. - Octopus

♥ JB is tres fabu- Yes you. Happy boy- Are you turning red? Well stop. Thanks for being your sweet self. XOXO


♥ Kennes- We've come a long way & have a new beginning ahead. Thank you for our time together. Let's open our hearts and our eyes... Love you- Wanna wrestle? Kaki

♥ Roses are Red Violets are Blue, Dead bodies are Beautiful, And so are You. I love you Lucy. Matt 2004

♥ Making love in the Ocean in Maui, dropping everything to move to Vegas, romantic San Fransisco weekend. Thank you for making our lives together beautiful. I love you

♥ to my favorite buttnacho, a poem: you are my friend, you are my sunshine, you are a hair... on my chest. love, your lolo

♥ Brandon- Happy Val Day buh-bee! I love you so very much. I am so proud and lucky to be yours! You're my everything sweets. Snuggles and pepper jack,-Kindra

♥ JOSH LOVES DARCY baby be mine, forever

♥ Happy VD, Witchee Your curves, your smell, your sexy BRAINS! make my mouth water with desire. Here's to another 10 years of bliss. Love, Sirloin

♥ JLL: Your beauty wit, and goodness are breathtaking and you thrill me with your Muppet impressions. Sincere giddy love, Boggle, and Body Boggle forever! -- JGA

♥ Rebecca & Luke: I have never been so aroused in all my 21 years. -M

♥ Wm. Steven Humphrey You can do a line of cocaine off my ass anytime. P.S. I hope the directions to room 120 were adequate. -M

♥ I Love You and Miss You Dearly. xo.hov

♥ Butterboy- My thoughts day and night rest upon a new song for to eef. My life be for naught without you. -Your Hallucination

♥ Kissing baby, kissing Katie, makes my heart sing, doo wop ditty. Mouse loves Duncan, Mouse loves Tigger, Mouse loves chocolate, what more is there

♥ To the "president GW Bush, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, and all familiar friends, I would like to wish you a Happy Valentines Day and a case of public explosive diarrhea, other than from your mouths. I hope by the end of 2004 you are all unemployed, just like the Americans you claim to serve. Sincerely, Gene Hannan

♥ Happy Valentine's Day J-Ra, I hope I get to see you naked. Should I wear my cuffs, collar, and my toucan banana hammock? Ok, how bout I just hook you up? Wanna score? huh Huh Yeah------G Hambone

♥ like drunken wine my valentine, like full moonshine, on the great ocean road, a grin that wins, my valentine, Miriam Fathalla, be thee mine

♥ Court, Happy W D day! Hot lesbians do exist and our love is stronger than I could have imagined. Till the dust. I love you with all that I am, intensely. D

♥ Joshua- Smart, fucking beautiful! No hamster smell! Strangeness of our connections leaves me hesitant- weird coincidences, syncronicities. Plus, other involvements exist! My brain is in turmoil...Give me some time

♥ Mama hen Jen Juicy Boy, Reg, Petey F. Normal-missing you! Due to sad circumstances/passage of so-called "time", we've parted. Please call/reunite! xxoo Blue Angel Stel

♥ Thou bornless ever reborn one! Thou deathless ever dying one! Come as Isis, Artemis, Aphrodite, come as Hina, Yemaja, come especially as Eris!!! Hail Eris, all hail Discordia

♥ KISS OFF "You used to be pretty you used to be fun. Now you're sweaty and pimply and act pretty dumb." Hard drugs eradicated your personality- guess what's next

♥ AES, i love u so much, happy valentines day! ur amazing. i can't wait to see what the future holds! xoxoxoxox love forever, SVIT

♥ Andrew and Jonah i never knew that i could love someone so much! your auntie loves you more that u'll ever know! love, auntie siggy

♥ svaja inga and ren, you both are amazing friends! i love you! happy valentines day! love, sigrun

♥ kristin, francine and bella, i love you ladies! happy valentines day! love, sigrun

♥ Dearest Chim-Chim -With eyes like Vodka Tonics and Scrabble playin' skills you've really knocked me on my ass, even moreso than my pills. Yours Eternally Branded, Poopsie

♥ Sadie Celine-Princess Moon-Will you be my Valentine? Little Sunshine you bring warmth to my heart and big SMILES to all who know you. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE! XOXO kaki

♥ WOD-GER! Yo- LISA Superspeller! Wahoo! U R finally in PDX & hell didn't freeze over! Happy VD-'Member when my mom would send me a pathetic carnation to school for VD? xoxo virginia

♥ Astrogirl! You entertain me to no end. We laugh, we play- you make my day! Happy Valentines day! Your special fan... Who could it be

♥ VIVA LA BOUTIQUE Black Rock Boutiquers!!! You rock and I luvvvvv you!!! Looking good as usual- the style, the flair, the Moves. Looking forward to the best year ever! xoxo kathryn

♥ O Loveliest, You make me crazy! Okay, I admit to the whole chase and conquer thing but I think we could chase, conquer, and live something really fucking brilliant together


♥ Rachel, Thank you for having my baby. You can blame me for changing your weekly pilates sessions into daily pee-a-lot-ee sessions. Happy to help

♥ Sun God - we are Love Unlimited. The raw power and brilliance of our union is no match for cupid's arrow. I was born to love you. Your Forever Iris Moon

♥ Baby - there's nothin I love more than fuckin' you from behind and slammin' in to that sweet, hot ass!! It's what I think about when I twist one off. Luvst

♥ HOTPANTS! Thanks for the best four months! You're the greatest! WELTY

♥ Many things I can live without- -you I can't. I'm only insecure about the most important things. Let's always be there for each other, mmmkay? I love you

♥ Marnie-- I come to your bar and I am falling in love with you. In-band dating is so last year. See you soon

♥ To My Sexy Blue Package, I do appreciate you. Love you and your large fleshy member, too. Maybe trade Law & Order for some porn tonight? Happy Valentines, Weetley

♥ valentine you are the sweetest dog walker ever cha x 2 = (chacha

♥ To all my girls at Waldorf-Happy Valentines Day, my heart will always be with you: this is just to let you know I love you. Love, Jesi

♥ R - My sweetness We'll always have the bathroom of the Jolly Roger (note: when it was a cool dive), the bathroom of the Shang-hole, Mount Tabor Park, Washington Park... Love, L xxx

♥ To Bubba, Baby you da shit! Love, Bubba number 2

♥ Suzy, You are far cuter than a pug... unless it had a little hat on. I heart you - A

♥ Natto Bean - You are the peachiest

♥ A pink autoclave Sturdy and decorative. What every girl needs

♥ he best legs in portland belong to the most adorable smart-ass of a husband a gal could ask for

♥ Claire, You taste like warm honey going down easy yet sticking to the lips, coming off with licks and flicks of the tongue. Yum-yum you are mine. I'm yours, Kemper

♥ WHO KNEW? Being with you will make this my best Valentine's Day yet. I am glad we fell off the bar stools and into each other's lives. You make me happy Fred. I love you... love, Andrea

♥ J/Chewy, Remember that magnificent sunset? You'll forever be more beautiful than that, holding a higher place in my heart. I'll always miss you and love you. Love, Kitty/B

♥ Left hand, You do it so much better than the right hand. Why is that? Love, Penis

♥ Tara, My hip indie gal. You have changed my landscape for the better with your understanding of my eccentric style. I love you more each day I know you. Sunshine

♥ TRO- You are my Tro-shine, my only tro-shine, you make me happy when skies are blue, you'll never know TRO, how much I love you... and your old man boxer shorts... Please don't take your TRO-shine away

♥ MALONE! hot damn you are fine. will you be my valentine

♥ My Darling Luke We may not have alot of money, but for our third Valentine's we can still get it on for free! I love you. Shannon

♥ Hey Pos K every moment with you is like blasting across the alkali flats in a jet-powered, monkey-navigated love machine! Happy valentine's Day! Love, The Big Spoon

♥ Sexy, smart hairy Mi monito bonito. Please grow old with me

♥ Come to bed with me smelly brown-eye. I'm leaving Keywest to be with you on lovers day. I will be the rocket and you can be the sky. JERBEAR

♥ Flannel Sandwich Man You rock my world! I must be the luckiest woman ever. I love you, Lorali of Doom

♥ Stoopie, you're the sweetest Valentine we girls could ever ask for. Thanks for feeding us and keeping us smiling. You're a great papa. We love you, Me and baby G

♥ WINDSOR, you're such a nice valentine. i am so glad you're mine. so lets take the time to eat pizza and drink beer. M

♥ friend sex never hurt anyone. let's do it again! ...and again

♥ MonkeyC - I know getting this from your girlfriend isn't as exciting as the I Saw You column, but hopefully you're surprised. Remember, we've only just begun. I love you - MonkeyA

♥ I love you dorkface, even when I get hit with it in the eye. Happy Valentine's day. -Love Hobbitfeet

♥ You are my one and only chompers. Happy happy lots of love, chubbers

♥ Shelly, if it wasn't for the no lovin' rule, I'd be hanging with you instead of Seth. But, he has the penis. You don't. Love Karen

♥ To all the boys I've loved before- I wish I could take my favorite parts of you and create my very own frankenstein lover, even though I'm sure you'd dump me for a hot blond anyway

♥ OZOMATLI MAKEOUT, Since that night, my heart has adored your blue eyes and sexy smile. Let me kiss you in 155 places this valentine's Day. XOXO Michelle

♥ Tabitha, thanks for putting up with all the shit last week. I love you sunshine.-Karen

♥ I swear to god those Sophia Loren eyes keep me up at night sometimes. Thanks for being extra-rad, sweetcheeks

♥ To Bonobo Bobo I can't forget when you took charge of the trees, and helped me forage for bananas in a new part of the forest. I still think you're hot. I love you- bobo

♥ Josh- Remember last valentines? I still love you to pieces. Keep on keepin' on. -Your Fag Hag

♥ ZACHO- Hey indie drama kid. Somebody thinks you're cute! Happy V Day

♥ MORGAN, your so special, and someone loves you. When you go to England, you will need a good man to miss you. Let me be that man

♥ Justin, Calcium Rice Clarinets your chocolate brownies conversations just for us. Love just for you... Amy

♥ The Fabulous Miss Claire you are the hottest cirkus girl I've ever encountered. I pitch my tent for you. Meet me under the Big Top. I Love You, Doc Chopper

♥ Hey C*, commercialism sucks. Let's thumb our noses to valentines day and have a hedonistic day of raunchy sex

♥ Shnickie. I love you more than I have ever loved. May we Grow, change and enjoy each other forever. MO

♥ Dear Other Bade Roses are trite, Tulips cliche, I Love you so much, but this is a stupid holiday. bade

♥ Hey Thomas, Want to enGAGE in some Hot, Luscious, dirty... Cuddling this valentine's Day? I know I do you beautiful, Sexy MRFR-Curvy bunny

♥ Hey my winter cabbage angelface honeypants. I loves you. Valentine's day is stupid but I think you're neat and sweet. kisses -Lindsey

♥ To my KAMIKAZE Valentine, You sexy El Camino drivin' Leo. I can't wait to rock your world! See you at Timberline. Love, your fly SNOW BUNNY in Bend

♥ Vinny-Happy Valentine's Day to the hottest schmizza boy in Portland! Spend it with people who make you happy. Smiles, a silly girl who loves pizza and boys in hoodies

♥ I don't have a Valentine, but if I did it would be you. No, not you. Not you. Yes, you. Because he sucks and I'm less of a bastard. Ryan

♥ Jesi, Mar, Rach Rach, Ru, Grace, Who needs a guy with soulmates like you girlies? Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all forever. XOXO and smiles, Claire

♥ Bri- Happy Valentine's Day to the boy with the magic hands and tongue. Your skin is eerily akin to porcelain. It is so enticingly beautiful. I lust you. -Capricorn Girl

♥ Swamp Witch, you RAWK! Just keep yo' cauldron steamin' down at the Swamp Shack, an' I'll soon be back for another heapin' helping of that Passion Potion! Yee-HAW! --booboy

♥ Mikey--I love you more than reading Shakespeare, seeing a one-time-only Uncle Tupelo reunion show, and watching The Jazz beat the Blazers in triple overtime. Lynnie

♥ JAMES, There is nothing I love more than a grown man in Dino P.J's! I hope you have the best V-day ever

♥ N-Pod, You're the curve of my racquetball, the tail of my dinosaur, the buzz of my robot. Screw this holiday, be my wednesday. -RCD

♥ to anyone who is alone on this supposedly happy day- buck up! at least your mom loves you. or your dog. no worries, you'll find a human soon

♥ Corin, Have you enjoyed living my life? Perhaps it will give you some depth

♥ Cammy Cam! To my little buddist. Sorry I hated you so much in the beginning, you are now my favorite roomate ever

♥ Ryan, I hope that on this valentines day you find yourself stumbling across one hot piece of ass! Someone as rad as you can't be single forever

♥ My CRAYON, my MATTRESS - I look forward to that parking garage... I look forward to everything that is yet to come. I love you. xoxo M

♥ Eddie, Don't think I didn't see you in those assless vinyl pants! You are HOT

♥ STEAK KNIFE, Why you so stuck up, bitch? -C

♥ Biscuit, your everlasting desire to kill me in my sleep is all the passion I need. Continue your death threats and my heart will always be yours. Love P-nut

♥ Scott #2 I haven't stopped smiling since the day I met you. You are absolutely perfect! Love- Electronica Kitty

♥ Shmoo- You're cute and charming, can't wait till we make up putting the last 3 months behind us. I wish you the best of luck on your next duck. LOL Sweet Shikser Ass

♥ BabyGirl, it's my fault. Maybe I'm just a bad judge of character. We were coo, but now you just remind me of Gollum on a bad hairday. Always, Omar

♥ I love you more than mere words can describe, Nae-Nae, but since the Portland Mercury isn't handing out free telepathic messages I hope this will do. XOXOXOX MAP

♥ Foxy blonde girl behind bar at Goodfoot. I think your ass could stop time. You always look pretty cool under pressure. I want to turn up the heat

♥ To my Spanish Girl: I love you, my dearest one. You were all I ever knew I'd play it all just for me But I'd play it for you too

♥ Oh My Darling BROOKIE! Who woulda thought we'd be sayin HAPPY V-Day. I love you like the fishies love water. Can't wait to gives you your kisses. Love Mr. Tommy-pants

♥ Sunnshine, or shall I call you Captain No Blankets for Me? I love your laugh, your 80's bedhead, and your camel noise. Guess it's a good thing you went to the airport early. You RAWK! -Snowflake

♥ To Audrey R of Grant H.S; I've been noticing you in the hall lately and you are so hot. From a Soph

♥ Sherry, Every time I see you is like the first time. Your're beautiful and a great mother. I can't wait to experience the future with you and Tristan Love, Glenn

♥ BabyGirl, I'm sorry I really didn't mean that. It was the weed talking. Happy V-Day. Always, Omar

♥ Danielle- Hope you know that this neighborhood boy really loves you, and wishes he wasn't such a douche so he could hold your hand more often. Thomas

♥ Daddy, if you keep taking me for rides to the airport and buying me slurpees, I'll keep wearing push-up bras and giving good head

♥ Josh... I really hate you, but I really love you, too. -Nancy

♥ Libbi- You are my Sweety-face Pumpkin-pants. I want to have like 10,000 of your babies! Starting now... Go! Jesse Jo

♥ Shelby and Joe-As you embark on the wedding of the century, remember that your love is what dreams are made of like confetti, mangos, lipstick, hiphop, Britney, sexy poses, Pabst, and everything nice. Feel the Yucatan splendor and taste the sultry margaritas

♥ An ode to Carol's Angels at BPP. You brighten my days with your uncanny fashion sense, 80s Nuvarings, FABULOUS hair, sparkly smiles, and precocious personalities. Your siren karoake songs made me crash at the rocks of your secret doorbell. Let me in, because I will never want to leave

♥ BPP Harlots: Valentine's Day was rather... unexpected and I need ECP. What's walk in mean and how long do I have to wait? Happy Valentine's Day my pretties and may your love dreams include everything but the sound of our doorbell! You rock my jaded world

♥ Roxy-Darcy's love for you will never die, it will be shouted from the rooftops.You wear tutus and rock to Dolly and no one will compare to your glory. You leave us in the dust. Happy Valentine's Day from a very jealous Momma

♥ Kirstin-You live in an enchanted, Brittney tainted paradise of Pez dispensers and luxurious jewelry. You reel em in with your jukebox prowess and know when to hold them. Keep shining, keep smiling, that's what friends are for

♥ Sari-Remember, on our merry nights home, to say That's my house, I live there! Thanks for all the rides home. Here's hoping the Crank Yankers will call our phone line sometime. Enjoy your special day with your San Fran lovahhhhh

♥ api Because of your magical talent, I carry my green bag with pride and showcase my large N to all who cross my path. I may embarrass you with my quirks, but it's all for you. I bathe in your hipness with your necklaces, cute hair, winning smile, barettes, and keen intellect

♥ Tracey- You are so strong and determined, I admire your beauty and sharp wit. For a Corvallis girl, you sure have that biting East Coast edge and only you can understand the hell of the Willamette Valley doldrums. Let's escape this hellhole, kidnap Jason Schwartzman, and go to South America, chica

♥ Hayley, You walked into a scary wasteland of disenchanted professionals, pill line hell, celeb obsession, and daring low rider pants. Yet, you remained unscathed and forever confident. You are my tall sunny goddess with the sexy red pants. You are on fire

♥ Paging Nurse Robin Nurse Marie, Nurse Karen, and Nurse Elyn Please sign this pill sale for me and you will forever win my heart. You are never naughty, just beautiful and light up our days. Some people might not see all the beauty that you do, but count me as one of your eternally grateful fans and friends. I love you all. You can find me in the med room... waiting

♥ lucas, i love you to death! your brat, melissa

♥ E-Weird Science, tounga Ms.PacMan, tuna melt, rising like a spider, Liotta, tequila poppers.You're the best thing in my life. I love you.-K

♥ Darcy, You little wench. You can clean my spec bucket anytime. See you in the lunch room, I will be waiting with some chocolates and the latest gossip to rock your world. Patch me, I'm sick

♥ The Dave. We love you. The Trish and The Stormy. 2004

♥ Shelby You don't know my name. I come in every Wednesday and order the rings. You just smile and laugh. I weep in your prescence. Wha' happened? Please let me be part of your fun and games. I love the way you move.... You're so hot right now. Habla con Ella

♥ Trick Sensei-Don't let the past get you down, don't bring me down, BRUCE!, rock hard and loud in my umm...basement. Fill me with your sexy thoughts and fuck the establishment. You are the epitome of raw emotions, sex, and life. Don't give up and don't look back. Pick up that guitar, theremin, drum, mic, and bass and fly monkeys fly! With one last request, the fever for more cowbell

♥ My Reel Em In Bufoon.... so many funny words to make you laugh, loud booming guffaws that reverberate through our Clintonian hood. You cuddle in my lap and I dream of yesterday with the italian soda innocence, today with the Pabst sarcasm, and tomorrow with the gin flavored career. Never let me out of your lyrical shadow

♥ Boy - I wish I could buy you all the things you deserve. I love you. B

♥ T gray - a little more cryptic. In bunches and handfuls. Tadpole

♥ Eric, I love you this much! Kristen

♥ emily, its so easy to say i love you, to you, because i know we fit together so well... i hope we grow old together, because i dont want to with anyone else except you... always... erik

♥ Cooty Kittens: hi Boxer and I thought it was a good idea to write you a valentine. Leon says you already know he loves you. heart heart heart

♥ fry pan fishlips i hope you never find the happiness i was willing to give you and are miserable forever. ellisD

♥ Jennifer Howell, I love you with all my heart. I am so grateful that we are together. Love, Josiah. Oh, yeah: Happy Valentine's Day

♥ To my baby poo, Even though you grind teeth, snore, and drool at night, I still do love the hell out of you

♥ i saw you in the new pit reading eliade. i prefer durkheim but that doesn't mean i won't fuck you. make a move

I want to say I love you with a heart shaped manwich! i love u guys

♥ TWO HIT WONDER pull my finger. you KNOW you WANT it! thought about you the other day. i hope you're alright. stay strong, sunshine

♥ Baby Poopie Cakes You are the SIM master of my hot dang.My cats's breath smells other cat's anus/nipple! ubi lubove yubou ubalubot.-CatMeat

♥ Gordie Orlando, I love you. -Josh DesMoines

♥ Heroomie- It worked last year, so I'm going to do it again. I hope I'm your valentine next year, too. Love, P. Snorton

♥ M&S, belated phone call, marathon date (fate). Snowdrowned kisses, Paris and many Crane Lane adventures later... Been a long road, but soooo worth it! Welcome to PDX C!!! XOXOM

♥ LoveBug ~ You never cease to amaze me. Those new jeans make your ass look hot. Love you forever, baby. Anna

♥ Jerkass, Your VIP eyebrow is so divine, so, so, you. So don't feel so bad, I think IT'S HOT!! Anyhoosers, come with me, we'll indulge in hot, tasty burrito extasy together

♥ ADH you are the worst BF I've ever had, but I love you anyway. Good luck getting some, D

♥ J. You are wonderful! Me

♥ DMOB - You re special sweetie and I love, love, love you more than anything! I'd still skip my morning classes to snuggle with you. Makin More In 2004! Happy V-Day, Allibabwa

♥ Jessie D: I think you're the cat's meow, but I'm too shy to tell you. Let's get dinner and go dancing. -Your Secret Admirer


♥ R.L: You're the Monster, and I'm the Bride, baby! Except I would never hiss at you and run away. xoxox R.B

♥ Jesse.... You can make a straight boy guy. I love you. JERBEAR

♥ Joshua! YoU ANd I ARe a LOt ALIkE... We ShOULd MaKe OuT SomeTimE.... JERBEAR

♥ Little Megan. You are so cute! Where have you been? JERBEAR

♥ To all the porklandneers. Just for a moment pull your head out of your asses and kiss the ones you love. JERBEAR

♥ February 14th the day we all can get drunk and fuck each other! Be safe and have fun!! JERBEAR

♥ SHEZOO LOVE-I am 24 high, 17 long and 6 wide and I just want to say that Kevin and I love you and your stinky butt all day long. er er

♥ CCH The minute you performed Tea Baggin, I knew you were special. And you ve kept me laughing! You re the Mad Scientist to my Bride of Frankenstein. I love you HRG

♥ H I want everyone to know that you are the love of my life. Lets make 7s all night long. JERBEAR

♥ LEMUR I know that booze is your true valentine, but it might have a hard time expressing itself. You will always be my favorite, Jerk. Love you. Kitties

♥ Bill, you are my Nightcrawler, my Sugar Bear, my Pumpkin Head. You are the Boris to my Minka. I love you.- Maggie

♥ G-LOVE, Never stop in your search for true love. Thank you for teaching me how to look for it. With Love and Respect. B-Dog

♥ to my dearest mokey love you from teffie

♥ Dear Mr. Chickabee Our child is whining, the kitchen's mess, I'm going insane, and you have time to read all of these silly valentines? I love you more than mangos, now and always

♥ M.B. I heart you so bad. --C.B

♥ michael-- i've never loved anybody's giblets like i love yerz. will g

♥ Sore Heart. Burning Soul. Poor; Eyes Of Gold Rich; Hair Of Grey For Sale 24yrs Of Depression Creative, Dusty, Dove Alone Wanting LOVE Me Male. BUY ME @

♥ to my doctor please heal me reverend

♥ Joshua, My Love You Make-a me Smile. Maria

♥ Sweetest pea in the pod-- you are the song in my heart-- keep singing! xo--a

♥ My darling - I don't care if you are a man, a woman, or a hybrid - I love you unreservedly with limitless passion. Be who are you, and I'll love who you become. Lisa

♥ Liz, Donuts, cookies kielbasa... mmm. Nothing is more satisfying than your beautiful smile and boisterous laugh. Let me feed you breaths and bring you translucent lentils. Your valentine, CAP

♥ Moonlight lover ven a mi. BG I still love the way you make my rules, warm my thermal envelope, sing me your songs, and light up my life. LOVEBUG

♥ MUCH LOVE to Portland, city of my birth, and to the fine folks, fighters, greenspaces, visions I've known here. Wherever I go, and wherever you go, MUCH LOVE. Peace. Serenity

♥ LeeAnne, You are the Jesus in my juice, the juice in my Jesus. I love you, my savior de amor. Happy Valentine's Day! Love-Tom

♥ Stumpy, Yankee, and Punch - You make my world full of joy and laughs and love and happiness. Fuck buying my own home! Love you, Googoo

♥ BFVGVS happy valentines day YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA pizza slice soccer ball (beard) camera camera (loco face). Hope I get a chance to give you an ethnic hug today

♥ Lance, may your future days as a land baron be everything you hope they'll be and your days as a husband everything I hope they'll be! love you! mickie

♥ amy, holy shit i fucking love you!!! -travis

♥ I love Lewis Ben

♥ bendaho'--you remind me of a delicious chicago style hotdog, yum! love ya. jackson

♥ N. I missed you so much and now that your back I know the time will come to part. Im so lucky to wake up beside you, love D

♥ Ken, I think I'll wait forever

♥ Don't fuck up Ruden! What we have is simply amazing. Thank you for making my reality so beautiful. I love you muchly! Always, Fresh

♥ Hi Pony!!! You're my magical pony. Cilpity-clop, clipity-clop. I love you sweetness. You me so happy! Meow!!! Love, Merdle

♥ tomatoes are red asparagus is green your eyes are the brownest ones that I have ever seen 187 estall road our new beginning. i love you

♥ Autumn is wonderful

♥ I ain't got nobody to love. So I'll just love my shoes. I love you, left shoe but I love right shoe more

♥ JC, you are so Weird and Wonderful. Thanks for carrying my children and being a great Mommy. Yes, I will get a vasectomy... will you be my Valentine now? Love, N

♥ holy fucking shit I love you, my Heb. E.

♥ muffin pants, i want ice cream cake and smooches. you bring the bunnies, i'll bring the airplane rides. you got served, poopsie. love josh

♥ Mara- the brazen whiskey nites, or sheltered daylit beds, an easy afternoon, with almost nothing said, it all just grows and thunders, a soft and brilliant life. love, a

♥ nobody to love R U Shy? you're always alone. (so am i). grande coffee & mistaken identity=the clue. for Valentines, i only wanna be near you. --your secret admirer

♥ Riding solo until I met you-- completing my bicycle built for two

♥ You left me with the chore of defining yours. When the list was done everything about you is Special! You are the sun rising and moon waxing in my same sky. BF

♥ lovely anne, if i get stuck working on valentine's day i would love for you to be my assistant, spazzy wynde

♥ Timmy!! I love you I love you, a million times i love you!! I'll bring the astroglide, you bring your hard cock. You are beautiful. ~M

♥ muddyslug jAm, spread on toast, gelatin thinks you are the most

♥ Boyohboy... I STILL haven't fucked around. ALL of my love from Battle-FUCKING-Creek, Michigan... Beautiful Swirl of Girl

♥ Laurel, I've been living a lie... my heart belongs to you. Love, Ben Gibbard

♥ Brittan- It's hard to reciprocate feelings you can't describe, and still you've sank like a catheter into mine. Your sincerity is frighteningly beautiful, each expression a lifted scar. Thank you

♥ ne - you are strong and wonderful. i love you. nc

♥ Yuri: You are everything to me. My one and only. I love you. Let s drop out of this foolish world and run away together to a place called Chiapas

♥ Frankie, among the roses of the city, you are the most pretty and in this city of roses, you shall find a room to grow. love max

♥ Nate-chu~Love gains its original shine only when there's an interelationship between the giver and the receiver. The two are one. It was you who taught me that

♥ red strings, wings of blue knot my love to my sweet pea. o sweet pea i love you. of all things to do or not, being valentines would be hot

♥ Amy. You are amazing and beautiful. I want to know everything about you. Happy birthday. Sweet dreams and thunderstorms


♥ i love you boobs! more than sex or sleep. even more than than sleep rejoice! i tuck you in and i still do. behind you blow fields of wind

♥ JOANN Mi amiga bonita en Portland y Sayulita. Will you be my Valentine? Love, Lee

♥ molly: asking you out with this ad may be worse than asking while you're at work... aaron

♥ My callipygous sweetheart I enjoy our matinal routine, my loquacious cicisbeo. When you know this Valentine is yours, come kiss me on my haffet. Severe love from your fiel girl

♥ dear pinchy, wonk wonk! love, pokey

♥ HEY PRETTIES! Wha happened? I love my shmitty schmitty pretties. It is the year of love, babies, and mawiage! love, pretty your love child

♥ To my dear Hepatic organ, I fail to express the gratitude and love I feel for you after all we've been through together. Symbiosis is a beautiful thing. Love, Amanda

♥ Gabriel: You are beauty. You are kind and you are free. Love is big. Take a hug from me. With love, Awombmanda

♥ Jennifaerie. Stay true to yourself. Let your creativity blossom in terms of love. You are wonder and grace. Love, Wombie

♥ Pamela, you are an angel of both the light and the shadow. We are doing it sister. Doing it! I love you more and more with every glimmer! A

♥ J: Meet me tonight at the tower of radiant energy! --J

♥ i loved you with all of my heart and that was still not enough. i hope the next jerk can fill in where i came up short. maybe the problem is in you... always there. all my love, the rejected one

♥ for you there thru the good and the bad. working to bring you happiness or at least contentment. you played me on an emotional yo-yo, being there when convienient for you. the string has been cut, GAME OVER. mr. asshole

♥ Ticka Ticka by morning light Ticka Ticka late at night Ticka Ticka from the start Ticka Ticka into our heart Ticka on my Ticka friend Ticka Ticka till the end

♥ Princess Honeymoon: Your laughter is stardust made music and a thousand generations lie behind your smile. I would trade all my lives for a moment in your arms. Love, D'Onfrio

♥ I LOVE YOU VIVA LAS VEGAS! Your hips swing with divine providence - a Siren's song to those who adore you; yet you can have them curse those who slight you

♥ Kim, Thanks for putting up with my recent bout of uncontrollable gas. You really love me, huh? I promise i will never put you in the dutch oven. jim

♥ christian summer falk moving to portland to be closer to you was the best decision i ever made - wrd

♥ Po ho onie Barracuda! I love you like nobody's buisness. I want you, only you, please be my Valentine. Your Peanut

♥ bunny rabbit: wherever we end up, Portland or Canada, you know I will be there... you're the bestest. Love, your mclumperson

♥ Huckbucket, what would I do without you? You have a heart of gold, an arm of iron, and a laugh that cracks the whole world open. Your brother O

♥ Elizabeth, little bird I can't get enough of your beautiful song. I'll never tire of your dark Alaskan eyes, and I love to watch your heart take wing. Your O

♥ o: Adam I love you like it's my job. from: Tevvy

♥ Krystin, my sweet sweet monkey... I love you like a mo' fo'. Will you be my Valentine in Idaho in the cold, cold desert. Lap of luxury and big screen t.v. love eric

♥ Tavarda Jenkins, I love you so much baby girl. Meat and Cheese forever. Love, Your Cracker Ass Cracker

♥ b; if words figure out the way to live on paper, then they will match you in the transformation of something new to something greater. e

♥ What are you doing? I'm professing my love to you in print. Happy Valentine's Day. I love and adore you

♥ V64, You are a bad influence on me, but I am your's forever!!! Happy Valentine's day, I love you! Your sex kitten, Scarlett Charron

♥ hey hot lips you and your sweet cat can come sit on my lap anytime, i'll even share my sushi

♥ sleeper; from distance hope sent us today, where color takes form rising out of hard times, and I grow happier every day next to you in the attic

♥ AHWWW HOT DOG I don't care what the neighbors say, I'm gonna love you each and every day. You can feel the beat within my heart. Realize, sweet babe, we ain't never gonna part

♥ Matthew Allen I cherish the time we spend 2gether,you're amazing. U are the beauty in life I hold so dear. U get the ass 2nite. ;) Love your babyboolicious

♥ Kristin J.26 you are the best thing in my life, and I can not stop thinking about you. You are my life, my soul, and my best friend. Love, Lobster

♥ SNOOZY, the special one, the River Goddess, I send you my love, and think of you all the time. Happy valentine's Day

♥ Dear Ronnay's Momma do you know Die Hard? The last five months have been just like a plate of pancakes: warm, wonderful and wanting more. te amo, Papa de Pinche

♥ MON PETIT CHOU Randy... I love you, baby... thanks for being in my life! Love, Jess

♥ NUBS TO MY STINKER I'm glad things are goin' our way for once. See you in your room. Your sexy weener man

♥ phone calls are groovy, silence is wack, he hung up on me friday and hasn't called back. If the general phones to apologize, i might agree to be his valentine

♥ Dear Sir, Can You see the look in my eyes as i gaze up at You? I long to be there, on my knees, waiting for You. Sluttily Yours, a

♥ S- Ich wonsche dir einen glocklichen Valentine's Tag! Hoffentlich, dass ich Ihr Leben so wundervoll bilde, wie Sie meine tun. Ziehst du Ihre Hosen herunter, also kann ich Ihnen eine Mondprogel geben. Liebe, J

♥ Baby-Daddy, You can tickle me after 9pm anytime you want. Love Johnny

♥ IAN from we should die. YOU SHOULD DIE

♥ Elisha your oogley style gets me hot. i wanna sit around and listen to you play the same song on cello for days. Ya got weed

♥ Fall of the Jason, i want your metal pumping throught me. thanx for ratting out chad (boston

♥ RED-RED your love flabs jiggle with oily delight. i love your chris farley interpretations. for the love of GOD let me be on top next time

♥ GIRL PRINCE How'd I get so lucky? I Love You. XOXOXO Your Rabbit

♥ You're not a monkey, or a chicken, or a fish-lizard, you're an Aussu-Dones and a bear and a Clackamas Town Center. I will love and hold you forever

♥ Oh Snooter. I am so glad you are poopin like a normal person. You are the love of my life. Te amo muito. Much fiber, Joao

♥ wponyg. your red is strong. your blue is true. your green is here forever. somethings last a lifetime. i believe. we will. i'm yours

♥ Mein schatz (sp I love you more than cheese! More than bread! More than Enya! More than monkeys! Happy Valentine's Day. C3+JAE=xxxooo

♥ Happy V-Day to Tifanee Jean! I love ME. Thanks to BLISS and PROPHET whose understanding is a true gift to me. Happy V-day to the lonely. Who needs a man

♥ LESBIANS rool the skool

♥ SHNOOKS. you are extreme preciousness, you are a genius, you are all-powerful, you are amazing in ways that require the invention of a new language. j'adore tu, SHNOOKS

♥ my beautiful boy even in latex caps and suction cups on your eyes, living a British romance novel with you with random sitings of Jerry Garcia. I LOVE YOU

♥ Jessica -just because i left portland, doesn't mean i'd forget your free portland mercury valentine. i miss you. i hope you'll come visit me soon.- Rama

♥ alub. your mouth is a beespot of molten horseshoe, teeth cut from licorice root, eyes full of moss-covered river rocks, lacing hands, gorgeous vocabulary beyond speaking, immense = love mainframe

♥ Barbra- Your the best hetro life mate EVER. Love Katie

♥ Brandy - Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again. Whenever I'm alone with you, You make me feel like I am whole again Miss

♥ To The Boys of LET IT RIDE. You are all my sweethearts. Let's Rock This Town. Love- The Girl

Monkey Boy! You're truely amazing in everything you do, including our friendship. Come over for a shower and Cordon Blue anytime. xoxo Katie

♥ you were my sun and moon and my day's revolved around you. many good years spent are only memories now. i hope you find what you are searching for. good luck... me

♥ LOVE i wonder if you know what the word beautiful outside but tarnished and bitter within. your selfishness and deception and lies will come full circle and smack you upside your pretty head, watch out. happy valentine.X

♥ English Bird- You came across the pond, seems like a long trip to find me. I am glad you are here though, keeping me sane. Love, Stinky

♥ Tombo: I could think of nothing better than booking it down evergreen with you, my well-endowed shredder. You've got allure I can't deny- lets go give hummers a try. Karargh

♥ RED @ E.M If i could write poetry i would. I would write a thousand words and tell the world that i love you .So forget the rest and be my bloody valentine

♥ Ratchet, let's drop out of this foolish world. You bring the love, I'll bring the guns. By each to their ability, to each to their needs. ~Yuri

♥ Gretch- Happy valentine's Day you fine sexy lady! Can you believe they don t make vegan edible undies? There is a market! Muchas Smoochas (I've still got six words left!) Andrew

♥ ARESONal owner of cum fodder, I worship those eyes, my secret escape, your soul sings out to me, enchanting me, beyond love, beyond time, love Lilith

♥ Toril, you changed my world with the happiness you bring your eyes are electric your heart always sings to me your warmth surrounds me, your smile always with me lucid

♥ Brett, Remember farting when I asked you to warpped tour? I know you remember mooning me! I want to be together, you are a cool dude! Talk to me! Brittany

♥ To the writer of the Vincent D'Onofrio I Saw U: You are my pumpkin patty, my cream sandwich, my meatball sno-cone. Love your lattes. Let's stay together

♥ MITOCHONDRIA My little powerhouse, I love you so. Come up here on my pedestal, and bring your bearskin rug, I plan to sat a while. Love and Gratitude, Your Lady

♥ NICADEMUS- You are one of the best friends I have ever had. I've always wanted a brother to call my own. Now I have do. I love ya -SHAWNNA

♥ Jason- My first love was my greatest triumph and biggest flaw. Leaving me scared and along. You came along, gave me comfert and security. I love you. Thank you -Shawnna

♥ KT, It has been so many years, my love has grown but I ask What is called when god puts a baby in ya? Your Magnum Man

Posa, may I flutter another thousand miles around with you? You can always rest your wings in my cocoon... hmm

♥ Athena-been great being with you. have fun in europe. no regrets. just hope we'll still have amazing things to say to eachother 6 months from now. your sweet january

♥ Theda - The street car will never be the same again. I love how we once got busy in a Burgerville bathroom. -Khris

♥ Josh, you are beautiful like a spider. My Loins are filled with fire for you. Har har. Love your wife the G-Child

♥ Chemistry buddies~ 2mol techie nerds 1mol saint helens hottie 1mol value village urchin 1mol SUPER HOTTIE (ME) (+amanda, emily, and jessie) =I wanna vacuum Happy v-day LOVERS

♥ Atheana W is a heart sucking man eater and she likes it

♥ Derek-hope you read this cuz i think you're a hottie. Lets get together and watch American History X...or not watch it....~Rachel

♥ Pet Me... I love you kitty! -jason

♥ My sweet Count Chocula Princess. You me two dogs two bowls and three episodes of Law and order. Monday night forever baby

♥ B, You wore red just for me? And accessories too? That's so sweet! Please be mine, and we'll head to the makeout den at MY house... S

♥ Dearest Dath, You make my heart beat boundlessly with each snip of the scissors. I want you to light the fire on my burning bush! Love, Your dirty sanchez

♥ yo, daisy rock i'm like a pile of crap on a plate without you. together we're spicy beans and green rice in homemade tortillas with melted cheese. love mo-mo

♥ aaaaaaaaaaaarrrbage are all the other lass compared to ye my sweet. daarrk nights on arr island fer ages to come. tis yer bountiful booty and heart ogold that i yearn. -panama

♥ HAIR THE COLOR OF BLOOD eyes jade-like and salient ferocious and frightening my lovely rat with wings the box-car is empty come ride the vicissitudes with me

♥ MC ESCHER INKED BROKEN TOOTHED MONKEY I want to show you the passion you trust exists, that makes me the one you love. I love you

♥ neva-the cats meow-i will be your space heater when you are cold the one with the sticker that says you are not alone

♥ Sasha Beans, you're the love of wally and my heart. Loving you and our life together in PDX, here's to the future and future beans, Luv, larraby beans

♥ The Eternal BUZZ You are the bee, I am the flower, bury your head in my sweet nectar baby! Guac guac and fog-horns, decorated toothbrushes and the nest, Love, becka

♥ Liam- For tiki bars, parking garages, midnight doughnuts, car bombs at the T-room, dice games... and everything in between... thank you, and happy V-day! -K

♥ Boashy is my Boashy that i love so much, swirling round and round through the bits of this and that and such. Feel the bits glowing inside out. love, joshua

♥ Sarah M.H.-Cupid's arrow cut a wound that won't heal. Your love is a gift that cannot be replaced. Let's lay on a dock and name the stars. Happy Valentine's. Mischa B.R

♥ Hey There Hot Stuff, Almost two years and your arms around my waist is still the best way to wake up. You keep me honest and smiling. Nobody lingers like... Chani

♥ Chica, you are a beautiful crime partner and a lovely best friend. Can't wait for more adventures with you and your sweet face. Chico

♥ Happy Valentines Day to the lady who spanks, teases, tastes, abuses, tickles, jumps, smells, softs, controls, beats, pleases, scratches, leads on, tortures, but mostly just loves me. Your BitchyMcDrums

♥ To my WingNut To the man who used a flash light to win my heart. I love you and hope that you'll always hold that flashlight over me. Having you in my life has been a blessing and an adventurous time. Lets enjoy our future together. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day Brad...:-) From your Monkey

♥ sweet love, you are my light and inspiration and by your grace i've come to know the truth of my soul. forever grateful - your cookie - smooch

♥ snookie, marf marfle arf cookie xoxo

♥ My dear Lissa Marrying you was the best thing I've ever done. One of these days I swear we'll take a honeymoon. Love, Jesse

♥ TO MY MYRIAD ENTITY When we are old and sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs with fanged dentures, we will still care as much about each other

♥ aaaah F*** it i cant speel or write i love you

♥ The valentine sent to Gabrella is joke. Funny. Ha ha. Do not send police

♥ To Gabrella, I have been watching you from afar. Stay away from Ted the thought of him touching you makes me sick. I don't want to have to hurt anyone. Happy valentine's day my love. Your secret admirer

♥ To Gaby, I have provided you with alot of cocaine and booze and have turned you away from christianity. On top of that I'm an incredible lay. Your the worlds luckiest valentine. Love Jeremy

♥ Bear: schott's is hot, so are you... You DTE, VGL, (S)WF w/GSOH, NS, gimme a LTR. Let's go, I'm WTT, your FS & TLC keep me goin'. WMP! -Muffin

♥ Hunnerton! I miss my Hunnerton! Where is Hunnerton @? No haiku for you today, only a valentine for Hunnerton! Honnerton

♥ nif, i keep giving you my heart, you keep breaking it. please stop. i love you. -adam

♥ Kevin Thompson, After all this time I still love you. I wish I knew where you were

♥ Big Poppa Pump I Love you I'll keep the beer cold and the cooche warm for you

♥ G- you've smothered me. Let's go sit in the trainyards and smoke a joint. Then you can paint me a heart. I love you. Oh my

♥ HALLIE AT THE MAGIC: Your butt is like two kittens snuggling under a blanket: the effulgence of this benediction enlightens all who dare gaze at its infinite majesty. F

♥ I like you more than ponies and icecream put together. It's true. And even steak

♥ My fathers place queen! Your black dreads and that sweet face are all you need to make the boys bow. I love you! Spanky

♥ Wuz the dizzle with Cizzle? His sexy smile? His laugh, his kiss? Crazy crack-cess or poignant poetry? The softness of his skin? It is all the above that I love

♥ MONKEY: i am proud to call you my valentine for six years running. you're my favorite thing. xoxo your ever-lovin' wife

♥ i love you aaron. you are a wonderful honest man, and i am lucky to have you in my life. my boobies are yours forever, lets do it...heehee..m

♥ A, I like to promenade and fiddle and pick and ride bikes all over creation with you. Let's be rad together, today and on down the road. love from me

♥ You and the smorks are the only ones that turkey bear seal pup and I want to go to the park with... you are my favorite. Love, Lil Ernie

♥ HEAD... I love your face and I miss your tush, We'd be puffin in pdx now, if it wasn't for BUSH!! I miss you soldier! Your very own HIPPIE

♥ MY SWEET G.I You've been mobilized for 360 days, and now new orders for 360 more? You've been brave and you've been strong but now i want you to BE HOME.You're in my every thought. STILL... A Broken Hippie

♥ Hey baby, I just wanted you to know how much I love you and that you will always be my, Valentine and my lilbub!! Love, Aaron

♥ JFT: Coolbreeze, back on the scene, bringing back the Swing, after watching the Southern Cross blaze Ano Nuevo across the sky. Happy Valenitine's Day Amigo


♥ Sweet T(ea I still want to believe you're worth the wait. You are SO my man-you have my heart. Fer reals! xxx ooo The Sleeping Parrot

♥ Mike- I cant figure out how it happened, or who decided that I deserve you. It doesnt matter because I'll never let you go. Be my Valentine forever. -Love Chrissy

♥ Banjo Whaley! I love you, and your Merkin, too. You are my Whaley Valentines. You are number Two-Two-Two, Yarrghh

♥ CloverKid- You are the best guy I've ever met. Don't ever change. Love, LeiaLot

♥ Erica, thanks for Liberty, Mastery, Co-housing, caring, company, communication, comfort, snuggles, cuddling, kisses sweet, love, hugs, and cat hair right back atcha. Bismillah, erachman, erahim, I love you. Albert

♥ Macker, Brenda & all those at the Grind - I love you, I love this place. In my self and soul I've found a home. Thank you

♥ paired seeds of maples twirl in the wind

♥ MYRIAD ENTITY, You make my heart all flutter. We'll definatly be having old people sex. Til then let's have some fun!Love you Bebe

♥ MARY at MOMO's Thank's for letting me sit with you while my friends hit each other. You rock,and you're cute! Hope your exams went okay! LUKE

♥ JAY- You're not my Valentine but you deserve adoration. You're amazingly funny and far too nice to such a brat. I shall bite my venemous tongue in your honor. -COURTNEY

♥ MYRON, Didn't brake the bed this year, but we did brake the coffee table. You whisper in my ear that you own me, and I'm loving every minute of it. -C

♥ B You're a fast machine. You keep your motor clean. you're the best damn man that I've ever seen. You shook me all night long and haven't stopped since

♥ Kate, You make life so much better. Thanks for being so wonderful. I look forward to being with you each and evey day. Love, Andy

♥ Bruce. Let's just be friends. Amy Kay

♥ don't forget people 10 plants is only a misdemeanor and that means maybe just a few hours of community service, your name won't even be in the paper. make your girlfriend happy and give her what she really want

♥ jessica i love you please reconsider us. please don't forget

♥ i em knew to thes town and lonly. have 100 persent alabama black snake meet at tonys bar feb.15 8 pm. pleese cum. wont be disapoynted. i will be waring green helikopter paynts and frothing at tha mowth

♥ J.S.- i want to be your trick pony. will you be mine? i want to drink forties under the bridge with you until we puke. i've been admiring your muffin ass from afar and boy howdy does it look tasty

♥ Megan V.- you big titted hot tottie you. i shaved my ball hair into a pink heart shape just for your bad self. I want to ride you like a tuffted tit mouse

♥ Joe I. - i want to abuse you with my billy club you big sexy beastly pig wannabe. i know what your up to you total freaky bitch

♥ Sarah W. from new york- i want to bruise your ass with a wooden spoon and the kick your ass with my big trucker boots. happy VD

♥ Happy VD my little bloated woodchuck. I looooove yoooou lots and lots. I want to spank your monkey ass on a leash you big fry daddy you. love your little venus fly trap

♥ I love you my litle bloated woodchuck with every loving love from your big fry Daddy

♥ Happy Valentines Day Love Bug! Thanks for being the sweetest, hottest, most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I love life with you. LOVE!!! Fuzzy

♥ To Liz-Slut A slut like no other, unsurpassed, I want your body. Don't tell the other roomate, I love you. Basement Slut

♥ Dieter-schatz You keep getting hotter, sweeter and dirtier every day. No one compares to you; 48 months of wonderful nub, and a trillion cherished more. Deine Maus