Who's paying to keep Measure 36 afloat? Though the Defense of Marriage Coalition is refraining from soliciting funds from national organizations, it's drawing most of its campaign money from small, individual contributions and churches.

The largest individual contributions to the DOMC--which drafted and is sponsoring the anti-gay marriage Measure 36--came from Alan Folkman, a Tualatin-based investor/author, and Charles Freitag of Silverton, retired, who each gave $2,500. Following these is tax consultant Carmen Stoneking, who donated $1,500.

Further down the list are a string of $1,000-level donors, including Oregon City corrections deputy Larry Edmonson, RV parts distributor Steve Whitrock, Parker Buildings' John Turnball, and Cascade Athletic Club owner Frank Eisenzimmer, who caused a commotion two years ago when he kicked a transgendered member out of his gym for using the "wrong" bathroom.

Smaller contributors include Sandy nursery owner Don Marjama ($300), Sharon Meier, the owner of the Shorty's Corner convenience store in Boring ($500), the Taco Delite fast food joint in Medford ($100), and, inexplicably, wedding photographer Fritz Liedtke ($200), whose customer base would increase if marriage rights for same sex couples were recognized.

Still, despite its attempts to be perceived as nonsectarian, DOMC owes much of its financial backing to churches and religious organizations across the state. Of the approximately 470 cash contributions, 80 came from faith-based institutions, equaling more than $65,000 of the DMOC's $450,000. That includes $15,000 from Portland's Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, $5,000 each from Portland's Central Bible Church and New Hope Community Church, $3,000 from City Bible Church for DVD duplication, and a $200,000 loan from CCLI, a Christian media licensing company. Frank Damazio, pastor of City Bible Church, also gave $1,000.

Portlanders, however, can rejoice: Donors listing a Portland address are responsible for only $51,580 (slightly more than 10 percent) of the campaign's already-spent money.

Notably absent is any funding from national organizations like Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council.